Marxism has many faces—fascism, communism, ‘woke’ capital, world federation of trade unions, globalist world order and many more heads of the hydra, but together, “they” won.


It took a century—and many twists and turns—but more or less the whole globe has now adopted the tenets of a small group of titans ruling the people via an unholy alliance between oversized business interests—be they state-sponsored or global corporatists—and the political henchmen they place in power.

Marx’s model of pitting working class against capitalists to take over nations did not work—but his divide-to-conquer model did—and it now rules our world.

Comintern—Communist International—has its official epitaph as 1919-1943, but that was an intentional act by Josef Stalin to go underground in WWII to get continued support from his erstwhile allies—the U.K., U.S., France and ‘brothers in arms’ —whom he might need against rivals in future conflicts.

WFTU, U.N., W.H.O., W.E.F. and even the Red Cross—all eventually become tools of world control under totalitarianism—as was Comintern’s goal

For those shocked to see the Red Cross included in this cabal of Leftists, let’s remember the oligarchs in those days who funded them—J.P. Morgan, Jacob Schiff and the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations, financed by J.D. Rockefeller) which was an offshoot of Sir Cecil Rhodes’ ‘rule-the-world’ Round-Table Group.

“Under the pretence of humanitarianism, the [Red Cross] Mission’s key personnel were Wall Street financiers following their own agenda for acquiring profitable commercial concessions from the new [Communist] government.”[1917] (The Creature from Jekyll Island, by G. Edward Griffin p. 284)

And remember, it is never about ‘left’ or ‘right’ with these folk—from J.P. Morgan to Larry Fink of Blackrock— it’s only about power and money.

Agents of these two groups [Round Table and CFR] cooperated closely in pre-revolutionary Russia and particularly after the Tsar was overthrown. 

The American contingent in Russia disguised itself as a Red Cross mission allegedly doing humanitarian work.  Cashing in on their close friendship with Trotsky and Lenin, they obtained profitable business concessions from the new government which returned their initial investment many times over. (Ibid, p. 283)

Leon Trotsky—the architect of the Bolshevik Revolution—had been wined, dined and funded by Morgan, Schiff and U.S. oligarchs in New York. Worse, “Historians must never forget that Woodrow Wilson, despite the efforts of the British police, made it possible for Leon Trotsky to enter Russia with an American passport.”

Absent American oligarchs, Soviet Union wouldn’t have been


I am so glad you asked that question because the Marxist’s revisionist history will tell us so—including Wikipedia, their main misinformation site—but as most of what these people tell you, it is a bold-face lie intended to deceive.

Fascism was The Italian Marxist Party’s ideology (run by Benito Mussolini, below left), but couldn’t be applied to conservatives and those who love their own nations today  without such revisionism.  The guy on the right, for example, Hitler, was a Fascist as well—as he combined Big Business with the State.

The only difference between all varieties of marxist thuggery is the name.  From modern day Islam to CCP state capitalism, all are fascists, combining state with big business to control the people.

Unless you believe Karl Marx was ‘right-wing’, his red-headed stepchild of Fascism—practiced today by all the thugs from U.S. Oligarchism to Tehran’s Islamic theocratism—are still the Comintern strategy of the Bolsheviks.

The single committee of Comintern simply became a multi-headed hydra, all adopting the Fascist model of combining State power with large business interests to control ‘us’ from Red China to London, D.C. and Canberra.


Mussolini’s strategy of granting monopoly powers to Italy’s major industries to support him is no different from the U.S. government merging with the war industry and social media to throttle opposition and increase its own power.

That is the very definition of Fascism—a merger of big business (be it state or oligarch owned) and the power of the State to grant them monopolies.

Google controls 92% of its market, as example, which could not be in America absent my home nation’s submission to the Italian Marxist Party model of business and state power merging of interests—a.k.a., Fascism.

When Democrat Marxists—the party ruled by the Oligarchs—want to defeat an opponent, Google rigs the search algorithm for mind control, then the CCP-owned voting machines and software do the rest.

Yes, CCP-owned UBS Bank of Switzerland controls Dominion Voting Systems, as we revealed on April 3, 2021.

“On October 8, 2020, these men (Staple Street) took 400 million from UBS Bank in Switzerland, which is 75% owned by CCP government entities.”

The collateral for that ‘loan’ was the Dominion voting machine software and voting machines—used just one month later to defeat Donald J. Trump in 2020.

There simply is no difference between CCP-controlled business in China and Oligarch controlled governments in the West except the direction of control. 

‘Comintern is us’.

Example?  Sure.

Vanguard, State Street and Blackrock—the incestuously intertwined financial hydra that controls 92% of the world’s wealth according to Oxfam—also controls my government and yours—unless you’re Russian, Hungarian, Argentinian or Chinese. 

Such a merger of interests between Western governments and a 92% oligarch control of all global wealth, is no different than the Communist State owning/controlling most industries in that nation—it’s just the flip side of the same coin.

The only difference I see is government is on ‘top’ in Red China screwing lao baixing (China’s working class) and Larry Fink and crew are on ‘top’ screwing ‘us’ in Western nations as all our wealth slides uphill into their pockets.

The illusion of ‘democracy’ is fading fast between rigged elections, algorithmic cheating by Google (causing a 17% swing to the chosen winners in 2020) and a wholly controlled press—92% owned by—you guessed it, The Oligarchs!


We’re in the final round of this life or death game.  We will either go back into the night of a modern-day version of the feudalism, which we once escaped, or we will refuse the Comintern hydra.

40 elections worldwide in 2024—if we can prevent them from being rigged this time—will decide our fate.

Be vigilant, be loud, and pray.  We can win this together as there a 7 billion of ‘us’ and only a few thousand of ‘them’.