It’s refreshing to see victims of the Democrat Party of slavery calling them out—and waking up a sleeping nation!


While reading Vince Everett Ellison’s book, “Crime Inc.- How Democrats Employ Mafia and Gangster Tactics to Gain and Hold Power,” my only question was how this amazing man has stayed alive under the Biden Junta.

That’s when I came to the conclusion that he must be under divine protection.

The compromised FBI and Secret Service can’t discern who put cocaine in a White House entrance under four security cameras—or protect the DNC (where is that 2020 HQ bomber they have on film since 2021, I wonder?).

But they can find, arrest or ruin any truthteller like Ellison, or any granny who supports Donald Trump—so God Almighty is clearly watching this man’s back.

Ellison reveals another truth in this book, that Democrat icon, Dr. Martin Luther King, was an avowed Marxist under the direct handling of Communist operative, Stanly D. Levinson of the CPUSA—like most of our ‘Western leaders’ it seems—and proves it with documents recently released from FBI files.

In my home nation, the Party of Slavery (a.k.a. Democrat) has not changed its beliefs at the top management level since it promoted and enforced slavery in the 1800s—it has simply updated its marketing schtick and methods.

It now uses what are politely called ‘entitlement programs’ and social engineering to keep blacks in bondage instead of chains and whips.

The uniparty Marxists pay young black girls, by the baby—so long as there is no man living in the house—which has been the planned recipe for decimating black communities and families


It’s the new plantation—and there is no hand-out too great—as long as they keep on voting for the Marxists who give them the goodies.  That’s the game.


The Democrat Marxist’s open border madness is streaming in an estimated 10-15 million new handout recipients from 160 nations this year and black communities realise that their Democrat masters are suddenly giving the new imports all the goodies—and eventual political ascendancy to replace their own.

A thug or terrorist from anywhere in the world, as example, can walk across Biden’s open border—unvetted—and is greeted with $2,200 in cash, then given that (or more) on a monthly basis depending on which city the criminal chooses.

A Democrat-Marxist NGO or border concierge (formerly known as Border Patrol) then gives him a plane ticket to the city of his choice—where he is issued a work permit—so he can take an American citizen’s job—though he is illegal.

The Democrat slave class is feeling the pain down on the plantation from this new class of replacement voters—and boy-oh-boy—are they getting angry.

How do I know this?  Because Biden’s popularity has dropped by double digits with this demographic recently—and it’s scaring the hell out of the Commies.

Black men are registering Republican in huge numbers—meaning they intend to vote next year to stop the Democrats’ scheme

They’ve gone from 90% approval in 2020 with blacks to just 74%, according to the most recent POLITICO polls.

Suppose the ‘suicide bombers’ as Ellison calls the blacks who do most of the dirty work in stealing elections and stuffing mail-in ballots for the Marxist Democrats simply refuse—or even better—rat them out before they can steal 2024?

I think that is a real possibility.  Why?  I’m so glad you asked.


Keep in mind that all it takes to become politically dominant in America is for there to be a 5% swing in the black vote from Dem Marxist to Trump Republican—which is happening right now—and why the Marxists are in a state of panic.

Republicans just crushed Marxist Dems in dark blue Louisiana

“Republicans swept Louisiana’s three runoff elections over the weekend, securing the state’s top political offices in landslide victories.

“Why it matters: No Democrat will hold statewide office in Louisiana after term-limited Gov. John Bel Edwards leaves in January.”

Got that?  Not a single Democrat will hold statewide office come January 2024—in a state that has been Democrat since Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren founded the party to protect slavery—and fight the last Central Bank—in the 1830s.

Slavery?  I’m against it.  Killing the Central Bank?  Good on Andy and Marty.

And how go the rest of the must-win states that historically trend blue for the Marxists?

“Rust Belt Poll: Trump Posts Early Lead Over Biden in Michigan.”

“Rust Belt Poll:  Trump Leads Biden in Pennsylvania, Trounces Primary Opponents.”  And no other Republican can do that—only Trump.

And so on….they’re all now in play—for Donald J. Trump—which is why Dems are trying to destroy him with lawfare.  They know they can’t beat him even in a rigged election at the polls.

Black employment reached record highs under Trump—as did their income—now reaching record lows under Bidenflation and the braindead anti-American Marxist policies of his regime


ELLISON- “They [Democrats] betray, lie, plot, connive and seduce. They claim to love democracy where their primary goal is its destruction.

“They [Democrats] claim to have the best interests of the black community at heart when the black community is nothing more than suicide bombers in their quest for world domination.” [Emphasis added]

Marker reads, “in 1852 Alvan Earle Bovey of Ripon met with Horace Greeley of New York and advocated for the dissolution of the Whig Party and formation of a new party to fuse together anti-slavery elements.”  Ending Democrat slavery was the founding principle of the Republican Party—and it still should be

Yes, there is an uprising on the Democrat Plantation.  The Republican Party—which was founded to put an end to slavery—is welcoming them to Donald Trump’s Big Tent.

Fortunately for my home nation—former Democrat voters living in bondage are coming home to the anti-slavery party—under the man who gave them the greatest economic gains in history—and they’re coming back home in droves.

Perhaps the Republican Party under a populist like Trump will finally succeed in putting the last nail in the coffin of the horrible political regime known as the Democrat Party and its godless ideology in 2024—as was its original purpose.

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post