Same day counting, paper ballots, monitored with cameras to prevent cheating and a valid ID equals fair elections


I knew Putin would win but expected more interference from NATO and globalists to rig the elections like they do in my home nation.

Russia uses paper ballots, same day counting and only people with a valid ID can vote–and it’s all under cameras where Marxists can’t put up walls or shut down the facilities to add fake ‘mail-in ballots’.

Americans don’t do it the Russian way so the Uniparty pols can cheat!

Out of cash and bullets, little green man meets with Chinese to beg for peace with Russia just two days before Putin’s massive win

It is painful to admit it, but Russia, holds fairer elections than the United States, and elections–especially fair ones–have consequences.


FIRST CONSEQUENCE–Without blind support from EU and US eunuchs, Ukraine starts begging for peace with Russia.

“Andriy Yermak, the chief of staff to Zelensky, met with China’s ambassador, Fan Xianrong, on Wednesday in Kyiv amid Ukraine’s efforts to organize a global peace summit aimed at ending the war with Russia.”

MEANWHILE, BACK IN THE USSA– Senate Leader, Chuck Schumer, literally screamed for $95 billion more to launder through the Ukraine/Israel war machine (to rig the 2024 election?)–but guess what happend this time? 


In his first act of actual courage, timid House Speaker, Mike Johnson did not take the bait or sneak over to The White House to make a secret Ukraine deal with the Biden regime this time–he called for a two week recess, instead!

While DEMS and Rinos scream to flush more billions down the uniparty toilet, Johnson yawns and ignores them. Good on ya Mike!


After President Putin’s massive win yesterday, Xi Xinping warned NATO that he would become directly involved on Russia’s side if U.S. or NATO troops invade Ukraine.

President Xi is pre-emptively keeping that promise in anticipation of NATO’s limitless stupidity or willingness to invade Ukraine.

It is now known that the amount of CCP military hardware and supplies already being sent to aid the Russians in Ukraine is staggering.

“North Korea has shipped roughly 7,000 containers full of munitions and other military equipment to Russia since last year, South Korea has claimed.”

Keep in mind this is just what we know China’s proxy in Pyonyang has shipped to Russia by sea in 2024, while the amount of direct military support going to Russia overland from China by rail is simply unknown.

It is prudent to assume those trainloads of LNG and coal are not coming back empty.  My guess is North Korea’s new tanks and munitions are on board. 


Just last week, Scholz (Germany), Tusk (Poland) and Macron (France) were big dogs in berlin threatening direct invasion of Ukraine to fight Russians!

That’s right. These three eunuchs met in Berlin just last week to act tough and promise troops on the ground in Ukraine, including their own soldiers in the case of Macron–who very badly needs a diversion from his manwife scandal at home.

That is the story rocking little Macron’s world–and putting all else in the shade.

This week?  Tusk, Scholz and especially Macron are hiding under their beds in fetal position and have suddenly become peaceniks.

Unable to keep Uncle Sugar Daddy funding NATO’s war in Ukraine with the House in recess–Russia and China, linking up to challenge the entire Eurasian landmass–the ankle-biters ran whimpering to Mama’s (or in the case of Macron, Papa’s) lap.

Scholz is suddenly against sending German troops or tanks to Ukraine.

Tusk is dealing with strikes at home from anti-Marxist farmers he and his EU cronies are trying to destroy just 3 before Sejm and Senat  elections (the Polish parliament).

Macron?  If you watched the clip above you see that he and the mister are having a little war of their own–while French citizens spent the weekend rioting across the nation, demanding that France exit NATO altogether.

In other words, in just one week we’ve gone from the brink of war to the brink of peace–thanks to an overwhelming win by Russian president Vladimir Putin.


Mackinder proposed that whomever rules the Eurasian landmass would have a dominant position, superpower status

The fools running NATO, the EU and The United States have now forced the world’s largest resource nation (Russia) into a hard–cum military–alliance with China, the world’s most prolific manufacturing power.

Spanning nine time zones with more raw materials and energy resources than any nation except perhaps The United States, Russia stretches across most of Mackinder’s Heartland.

Most of the rest is ruled by China–with 1.4 billion workers in their own nation–who put things together better, cheaper and faster than any in history.

Thanks to the Globalists’ stupidity (or intent to decimate the Western alliance) these two historical enemies are now partners in controlling Mackinder’s Heartland–except for the tiny rump west of Kyiv known as the European Union.

Between Russian oil, gas and coal in energy to drive their economy and every mineral and natural resource required–and the world’s miracle of assembly working in tandem, they can control any industry.

Should they decide to simply take us over, that bit from the Polish border to the coast of Portugal would fold like a cheap tent in the face of Russian-Chinese aligned forces swarming over it.

Meanwhile I suspect Biden’s military is practicing running in high heels on a base renamed in honour of criminal George Floyd instead of learning to kill.

Meet your new masters, and don’t forget who did this to you on June 6-9 in the EU elections and on November 5 in the U.S.

It was our sociopathic overlords behind the scenes in Geneva and their Marxist shills put in power to return we the masses to a modern-day form of  feudalism, that’s who did it and never forget they are the enemy.

Send these stupid bastards packing at the ballot box and put them and their power over your sovereign nations asunder.