Louisiana Lawman Congressman, Clay Higgins, says “they’re going down”—but it’s a race against time if he’s going to do it


Where is Congress now that the facts are out about the FBI plotting the January 6th Fed-surrection to start the impeachment hoax and their legal assault against Trump?

They’re on a three week holiday—after giving this scumbag agency more money and power to commit crimes against We the People!

We alerted the world to election interference caused by the CIA and intel agencies to steal the election from Donald Trump in 2020—but this new information is as bad or worse—you decide.

The CIA 2020 fraud involved a laptop belonging to Biden Crime Family member, Hunter,  that he abandoned, which they labelled likely ‘Russian Disinformation’.

Hunter’s father lied about it in the debate with Trump saying it was ‘Russian Disinformation’ without telling the world it was he who had  his now Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, recruit the 51 former intel chiefs to tell that lie.

17% of Biden voters now say they would not have voted for him, had the truth been told before the electoin.

The FBI had the laptop since December of 2019 so they all knew they were telling a lie, but told it anyway to prevent the now admitted 17% swing in votes that would have precluded Creepy Joe Biden and crew winning in 2020.

51 ‘intel’ guys and gals lied to hide the truth about Biden crimes & perversion just before 2020 Election

Creepy Joe and Crew were installed in the White House thanks to these liars—and the Republican controlled House has not had the courage to remove their security clearances and pensions—which is a must to prevent this from happening ever again.


There is no more hiding it.  The FBI along with Democrat Marxists plotted turning the January 6th protest against the stolen 2020 election into a riot and I’ll tell you why.

All men, in excellent shape.  All wearing knee and elbow pads—dressed as Trump supporters—go in groups of 3-5 to the Capitol to play their part in turning a peaceful protest into a dangerous riot—for the sole purpose of blaming it on President Trump.

The former Louisiana lawman has the tapes from Union Station showing “ghost buses” of feds unloading and prepping mission

House Speaker Pelosi’s Capitol Police began shooting rubber bullets and firing tear gas into the peaceful crowd to prompt their move toward the Capitol while Fed assets (agents, informants and imbeds) yelled for the crowd to “Go into the Capitol.”

These agent provocateurs were all dressed as Trump supporters, using megaphones and acting with authority, so many listened and walked in the then open doors as instructed, which was a big mistake.  It was an entrapment scheme.

As an aside, President Trump was still giving his speech 45 minutes away when the violence was prompted by the Feds—though they would blame it on him minutes later.


Great question and I’m glad you asked it. 

The U.S. Constitution requires The House of Representatives to review and the Vice-President to accept as valid, the Electoral votes of each State in a presidential election.

The Electoral Count Act of 1887 requires that any challenges to the validity of each States’ Electoral votes must be heard and debated to either be returned to the state in question for further review, or a separate slate of Electors accepted.

Arizona—state #3 alphabetically—was ground zero of rigging in the 2020 election so that’s when the riot had to be kicked off to prevent the evidence several members of Congress were ready to reveal that day to stop the steal.

Only the legislatures can send these ‘electors’ to Congress yet in many of the States where overt fraud took place (that was also to be revealed that day) their Democrat governors chose and sent electors instead, which was also illegal and to be challenged.

By stopping the State-by-State review required by law, Pelosi stopped the steal from;

1) being publicly exposed and 2) to prevent the inevitable challenge to the Democrat’s stealing of the election from Donald Trump by House Republicans.

Pelosi set up the whole thing—and had her daughter, Alexandra, in the house to film their fraud—also now exposed!

Pelosi called for the immediate evacuation of House Chambers, not due to any real danger, but to prevent the required count and review, which she never allowed to be done later that day—though a requirement of law—rendering Biden’s election invalid.


Congressman Clay Higgins has gone public with the evidence and challenged FBI director Chris Wray over ‘how many’ there were

The FBI initially lied about having assets and agents as part of the J6 ‘fedsurrection’ along with their media pets—another knowing lie. 

They then admitted to ‘some’ but as the recently released tapes reveal that number to likely exceed 200 of them, Wray testified to Representative Higgins as he showed him the new evidence, he said, “I’m not sure of the exact number.”

Perhaps the most damning report ever against the corrupt FBI can be seen where the incredible Lara Logan sits down with Rep. Clay Higgins to review this new evidence.


Now they’re in a pickle.  Trump survived twelve plots and attempts to kill him thus far (according to a Secret Service contact) two impeachments and is beating the bastards in their four (yes, 4) law fare suits against him—which they waited 30 months to file.

None of these legal attacks—in four separate jurisdictions requiring different sets of attorneys—were contemplated until Trump announced that he was running again.

They have not been able to kill him, scare him, or bankrupt him and with each attack, he only grows stronger and more beloved by We the People.

He’s beating Sleepy, Creepy Joe Biden in every poll.  They simply can’t win.

Now they’re setting the stage for the murder of Trump

A sick New York version of Shakespeare’s Julius Caeser had Caeser dressed in Donald Trump’s traditional blue suit and red tie while they assassinated him every night—for four years.

Now Trump faces a coordinated attack by Washington Post writer, Robert Kagan (married to warmonger, Victoria Nuland) and Condé Nast Legal Affairs Editor Luke Zaleski claiming he will be a dictator in Term 2—though he never was in Term 1.

As Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz has observed, “They’re obviously green-lighting assassination.”

These sickos are setting him up—like Julius Caeser—for assassination, as they know his retribution against them when back in office will be swift and certain.

Only one side can win this and the stakes could not be higher.

While Rep. Clay Higgins says in his inimitable Louisiana brogue, “They’re going down!”—I’m not so sure—but this next year will be unlike any other in my life.