One man, Geert Wilders, stood up to Islam—and is blazing the trail for us to follow


Since the 12th century, The Netherlands has dominated agriculture and remains the world’s major exporter of food, second only to the United States.

To put the uniqueness of this small nation into bold contrast, The Netherlands holds this amazing #2 ranking as exporter of food on just 0.42% of the land.

That’s right. #1–the U.S.–has 237 times the land of Holland.

One more point to show how amazing the people of this waterlogged European nation are,  26% of the nation is below sea-level and 59% is vulnerable to flooding from the sea.

Global warming?  Not hardly, it’s been that way for a millenium, but these brilliant folk built a system of dykes–and kept on feeding the world.


The illegitimate Marxist government of Rutte was cast aside and the EU/WEF cabal trying to destroy them is in full retreat

Do not for a moment think that the Commie bastards and Bill Gates are not still lying in wait to drag Holland and the rest of us into feudalist compliance–but it won’t be today.

The plan was to blame nitrogen–you know, plant food–for destroying the land as excuse for stealing/expropiating it–then to sell it cheaply to Bill Gates for dense immigrant housing and fake meat production facilities.

We covered that story back when Mark Rutte was Klaus Schwab’s hand-puppet, but the farmer revolt took the nation back for the people and put the focus on making Holland great again rather then eating bugs and going muzzie.

The revolt has now spread throughout Europe and the farmers’ protest goes live here in Warsaw, Poland today.

The people of the land are leading the revolt worldwide–along with this beauty, Ewa Vlaardingerbroek–a revolutionary extraordinaire.

This tireless heroine is leading the way internationally while Geert Wilder has begun de-Islamification at home


The horrid ruling class that worked so hard to destroy Europe is being turfed out nation by nation.

Angela Merkel–the lunatic who opened the floodgates to people plotting to kill us–is out. 

Her sidekick–the little guy who destroyed France with open borders, Emmanuel Macron (former Rothschild banker boy)–is visiting royals and chumming for invites, knowing his days are numbered after the farmers whipped him in Paris.

Major political revolts are flipping Commie Globalist rulers to populist lovers of their own nations, one by one. 

Sweden, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Italy, Finland, Hungary, The Netherlands–even Germany–and others around the world are shedding the snakeskins of their tyrant Greenies and Commies to go free once more.

How did Ewa Vlaardingerbroek celebrate this major turning point in the revolution she helped to lead?  She reverted to her Christian roots and officially joined the Catholic Church. 

Christian nationalism is the new black–and the Greenie/Nazi’s worst nightmare.

There is a link between Christianity and conservative values that inoculate our societies and protect them from satanic globalism


I’m so glad you asked.

Those us who believe in our nation states as the ultimate authority rather then unelected global bodies seeking to rule over us as lords, are generally from societies that developed under a concurrent belief in Christianity.

We developed over centuries slowing tearing our liberties away from royals and other thuggish folk to claim rights we believe were granted to us by God.

My home nation was founded on that principle and though the Marxists now running the United States are attempting to destroy both God and our Constitution, there is a backlash revival of belief in national pride over Globalism–and God.

“We bow to no one but god, and I will only do what is best for the citizens of America”–there is the link between god and nation

Now let’s look at the other side–the Satanic Globalists–and what they want.

They are completely open about it.  Klaus Schwab, the Dr. Evil character of the cabal, has claimed that by 2030, “You will have nothing, and you will be happy.”

Though new numbers show that the Globalist push for vaccines against their man-made ‘virus’ kill 14:1 over the disease they created to decimate mankind gives a good idea of how evil these people are.

When their cure kills 14:1 over their disease, it is clear they want us dead, so let’s move on to their other attempt to kill us–destroying the farms and people who feed humanity.

For such an anti-human proposal, the Globalist uber masters invented a complete hoax in 1968 which has been pumped into the brains of young and old ever since that we will burn to death by 2000, 2006, 2008, 2012, or 2020.

All of that was a lie.  Our distance from the sun causes the Climate to change, as Milankovitch proved long ago

I’m not sure of the latest fake death year, but water levels are the same, we’re freezing our asses off here in Europe rather than burning up, and there are 500% more polar bears than when Climate Hoax Priest, Al Gore, was in knee britches.

We will be in another Ice Age in 10,500 years and there is not a damn thing mankind has the power to affect that will change that.

Fritz Haber, invented the process of turning liquid natural gas into fertiliser almost a century ago, which defeated starvation


Today’s Malthusians such as the Marxist W.E.F. and Club of Rome cannot starve us (or switch us to food they control like bug meal and Gates’ fake meat) unless they control or can shut down all other sources.

So they claimed that nitrogen–the key to food growth–is somehow bad rather than being one of life’s most important elements.

By vilifying nitrogen with zero evidence and adding life’s most important compound, CO2 (carbon dioxide), as its co-villain, they plan to destroy food production.

For those who wish to argue that oxygen is most important to us, keep in mind that without CO2 to feed the plants, there is no oxygen for us.

Now their Satanic circle is complete.

Manmade diseases, with even more dangerous ‘cures’ to debilitate us, while claiming that it is the ‘Climate’ killing us as excuse to shut down the food that feeds us–the very definition of evil.

If we survive Klaus and Krew, then we must defeat the Satanic Islamists they’ve imported to finish us off–but not starving is first.

Then we join the Dutch in ridding ourselves of Islam.