The bible makes it clear who occupied the territory in question, so how did nomadic desert Islamists come to claim it as theirs?


I’m just finishing re-reading the Holy Bible and there is no doubt who was promised–and settled–the piece of land now known as Israel. 

How did they do it?  By some of the bloodiest conquests in mankind’s history–at the direct instruction of God Almighty–so buckle up for the part you won’t likely hear in church.

Take for example the Jews’ first king after the judges, Saul.  You may remember that King Saul rather quickly fell out of favour with God for disobedience. His sin?  He refused to completely destroy the Amalekites down to the last woman, child and calf.

Saul’s instructions in 1 Samuel 15:3 were clear:

“Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass…”

But Saul disobeyed God, when he captured Agag king of Amalek alive: “Saul and his troops spared Agag, along with the best of the sheep and cattle, the fat calves and lambs, and the best of everything else.”

But God was not to be disobeyed so Agag was killed–along with everything else—but Saul still lost favour in god’s eyes


This is tough stuff, being ordered to slaughter every living thing–to make room for God’s own folk–and that wasn’t just a one off.  The land of milk and honey was rather well settled when the Hebrews arrived, so God had them ‘cleanse it’ and take over their existing cities, homes and herds.

The Jews were successful in defeating vast armies multiples of their size and power, with God behind them–and it was bloody.

Being a Christian, I somewhat reluctantly see this as a necessary part of what led to His Son, Jesus Christ, as full of gore and death as this story may be.

There were no choices for God in my studies other than these obstinate Jews who kept detailed written records of genealogy, were monotheistic (except for when Moses went on walk about) and detailed every one of the prophecies Jesus was destined to fulfil centuries later.

In fact, there were 48 prophecies of the Son of Man (as Daniel described Jesus) in the Jewish Torah including not only the miracles he would perform and the ass colt he would ride, but how he would die.

More importantly, the prophets also told how he would beat death and rise from the dead.

There is no way to survive a Roman crucifixion

The mathematical odds of one man fulfilling all forty-eight of these prophecies of the Old Testament is a trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion–to one. (The Case for Christ, by Lee Strobel)


No historian of this barbaric means of execution believes that a human being could survive having a spike nailed through both feet and one into each wrists to hang, as death comes not from the spikes, but from asphyxiation.

Once the body can no longer ‘stand up’, suffocation quickly occurs–even absent a Roman spear through the heart and lung as is recorded in Jesus’ case–with  two Centurions making sure He was not breathing, knowing their own execution was next (by law) if He was not dead when they took down His body.

So the question is, was the tomb empty or not? If the tomb was empty, then this was all real–and these places are holy


I don’t have an answer for that, but as a believer, I want the Jews to succeed in saving Jerusalem and the holy sites of my own faith even if they have to deal the same fate to the Muslims in Gaza as God ordered of them with the Amalekites.

That is something I would not have believed I could say, think, or feel–before I read the Muslims plan–as that is the fate they have prepared for every Jew and Christian.  They are either stopped now or they will kill ‘us’ later. For the Jew haters out there, I suggest you pick up Harry’s book, “The Story of Mohammed: Islam Unveiled,” before kicking me too hard for defending them.

Mohammed’s own words condemn him and his followers

Whether you are of a faith or not, realise why no one can have a ‘two-state solution’ with Muslims anywhere, anyhow, for very long.

Quran 5:33 demands that all Christians, Jews and Kaffir [non-believers in Islam] “should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned.”

Am I overstating where we are?  No.  The forces of evil just tried to kill us not once but twice!  A manmade virus and a more deadly ‘cure’ were forced on us and now they are destroying our food


Given a choice between the Jews holding the Holy Lands by defeating the Islamists sworn to destroy all of mankind outside their own genocidal cult, I choose the Jews.

In this final battle between Good and Evil, it’s us against them—and ‘them’ now includes not just their Muslim invaders but our own governments, educators, medical professionals, once-trusted news media and seemingly all public institutions.

And who do they serve?  The BlackRock/State Street/Vanguard cabal that owns 92% of our world is the answer—which is why the nations who created Israel are now against it.  They are once again, “ just following orders”.

They are all part of this evil cabal acting under Satanic-like forces to put mankind asunder.

If we’re unwilling to face the challenge—even to the death—then we are not worthy of winning.

What will we tell our ancestors who fought so hard for the freedoms and rights we give up so easily today when we meet them in the hereafter?

The WEF agenda is being adopted by the UK, Ireland, Canada, EU and us as I write.  they are all compromised and on Satan’s side—but we are not alone if we ask for his help. 

What will we tell our grandchildren was our excuse for giving away the rights and heritage that belonged to them?

Let’s decide to tell them instead what we did to save our civilisation and their heritage.

The time is now and the ultimate resistance is non-compliance with evil.  Think now what you will say and do when tyranny comes knocking on your door again this year.

And to end this, think what you would do if the cabal were demanding of you as a Jew that you lay down your arms and let those sworn to murder you and your family establish a beach head next door to where you live?

You’d probably want them to end like the Amalekites.  I do.