Marxist PM “Jussie” Trudeau with his fellow Marxist pal, dictator Zelenskyy. They all love them some nazis! Oh yeah!

Britain’s Independent reported, “Canada’s House of Commons gave a rousing standing ovation to a Ukrainian veteran who fought in the Second World War – unaware he had served in a Nazi SS unit.”

“Yaroslav Hunka, 98, was sitting in the gallery when he was described as a ‘Ukrainian hero’ and a ‘Canadian hero’ to applause from prime minister Justin Trudeau and president Volodymyr Zelensky[y],” the article rambles on.

As our readers have long been aware, the U.S.-funded Azov Battalion – celebrated by both leftwing and rightwing nuts in the U. S. Senate – are all fellow admirers of Nazis and perpetual wars.

We will prove that easily ahead, so it wasn’t just the old Gestapo guy being honoured and heralded as a hero in the picture above, it was the little dictator in green who commands them – Volodymyr Zelenskyy – the Dear Leader of Ukraine’s Azov Nazis as well.


For those unfamiliar with Eastern Europe and its history, Ukraine supported the Nazi effort in World War II and that ideology has been reborn under U.S./NATO-controlled Ukraine leader, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

According again to the Independent, “Hunka’s Nazi unit are accused of killing Polish and Jewish civilians and were visited by SS leader Heinrich Himmler in 1944 who said his men would be ‘eager’ to ‘liquidate the Poles’.”

Obama’s Marxist ambassador to Ukraine “Masha” Yovanovitch, Senators Klobuchar, McCain and Graham, huddle with Petro Poroshenko.  The United States would overthrow the next duly elected leader in their ‘colour revolution’ in 2014.

The Azov Battalion proudly and openly displays its Nazi heritage, but what may surprise some is that the organisation was funded, armed and advised by U.S. intel agencies and the State Department under the Obama/Biden Administration – the same groups that built 47 illegal bioweapons labs across the breadth of Ukraine – to prompt a Russian invasion.

This was all part of a plan to provoke Russia – the nation that lost more of its people to the Nazis than any other in the world.

To point, of the 40-50 million dead in WWII, roughly half of them were Russians and in second place was Poland – where I now make my home.


No one hates Nazis more than Russians and Poles as a result of this history, and what amazes me about the recent co-operation between Poland and Ukraine – home to an entire regiment of Nazi SS during the war – is that it lasted a year.

The Globalist coalition knew that encircling Russia with NATO nations in violation of their promise, ringing it with illegal bioweapons labs, all while murdering Russians in Eastern Ukraine – with Nazi brigades, no less – would eventually evoke the response it did from Vladimir Putin.

That was precisely the plan hatched long ago.

Ukraine women marching in support of nazis during the war

U.S./NATO-backed Nazis began a military barrage against the predominately Russian population of Eastern Ukraine to further provoke Vladimir Putin, into invading historically Russian Donetsk and Luhansk to defend them.

Crimea – also historically Russian – voted in a U.N.-run election (2014) to return to Russia by an overwhelming 97% – but the Marxists of my government and theirs – refused to recognise real democracy when it actually happened.

The 97% were not allowed to decide their own fate—and since then, Luhansk and Donetsk have had similar votes to return to Russia—also ignored by the globalist nazis of NATO and U.S.

Even after – or perhaps because of – these overwhelming votes in favour of Russia, the U.S./NATO backed Nazis simply kept on murdering Russians living there until an estimated 14,000 of them were dead before Putin finally invaded to put a stop to it in 2022.

These Globalist merchants of death not only created such an overwhelming number of reasons to force Putin’s hand – they’ve been plotting it for decades.


Had this evil woman won in 2016, their plan was to bring the Western world to war – with Russia – so the Globalists could remove the last hold-out to their global domination in our sphere – while destroying America (and its Constitution) in the process.

It was Obama’s job to disarm Americans, then Hillary was to provoke a war with Russia—but they were stopped by Trump

That is still their plan.

They intend for all Globalist and W.E.F. nations to join forces to pick a nuclear fight with Russia – that no one can win – then hand over the keys to whatever remains to the United Nations to run as Socialist dependencies – while picking the bones of the two resource rich countries (Russia and the U.S.) clean for their partners in the BlackRock financial cabal who hold their wealth.

And make no mistake.   It wasn’t/isn’t just the Obama and Clinton Marxists bringing us to this fate – it is the Uniparty – the Bushes (Daddy and Punk George) along with most of the Washington and the Brussels Elite Establishment.

For those who are unfamiliar with this history (or doubt me) you can still listen to former CIA thug, Globalist collaborator, George H.W. Bush, tell us the ‘Elite’s’ plan way back in 1990 when he was president.  (Listen to it quickly as it is continually removed).

A new world order plot has been deployed against us for over three decades now—and next year will decide who wins.

For all you folk who put a Ukraine flag on your social media and sleep with a Zelenskyy doll – I’m sorry to break it to you.

Your side has lost – at least for the moment.  The ‘war’ in Ukraine is for all intents and purposes over.  I know because I live next door in Poland and keep close tabs on it – but the Globalists you love will never stop, so you can take heart in that.

Ukraine is now completely at the mercy of the Russian forces and while I’ll never try to convince warmongers or Zelenskyy fanboys of it, Putin is the only thing standing between ‘us’ and the Bush/Clinton/Obama/W.E.F. New World Order that intends to destroy your nations and enslave you.

Notice I didn’t include Biden in that list, because he is simply the extended third term of Obama and a puppet money launderer for the cabal.

As George Carlin so eloquently said in in his comedy routine about these people, “It’s a Big Club – and you ain’t in it.”

The only thing that matters to the Bush/Clinton/Obama/W.E.F. Globalist cabal is power. Marxism – be it National Socialist (Nazism), Italian Marxist Party (Fascism) or American Communism (Democrat Party) – is not even ideological to them.

These various forms of tyranny are simply the most effective ways of subjecting ‘us’ to ‘their’ will – while they take our property and freedoms.

The thought that this war – or any other in recent history – is about anything but funding the Vanguard/BlackRock/State Street cabal’s power and war profits is bordering on insane.

Wake up – if you haven’t already – and get on the right side of things.