Ukraine conscripts are literally jumping ship to Russian shores

Zelenskyy is dragging them off the streets to feed Biden’s oligarch war in Ukraine

Attention: Sleepy Joe and Zelenskyy!  Send your press gangs to Warsaw, where you can grab busloads of them.  Literally millions of young soldier-aged Ukrainian guys are hiding out over here!  Come and get ‘em! We’ve had enough.

My wife and I were walking down the street recently and every group we passed was speaking Ukrainian.  Every single one.

And frankly, the Poles patience with these people is wearing thin.   We took in roughly two million of them before the Oligarch Wars began in 2022 and since then, it’s anyone’s guess—but it is also in the millions—three or four at least.

What is more disturbing is their seeming sense of entitlement.  Most of them are being housed, fed and phoned (free service for Ukrainians) while Polish families struggle to feed themselves and pay their bills due to stultifying taxes.


If you see a car you can’t afford, it’s Ukrainian…….like these

The parking garage below our clinic is home now to some of the most expensive cars in the world—and their owners are living in luxury apartments above them—all Ukrainians.

While reading about the poor young men who could not afford to flee the Ukraine meat grinder is heart-breaking, seeing these super-rich, be-jewelled oligarchs cruising the streets and bars of Warsaw angers the Poles.


First priority is to launder as many billions as possible using the conflict as cover.

For every billion Joe Biden sends his partner in crime—Volodomir Zelenskyy—a chunk of it flows back to Democrat political donors in the weapons industry, with a healthy percent flowing through shell entities and NGOs to filter back to the political class in the U.S.  That’s how they keep the damn thing going.

It has nothing to do with ‘democracy’.  Zelenskky is a total dictator, having jailed his opponents, shut down the media and shuttered the churches.  That’s right—the diminutive bastard even outlawed God.

The second reason Joe Biden jumps every time the little dictator demands more cash is because Zelenskyy is sitting on a small mountain of evidence regarding the substantial crimes of not only Joe Biden, but former president Barack Obama and both his Secretaries of State, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton—as well as their mutual mentor—George Soros.

Now that the U.S. public is finally questioning where the first roughly $170 billion of their tax dollars went, the Democrats and War RINOs of the Uniparty are having to slow the firehose feeding of cash, and guess what happened?

Out of the Ukraine mist of war comes Viktor Shokin for interviews—the prosecutor Biden got fired by holding ‘a billion’

That’s right.  Biden prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, gave long interviews disclosing the Biden family corruption, bribes and illicit dealings in Ukraine and yes, he’s got the goods—and he could not have done this without Zelenskyy’s approval.  

Biden offered yet more billions within the same news cycle to shut up the Ukrainians, but it did not work.


Biden was using burner phones and three fake email addresses to run his scams in Ukraine, Russia, and China—all now exposed

Yes.  They were all in on the scam—Barack Obama, George Soros via his corrupt Ukraine NGO (AntAC), John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and the evidence is now out there—so their latest $24 billion Ukraine bribe may not save them this time.

In fact, now that it has been proven that much if not most of the $170 billion flushed down the Ukraine gurgler did not even go for the Oligarch War but was recycled into the war machine and politicians pockets, it may be hard for the Uniparty to get more money approved by an increasingly hostile Congress.

And that, in my opinion, will be a great day when they shut off all the cash. 

Not only will thousands of Russian and Ukrainian lives be saved, but Zelenskyy and crew will have no reason not to release all the information on the Obama/Biden criminal conspiracy that took place in Ukraine over the past decade.

From their 2014 overthrow of the democratically-elected Ukranian leader (Viktor Yanukovych), to their funding of the Nazi brigades (Azov Battalion) that killed 14,000 Russians in Eastern Ukraine (intentionally provoking Putin to invade Ukraine to stop it).

This happened—while all of them and their families were getting filthy, stinking rich—could likely spell the end for not only the Biden regime, but Obama’s plans to put his wife in office in 2024.

They plotted and caused an illegal war in violation of all that should be sacred, and now it is not only The Richardson Post reporting it.

But as icing on the cake, the Russians just released evidence of the 47 U.S. funded bio-weapons labs they’ve captured and destroyed in Ukraine to the United Nations.  Those are crimes punishable by death, by the way.

And guess who laundered those billions from the U.S. State Department and Department of Defence to build and operate these illegal bio-weapon laboratories in Ukraine?

The Biden Crime family firm, Rosemont Seneca.  The Bidens funnelled the endless cash (for a fee and ownership cut of Metabiota). 

Who is Metabiota?  That is the W.E.F. allied firm that ran the death-labs for the U.S. government under the auspices of U.S. Aid which is nothing but a front for the CIA—I know from experience, from my years in Haiti.

In closing, my home nation, which I dearly love, has killed more world leaders, started more revolutions, and done more harm to the causes of freedom and democracy over the last thirty years than all its enemies combined it seems, and I can say without reservation that this must end or America is done.

Can we stop this?  Yes, we can—with the right leader.  

All it takes is going back to the U.S. Constitution, which only allows 17 duties for the federal government, and the elimination of all 18 un-constitutional spy agencies that cause this mischief at home and abroad which costs the world millions of lives and trillions of dollars.

 For those who can’t live without spy stories, the U.S. Navy (Naval Intelligence) is allowed to monitor the world under the U.S. Constitution—but none other—so the 18 interloper spy gangs must be folded, shuttered, and disbanded.

The resulting budget needed for just the 17 legitimate duties of federal government in the U.S. will have a huge surplus, so America’s debts can be repaid and its credit restored.

And oh—by the way—there is one candidate for president in 2024, who actually wants to do this.  I’ll let you guess which one. Will he?  I don’t know, but after every head of these illegal agencies swore that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian Disinformation—when they knew it wasn’t, just to kneecap Trump in the 2020 election—I believe this could happen in some form or fashion.

The real president wants all of these heads on platters, in my opinion, and  what greater legacy than to rid us of them?

Can he legally do this?  The answer is “Yes”.  Each of these rogue spy organisations was created outside the legal legislative process using an Executive Order (also not found in the Constitution) so they can certainly be undone by one as well.

The truth is flooding out faster than the Fake News can cover it up, so the tide is turning in our favour.

Will we win against the Darkness?  I believe the answer is yes, we will—because we must—or we have failed our purpose in this human experiment.

Isaiah 45:7, “I form the light and create darkness: I make peace and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.”

For those of us who believe in the Creator by any name, it is clear that He created both good—and evil—by His own admission in Isaiah, which is powerful, and lays out the game clearly.

It is not only our duty and mission to fight and defeat this evil, but it appears to be our very purpose for living.

Whether one believes in God or not is irrelevant in my opinion on this matter, as it becomes a question of what world we wish to bequeath to our progeny.

Good or evil?  I think the answer for most of us is ‘good’, so our only remaining argument is the definition of that word.

To my mind, the words life and liberty cover almost every aspect of ‘good’, so anything that works against those principles to me implies evil—as long as my own pursuit of both of these pursuits harms no other person.