Horrible movie, but that’s not the point—they lay out the game plan for stealing 2024 from Trump

This Anglophobic trash sets the stage for the cyber-attack to postpone/rig 2024 election

Polls show the Marxists cannot win next year’s election. It’s over – absent a steal.

Between their flooding America with an estimated 10 million invaders from 160 nations – mostly males of fighting age – even Democrats are calling for it to stop.

That includes the hack mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, who is begging Biden to close the borders – instead, Biden had the FBI raid Adams’ home to shut him up – but it was too late.  He had already said the quiet part out loud. 

Open borders are destroying New York City – and America.

Mayor Adams has gone from proponent of ‘sanctuary cities’ to begging Biden and his fellow Marxists to shut down the borders

When nations like Communist China, Venezuela, Pakistan, Haiti and a host of African hellholes send their provocateurs to flood America’s open borders, they are not sending their best and brightest, to be sure.

Muslim nation fat cats have many wives so they send horny young jihadists who have no women as invaders (rape up 1,300%).  Other nations traffic criminals and mentally ill via the cartels to become the Democrat Party’s new voters.

The cartels now control the borders of my home nation, where Border Patrol and even the National Guard are forced by Biden’s Homeland Security to act as concierge services, handing out cash ($2,200 per criminal to those from designated nations) and cell phones with rechargeable credit cards in a well co-ordinated plan with Soros and UN-backed NGOs.

An article came out this week linking one of the Chinese firms partnered with the Biden Crime Family to the border invaders’ credit card scheme, but we’re waiting on confirmation by the House Committee’s investigation of the Bidens.

“Watch: over half a million migrants caught crossing border since October, over 10k per day this week – all single, males, fit, military age.”  Geller report Dec. 9, 2023


Alas, however, it seems to be the women like Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert – the two who put forth articles of impeachment over this intentional crime – with the testosterone while the boys voted them down.

Eight RINOs (Republican in Name Only) sided with the Marxists to prevent impeachment proceedings against Joe Biden and his border henchman, Alexander Mayorkas, the failed grifter in charge of Homeland Security.

It is a different matter with We the People who are not on the take from the drug and human trafficking cartels or George Soros.  Most hate the master puppeteer, George Soros, plus his rented politicians and we are finally letting them know it.


Given the dramatic failures of the Biden Regime – record inflation, a failing economy, drained energy reserves (sold to China), open borders and drumbeats of war(s) – even Democrats are turning against the Marxist interlopers.

They won’t be able to pull off another Scamdemic in America to rig the vote like 2020 – everyone’s eyes are finally open – so what will they do?

The Obamas just telegraphed their plan in Leave the World Behind.

That’s right.  This crappy film my wife and I suffered through (so you don’t have to) was produced by none other than Barack and “Big Mike” Obama – the most likely candidate in my opinion to replace Joe Biden in 2024 as their candidate.

Obamas’ movie was chock full of racism and Anglophobia as anyone would expect of these freakish followers of Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky, but the big reveal is their telling us how the election will be stolen in 2024. 

Founders of production company — Barack and Michelle Obama

They are warning us they will turn to their international partners in crime for a cyberattack to shut down the 2024 elections so they can steal it – yet again. Such a cyber event has been long promised by the W.E.F. and Gates.  The Obamas will use it to delay announcing winners until enough illegal migrant ballots, dead folk, and fakes can be added to put he/she over the finish line.

No campaign—just a cyber steal of the vote—with no scrutiny or debate before

There will be no big announcement.  The Marxists and their media pals are already turning up the heat on Sleepy Joe to quit. If not, he will be replaced at the Democrat/Marxist Convention, August 19-22  just weeks before the election.

To no one’s surprise, this non-event of a convention is being held in Big Mike’s home town – Chicago – where she/he and Barry met as Marxist organisers.

Their movie spells out the plan, including attacks on the one man who might help the United States avoid such a catastrophic event (forget the cyberattack, I’m talking about another Obama presidency) – and that man is Elon Musk.

In a clip clearly targeting Musk, one self-driving Tesla after another – all of them white, of course – slam into each other in a pile-up, clogging the highway.

Why did the Obamas intentionally target Tesla (founded and largely owned by Elon Musk)?  Because he must be destroyed in the public view before next year and his companies attacked (which is already underway). Musk’s Space-X and Starlink satellite systems are already up and running and perhaps the only alternative available to keep the ships, planes and trains from slamming into one another in the event of such a co-ordinated cyber attack.

Musk’s Starlink kept Zelenskyy and crew in touch with their oligarch masters in Brussels and DC—not even Russia could stop it

In short, the Globalist forces of evil that put Barack and Big Mike in the game will again use them to finish the job of destroying America, which was their purpose of hire in 2003 at George Soros’s beach mansion in the Hamptons (2003).

“Without Soros and the Shadow Party, Barack Obama would be, at best, a senator from Illinois attending social gatherings with domestic terrorists Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn and sitting in the pews of black liberation theologist Reverend Jeremiah Wright. At worse, he’d be an unremarkable and unheard of state senator. Instead, Barack Obama is the President of the United States.”


Soros’ official support of Barry Soetoro (renamed Barack Hussein Obama after college) began two years after the Shadow Cabinet was established in 2002.

It was determined by the Soros’ Shadow Government that Barack Obama – who by then was in the Illinois state legislature – was the man to take their Club of Rome agenda to the next stage of completion.

Barack Hussein Obama was groomed and financed for an unlikely bid as Senator of Illinois, but with the Shadow Government’s financial backing and assistance of their Democrat political machine in Illinois, he handily won.

After just 143 days as Senator – again with Soros backing – Barack Hussein Obama announced he was running for president of the United States.

That’s a record to the best of my knowledge – to bounce from unknown Socialist community organiser to running for President of the United States.

The Obama film telegraphs that an amalgam of America’s many enemies and Globalist forces bent on its destruction will act in this highly co-ordinated event.

So, watch the water for ripples as they:

Starlink can already be used in most of the world—available at www.starlink.com—so not even the Obama globalist can shut us down completely!!

1. Do their best to destroy Elon Musk – and his companies including Starlink,

2. Groom Big Mike to be Biden’s replacement at the 2024 August convention,

3. Turn open border invaders into an army to create chaos in American cities,

4. Plot their cyber-attack to allow them to steal the vote – again – for Obama 3.0.

If one satellite is destroyed, another three or four can carry the signal, so, Musk may yet save the world from the Obamas and their ‘destroy America’ agenda.