The Conference of Warmongers (a.k.a. Munich Security Conference) is in full-swing next door in Germany, but their sole focus—other than spending billions of our money on war toys—is a dead spy.

For those who’ve never heard of Alexei Navalny—the narcissist in the picture above—he is the man Britain claimed was poisoned by Putin (in England, somehow) using Novichok, a chemical so deadly one touch kills you, but it made its way somehow into his underpants.

Sounds like an inside job to me, but it did not kill him, strangely enough.  Instead, he died in a Russian prison this week while serving a sentence for being a traitor to his country.

“Putin did it”, the High Priests and Priestesses of Globalism are screaming from their war toy bazaar in Munich.  “Let’s sanction Russia and say Russia sponsors terrorism!” 

That war cry is emanating from Josep Borrell High Commissioner of the EU, all the way to Joseph Biden, the White House resident in America with Hillary Clinton singing tenor.


This is the undercover tape of Alexei Navalny asking MI6 Officer James William Thomas Ford for $10-20 million to overthrow the Russian government in a U.S. sponsored ‘Colour Revolution’— and you’ll never guess who wrote the book on that topic.

Navalny was a traitor to his nation—recruited by then U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul I read just today—who is calling for war against Russia because his spy, Navalny, is dead.

Who killed him?  “Putin, of course!,” says his mentor McFaul on Andrea Mitchell’s show.

How do they know that?  They don’t, but who needs truth when you have a war to start!

To me, Navalny’s  death seems planned to coincide with their European arms bazaar, as his grieving widow was ready in make-up (in Munich) at the convention, with a prepared speech, just hours later. 

In other words, this looks like the CIA’s work, cleaning up loose ends, with their spy’s Missus dressed to the nines to take up where hubby left off as his replacement ‘opposition’ to Putin.  Coincidence?  Not with this crowd of Global Gangsters.

They are in a hurry to kick off their war and needed the theatre.

But let’s slow down for a minute—Color Revolution—who did write the book on that?


The guy who literally wrote the 7-step plan to foment a ‘colour revolution’ in a foreign nation, also recruited Alexei Navalny as a spy in Russia when he was ambassador.

Russia caught Navalny trying to raise “10 to 20 million” from an MI6 operative, Agent Ford, as you saw in the clip above.  The money was to be used to overthrow the Russian government on behalf of the CIA and MI6. 

But get this—Putin let Navalny go, perhaps because of this. Why keep a known operative trying to overthrow your country inside it?

So Navalny then moves to England, claims he’s poisoned—by the man who let him leave Russia—but voluntarily returns to Russia where he’s tried as a traitor and jailed.  None of this makes any sense, until you understand who he works for–the CIA and MI6.

This week, Europe is on fire—though you won’t hear that on Lamestream Media—but I’m here watching it and very happy to report that fact! 

From Spain to Czech Republic and everywhere in between, farmers and truckers are shutting things down to force the corrupt EU tyrants and their puppets running member nations to drop the Green Graft that is killing Europe.

We joined the strike today here in Warsaw, Poland and all border crossings from Ukraine are closed down by the farmers to prevent more EU dumping of grain and corn (under EU mandate!)—-which is destroying prices with inferior quality poisoned grain.

The Poles are pissed!  Not only is the corrupt EU dumping grain from Ukraine to fund their NATO war—destroying prices and Polish farmers in the process—but the grain was treated with dangerous chemicals not allowed in this nation.  They’re poisons.

It occurred to me that this may be part of the EU/WEF depopulation scheme so I’m glad the farmers are dumping and destroying it rather than doing what the Brussels bandits demand.

Meanwhile in Munich, every fibre of every NATO Globalist is screaming for a direct war with Russia because their proxy war in Ukraine is well….out of Ukrainians.


Bleeding out the U.S. Treasury and destroying America with never-ending wars is working, but it is taking too long, so former Ambassador McFaul and crew are calling for the U. S. to unilaterally steal roughly $600 billion in U.S. Treasuries owned by Russia and give that money to Zelenskyy to launder in his Oligarch war in Ukraine.

This nutso idea accomplishes several things like prolonging the war, selling billions more in war toys and giving the Uniparty in the U.S. all the money it needs to rig the 2024 election, but it also acts to destroy the source of U.S. strength abroad–its dollar.

If McFaul and his motley crew get Biden Administration fools and the Congressional idiots to approve such a thing, no other sensible nation on earth would ever buy a U.S. Treasury or finance America’s crippling debt again–ever.  Did I mention ‘ever’?

Message to the world? “All it takes is a dispute with us over anything and we’ll steal your money and give it to your enemies.”

In short, this one braindead move by Globalists whose goal is not only ‘our’ depopulation but killing my home nation, would accomplish both things in one move.

And this morning, everyone from former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan’s wife to Ambassador McFaul on Mitchell’s talking head show were all in on this immediate act of self-destruction because a Russian spy (working for them) died in a Russian prison.

As if Putin needed another excuse besides NATO surrounding Russia with missiles and building 47 illegal bioweapon labs to kill his people (and all of us in the neighbourhood as well)–that just might be the straw that merits a test drive of his new orbiting nuke.

These evil characters just told us last week they want to ‘peacefully’ kill 7 billion of us, and they’ve been tellling us how they intend to do it since 1968 (Limits to Growth, published by The Club of Rome).

Sir Alexander King and Aurelio Peccei were clear.  They would use war, disease, and a knowingly false narrative of fear they called Global Warming to scare us into being willing to die without a fight.

None of this has to be.

So wake up.  Stand up, and tell the bastards ‘No’.