W.H.O.- like its Ukrainian cousin- is simply a money/power laundering scheme for the globalist new world order


In February of this year, we reported that the WHO created “Zero Draft of the International Instrument on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness, and Response.”

Who would make such an unbelievable proposal?  ANSWER: The evil O’Biden Regime wrote and instructed the W.H.O. to secretly push it forward, doing violence to my nation’s laws requiring Senate approval, giving up our Constitutional sovereignty.

This agreement makes its edicts (including in response to “pandemics”) legally binding on its member states, “putting Americans [and all other member nations] under the control of its authoritarian bureaucrats.”

Coupled with the agreement’s monitoring requirements it will “massively expand the global surveillance state, making it easier for government to control every aspect of our lives.”


Creepy W.H.O. chief, Tedros, cuts deal with E.U. sellout, civil protection and humanitarian emergency (W.H.E.), Maciej Popowski


These W.H.O. miscreants will take in $6.72 billion this year and almost none of it will go to anything related to world health.

It will be used to stroke large donations to the legislators and NGOs who push for their world control in exchange for these bribes, and buy vaxxes from Bill Gates.

America’s real president, Donald J. Trump, wisely pulled the plug on this band of rogues and their merry mischief, but the O’Biden Administration re-upped the W.H.O. grift in time to get rebates for Dem-Marxists and election fraud.

H.R. 79, THE WHO WITHDRAWAL ACT, was proposed in the House,of Representatives in January this year.  What has happened to it?

Nothing.  It simply sits there as a testament to weakness and fear of being America First.  They might not get invited to one of Tedros’s gay bath house parties—more on that later.

It took all year to get Rinos on board, so follow the money—as some of them will be bought off yet—don’t pop the cork early!

Tired of waiting, The House Appropriations Committee approved H.R. 4665 on September 28, 2023 to defund the Marxist U.N. outfit (W.H.O.).  It was a squeaker—216 patriots to 212 Uniparty folk (Globalists and Marxists on the take)—and now it will go to the Senate where nothing will be done.

Why?  Because the revolving door of cash sent out to “Teddy” and the W.H.O. will cycle right back around to the RINOs and Marxists who unfortunately run that once respected chamber, The U.S. Senate, like a cat house in Cheap Side.

You pay a little—you get a little, but you pay a lot and anything goes—including treason (or perhaps a date with “Teddy”, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus).


As Health Minister of Ethiopia, “Teddy” was accused of covering up not one or two, but three cholera epidemics. 


Who better to cover up the crimes of Bill Gates, George Soros and the plandemic they foisted on the world—or China’s role in leaking and spreading it around the world—than this Ethiopian fruitcake?

“Teddy” is a hard-core Communist “member of a Marxist-Leninist Ethiopian political party that analysts have listed as a perpetrator of terrorism.”


He is also not a medical doctor—while running the world’s largest organisation that is supposed to be in that business—but medicine is not why “Teddy” is there.

His job is to give cover to Big Pharma (including its funders, founders, and profiteers) as well as the criminals who design and spread diseases to kill us.

If we don’t stop this O’Biden plot and plan to rob all U.N. member nations of their sovereignty (which is now very much in the works) this little Marxist pervert will have more control than any man on earth—outside of the small group that controls him.

What happens at Teddy’s bath house parties, stays at teddy’s bath house parties! Just imagine being a Dem and not being invited!

Who are they?  They are the O’Biden puppeteers who proposed this outrageous ploy to take sovereignty over us, Xi Xinping  who benefits politically as the man pulling Tedros’ strings, and Bill Gates who profits most by making/selling the deadly jabs the W.H.O. plans to mandate.

They are already planning to expand this one man’s power to declare a ‘medical emergency’ to include their crazy Climate Hoax, so act now or forever hold your peace.

This is the hill to die on—or be killed on—it’s up to us which.

From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, all nations will be subject to the organisation’s whims as members of the United Nations—except Liechtenstein, Taiwan, Palestine, and Vatican City—so let’s get busy firing the corrupt sellouts in each of our nations who agreed to this before it is too late.