Global Marxists don’t care if even god sends the leader—if they get ahead—ban them! Winning is all that matters to the mob


“If you don’t like the popularity of the opposition, ban it,” is the Traffic Light Coalition’s position.

Who is that, you ask?  It’s the sleazy coalition of Marxists, Climate Fascists, and EU Globalist parties’ colours in Germany—Red, Green and Yellow, like a traffic light—and they’re out to ban the party that wants fewer illegal migrants and fair  elections, Alternative for Deutschland (AfD).

Sound familiar?  If you live in the U.S. where a coalition of Marxist prosecutors, judges and assorted American sleaze are removing Trump from the ballot because they can’t beat him—or Poland, where a similar Fascist/Marxist ‘coalition’ has taken over the press and arrested the opposition—you understand.

Here is just one group of almost exclusively young male, muslim invaders storming the EU border in 2021—which gave rise to nationalist parties like AFD—to stop the liquidation of Europe

Leaders like Donald Trump in America and parties like Alternative for Deutschland are not created in a bubble.  They earn their followers with sensible policies that put their own nations and people ahead of abstract Marxist silliness.

The 2024 Marxist/Fascist playbook for Dummies requires the Dummies in charge to spout the line, “___________ is a threat to our democracy.”  Fill in the blank with the opposition leader’s name or party and repeat until blue.

For the record, my home nation’s Constitution does not mention the word ‘democracy’ even once—because that’s not what we are.  We are a constitutional republic—like Germany. Read for yourself.

“The Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany (German: Grundgesetz für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland) is the constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany,” according to Brittanica, and while it has certain democratic principles such as voting for representatives, it is a republic to protect it from mob rule.

The 2024 Marxist Fascist playbook for Dummies requires—no, demands—that facts such as these be ignored, because “_________ is a threat to our democracy,” sounds so cool—and can fit on a bumper sticker or T-shirt!

A republic guarantees certain rights of the people as well as guardrails for government—that prevent mob rule on one end and tyranny on the other—which is precisely why Marxist/Fascists of America, Germany and Poland so hate them.

This photo shows the better side of a muzzie (Turkey’s Erdogan) and Marxist (Poland’s Tusk) after plotting to flood the borders of Europe back when Tusk was head of the European Union

Now that Tusk is running Poland—after just a couple of weeks, he has shown his true colours—Marxist/Fascist to the core! 

First thing he did in Week One was to take over the press and rid its ranks of any who opposed his Soros-backed coalition.  I watched that crime as TV Polska is just a block from our office.

This week, Tusk had police storm the President’s Palace and arrest two opposition leaders, who are now languishing in jail.

These men stated publicly that Communist judges installed by the Soviet Union in the 1980s should retire, so like all Marxist/Fascist regimes, these men were targeted and convicted of ‘corruption’—by those same Communist judges—after their coalition took power.


Thank you for asking—as that is the scary part.

While every liberal rag and Vanguard-owned news outlet claims Donald Tusk ‘won the election’ in Poland, that is a bold-faced lie. 

Just like Biden did not win without cheating in America in 2020 and Olaf Scholz and his Climate Fascist coalition did not win their election in Germany (a federal court has ordered Berlin to vote again due to blatant cheating), Donald Tusk did not ‘win’ in Poland.

PiS—the party of the opposition leaders Tusk just arrested—won though you would never know that from ‘the news’.

“Mariusz Kaminski and Maciej Wasik, both MPs in the ousted authoritarian group law and justice (PiS), were detained Tuesday after seemingly taking refuge inside the Warsaw palace of President Andrzej Duda”, The Guardian

According to The Guardian, “The final results of Poland’s Sunday election were published. Law and Justice (PiS) got 35.38%, Civic Coalition (KO) 30.7%, Third Way: 14.4%, The Left (Lewica): 8.61% and Konfederacja: 7.16%,” yet the PiS leaders just arrested are…..the ‘authoritarian group’?

While the Civic Coalition/Third Way/Lewica Leftists acted like enemies during the election, it turns out all were funded by George Soros—perfectly plotted for a post election merger—to take over conservative Poland.

And it worked.

Back to the 2024 Marxist/Fascist playbook, numbers don’t matter—you just declare victory and take it—kind of like the Democrats did in 2020, ignoring the legal claims of fraud.

They shut down the Capitol on January 6th, 2021 to avoid those lawful claims from being heard—though required by law.

And just like the Marxist/Fascists are doing in Poland as I write, the Marxist/Fascists in Germany are plotting to simply outlaw the opposition party destined to defeat them—Alternative for Deutschland—AfD.

Foreign Policy magazine wrote on December 13, 2023 “Germany is Thinking of Simply Banning the Far Right”:

Last week, Germany’s domestic intelligence agency took the dramatic step of classifying the Saxony state branch of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party as a threat to democracy—a potential first step towards banning it outright as unconstitutional. “There can be no doubt about the extreme right orientation of this party,” declared Dirk-Martin Christian, president of Saxony’s State Office for the Protection of the Constitution. — MishTalk (Badlands News Brief, January 11, 2024.

Notice the mandatory phrase from the 2024 Marxist/Fascist playbook?

Alternative for Germany (AfD) party is “a threat to our democracy”— though Germany is not one.


Dozens of Marxists prosecutors from local (New York City) to state (New York, Colorado and Georgia) to federal (Washington, D.C.) have spent tens of millions of taxpayer dollars attacking Donald Trump—91 bogus charges—not a one recognisable in law.

Their goal?  To tie him up during his campaign for president, bankrupt him, and jail him if their Stalinist stars of bench and bar align in perfect order.

But these radicals are getting busted—like Fani Willis paying $654,000 to Trump’s prosecutor, Nathan Wade—while answering booty calls!

The Biden Junta has been meeting with all the Marxist prosecutors to co-ordinate these law fare attacks against President Trump—including the married boyfriend Fani Willis hired to prosecute him—for questioning the Georgia election.

By the way, the State of Georgia just had to admit that True the Vote told the truth about the fraudulent ballot harvesting and vote rigging in 2020.

But if you think that will stop the Marxist/Fascist playbook crowd, you’ve got another thought coming.