Coming to a European city soon—if the EU fools force Russia into war—because it won’t just be Russia! Imagine one million Chinese soldiers marching from "The River Volga To The Sea"


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz may be the only man on earth less popular with his citizens than U.S. President Joe Biden—or less capable of clear thinking.

This stupid, stupid man just told the world it would be a good idea for him and other EU bandits to steal the Russian peoples’ money—and use it to arm the tyrannical Nazi regime–which has almost completely destroyed Ukraine.

“Scholz supports idea of transferring profits from Russian assets to arms for Ukraine,” according to today’s report by Tetiana Herasimova in ‘Help Ukraine News’. Their inability to think strategically is only outdone by their arrogance and short-sightedness, but this error could be fatal for all of Europe.

And what does this stupid, stupid man and his fellow EU Marxists think Vladimir Putin will do if they steal the Russian peoples’ money?


But what if this massive military build-up is not intended for China’s tiny island neighbour, Taiwan?  And what if the 70 cargo loads of missiles and weapons from China proxy, North Korea, sent to Russia just this year were not to be used against the already defeated Ukraine Nazis?

How about the unknown hundreds of cargo trains carrying coal and LNG returning from China to Russia with what?  Weaponry? Yep, it’s not rice.

Russsia has ramped up its own production of missiles and ammunition, now out-producing Europe and the U.S. combined at a time “when the West fears Russia is set for more battlefield wins.”

MOSCOW, March 21 (Reuters) – Russia’s defence minister said on Thursday that artillery shell production had risen by nearly 2.5 times in the past year, while artillery component production had soared by a factor of 22 as Moscow races to rearm faster than the West can supply Ukraine.


FACT- Europe and the U.S. have long had a plan to destroy and divide Russia.

This is not a new plan but rather one concocted by the Globalist filth that occupied the Obama/Biden regime–most of them still lingering on in the incompetent Biden junta–and even before that from Daddy Bush to the Clintons.

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the then evil but-not-yet senile Joe Biden along with Susan Rice hatched a 16 year plan in 2008 to obliterate America while moving to the Soros/Klaus Schwab/Bush New World Order–which they intended to run.

The vast resource-rich nation of Russia–covering 9 time zones–would then be carved up and given to their Masters at BlackRock/Vanguard in exchange for letting them, the New World puppets, ‘rule’ in a state of 2.0 feudalism.

All four presidents from poppy Bush–founder of the ‘New World Order’ nonsense–to the house Kenyon Obama, were in on the plan to destroy Russia and start the New World Order

If I learned of their plans as nothing more than an attentive journalist, you can bet your backside the sophisticated intel agencies of Vladimir Putin and Xi Xinping got wind of it as well.


While I assure you Beijing fully intends to have Taiwan one day, I now believe that EU stupidity has forced an alliance between China and Russia that may decide it has no choice but to subdue NATO/EU out of self defence.

Taiwan is just the shiny object–the hand waving–to keep your eye from the magician’s more subtle movements with the other.

How will this manifest itself?  I’m not sure, but for those who think China and Russia can’t afford it, think again!

They’ll just use the new Olaf Scholz/EU method of ‘steal your enemy’s cash’ and self-fund their takeover of Europe Central Bank by Central Bank as they march across the continent taking capitol cities, one by one.

Do you really think they haven’t already thought of this? 

Yes.  They’ve thought about it long and hard just waiting for the opportunity–which U.S. compromise of the bought-off Bidens and EU stupidity (stealing the Russian peoples’ money) may now make possible. For those who missed it, Joe Biden’s son Hunter was given tens of millions by China Energy in bribes–ending up in nine Biden family members’ bank accounts–and $1.5 billion to ‘manage’ at 2% per annum fee, which is another $30 million per year acting as a Biden junta retainer to allow China to flood America with soldiers.

MSM admits, “similarly, nationwide encounters with Chinese migrants – again, most of whom are young males – experienced a remarkable surge, reaching 52,700 in 2023, nearly twice the previous year’s count.” (Daily Mail, March 17, 2024)

So, while Xi’s million man army races across Europe in new tanks, the Globalists and Chinese spark their uprising in the United States to keep my home nation distracted and out of Europe’s war for the most part.

In fact, this event is now imminent if not already behind schedule as the 16 year plot sparking nuclear war this year (2024) didn’t happen for only one reason.


This left the new world order but two choices–jail him or kill him–they’ve tried both, but he’s still the most popular man in America

None of them expected for Donald Trump to crash their New World Order scheme in 2016–or to win again in 2020–which is now coming clear.

The voter fraud proven just this past week irrefutably shows the election was rigged beyond question in all of the battleground states.

On just the one issue of MAIL IN BALLOTS  (by @RealRob_N on Twitter) these numbers were verified to U.S. courts:

“And here is, the Nov 2020 bloodbath US Congress certified on J6

GA: 148,000 MAIL IN BALLOTS no signature verification done

MI: +100,000 MAIL IN BALLOT applications falsified

PA: +766,000 MAIL IN BALLOTS magically appears from nowhere

AZ: +733,000 MAIL IN BALLOTS just vanished”

Which means foreign and domestic enemies lost to Donald Trump–and they will try to steal the election again in 2024 as he is the only man alive in my opinion, who can prevent the inevitable subjugation of the Eurasian landmass.

Today, the Marxist Attorney General of New York, Letitia James, announced she’s taking Trump’s golf course and home in Westchester County on Monday in an illegal seizure, then Trump Towers in Manhattan.

No crime, no victim, no jury–showing just how much they fear him.