Prof. Mccoy opened my eyes for the first time that U.S. intel was the biggest gangster on the planet


By Howell Woltz

But the evidence simply does not reflect that.  The spooks and their equally evil Globalist masters have prompted every major conflict in recent decades.

“Why,” you ask?  Good question and it’s a tough one for me to answer. 

To make us all miserable enough, perhaps, to willingly give over the only things that make being human living worthwhile—like family, God and the freedom to live our lives unmolested?  That’s the best answer I have—a return to feudalism.

When I first read Professor McCoy’s well-documented book about the CIA taking over the French Connection (Golden Triangle heroin trade) in Southeast Asia to fund itself—it angered me.  I hated this guy.  How could he say that?

Then, my generation buried 58,000 in the Vietnam War. It burned my soul to think it was just to fund spook wars by hooking inner city kids on dope.


May of 2006—Taliban had destroyed all but 2,500 hectares of poppy fields in Afghanistan—but under U.S./British control, by 2010, they were producing
120% of world usage per annum

How do I know this?  Because I spent 87 months being hustled between 29 black sites and prisons all over America with many of the courageous men who outed the American brass for forcing them to risk their lives guarding dope fields and muling opium paste through the Khyber Pass—for the CIA.

“Heroin production in Afghanistan increased 40 times since NATO began its ‘War on Terror’ in 2001.” ( › news › afghanistan-heroin-production-increased-266). Yes.  NATO was a part of it as well.

The opium paste from the seed pods was carried to Lahore, Pakistan where it was refined in CIA labs for subsequent distribution worldwide—and the billions rolled in to bankroll illegal wars and coups the world over.

NATO was not in Afghanistan supporting the mujahidin against the Russians all those years, according to these men, oh no.  They had Osama bin Ladin and the locals protecting their cash crop—opium—and we paid and armed them to do it.

Why do you think the first thing bin Ladin did when the U.S. abandoned him was to destroy all the poppy fields—down to just 2,500 hectares by 2006?

Is it all starting to make sense?  Bin Laden cut off their cash flow!

This war criminal, General Colin Powell, lied to the United Nations on behalf of the Bush crime family to start these wars


Remember their abject lies about “weapons of mass destruction” to start multiple wars in the Middle East?

But it wasn’t just Georgey Bush lying to get a war going.  BAE Systems needed to sell some war toys too, so his pal, Tony Blair, got in on the action as well.

In back the press talking war again—Tony Blair—about Gaza

And where is BAE Systems’ latest war-toy manufacturing facility going to be? 

Maybe Birmingham where jobs are needed so badly, Tony?   How about West Midlands where jobs are scarce as hens’ teeth under Britain’s own version of America’s Uniparty?

Silly you!  BAE Systems will use your U.K. tax dollars to build a weapons plant in Ukraine! The Guardian wouldn’t lie! (Well maybe not about that.)

“British arms maker BAE Systems sets up in Ukraine.” (

Speaking of Ukraine, the U.K./U.S. CIA and NATO baited that war for thirty years before finally pushing Russia to invade—for those who haven’t studied the issue or weren’t alive back in 1991.

They promised Soviet leader Gorbachev, “NATO will never move one inch eastward,” with just 12 member states—now NATO has 32 nations, completely surrounding the Russian bear.  Gorbachev took their cash and sold out.

And how about the CIA’s 47 illegal bioweapons labs in Ukraine that the Globalists planned to wipe out Russia (and most of us who live over here)?

I’m no Putin fan, but quite grateful to the old boy for taking over the Biden-family bioweapons labs next door (run by Biden-owned Metabiota) using DoD and State Department cash laundered through Biden-owned Rosemont Seneca. Putin shut them down before the pathogens for their Great Reset could be released to kill most of Eastern Europe—including me.


This war is like the rest—it’s about money and power—and nothing else—courtesy of the CIA.
Read about it here:

This new plot actually began back when the CIA was arguably pro-American, so we’re talking ancient history—back in the 1960s.

Ben Gurion is known as the Father of Israel and was that nation’s first Prime Minister, so this project—like the airport and many other special spots—are named in his honour, but this one can and will change history.

The Suez Canal has caused wars and been fought over since being completed in 1869, but still holds a monopoly on sea transport access to the Mediterranean Sea from the Indian Ocean via the Red Sea (and Gulf of Aqaba).

A secret U.S. feasibility study (read CIA) was done in July of 1963 by H.D. Maccabee of the the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory “under contract to the United States Department of Energy,” (again, I read CIA).

The study (classified until 1993) “explored the possibility of using 520 buried nuclear explosions to help excavate a canal through the hills in the Negev Desert.”

This picture is from an article about Russia and Israel proposing alternatives to Suez as recently as 2021!

The Russians will obviously push their Arctic Route ahead of the Israeli project, but the chatter arises every time a ship like the Ever Given (in this 2021 picture above) or a conflict block the canal and shut down 10% of world shipping.

But here’s the update.  A reader forwarded us an article from a minor publication that covers Israel stating that construction began that day—a year ago.  Decide for yourselves, but I find that quite interesting.

“Today, Israel announces the start of work on the Ben Gurion Canal, the alternative canal to the Suez Canal”.

This is the picture from the article (clearly the Suez Canal, not the Ben Gurion) but they said construction started ‘that day’

Three banks have approved the $16 billion required to complete the Ben Gurion canal(s) and Isreal estimates just five years to complete it.

The CIA, which was behind this, is a bastard organisation created outside of constitutional wedlock by an Executive Order, not by We the People.  President Harry Truman did it that way because he knew it was illegal—and it still is—but this may be the one thing they got right.

If killing, maiming, ruining lives, and creating desperation amongst God’s diaspora were its goal, the U.S./Globalist CIA is the most successful organisation in mankind’s history.

If protecting lives—American or others—was the goal when created—they have failed in their mission and must be disbanded.

Who was really behind the CIA?  Not Americans, I can assure you.

But this agency now governs U.S./Globalist policy—or is its unwitting servants perhaps—and it is time for it to go into the night.

Author Scott Horton has very credibly proven who was behind not just one but all of the ‘terrorist’ organisations now plaguing our world.

The CIA created ‘terror’, funded it, and supports these groups while our soldiers die fighting them

Who funds and arms Al Queda in Syria?  The U.S. government and CIA. 

Who fights Al Queda in Iraq, Yemen and other war-torn places?  The U.S. Army.

One hand giveth fungible money and weapons to Al Queda, while they simultaneously take the lives of our sons and daughters in the next theatre.

It’s got to stop.  As Horton writes, “Enough Already”, when we see that every war the CIA drags us into is cover for something else they’re doing.

In closing, admittedly, we’ve never heard of theTrend News Detail publication telling us this Ben Gurion project is underway but why would this journalist in that area of interest write about a project beginning one year ago without basis?

We’ll know soon.

Our article linking the Israel/Gaza conflict to the Ben Gurion project has stirred up something of a hornet’s nest so we’ll keep you posted.

But it now makes sense—all of it. 

This CIA project plotted long ago—actually a smart idea—now uses a terrible war they also planned to clear the path for the cabal they serve–and their next big project.

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post