Our world's realignment began in earnest with this single photo

Russia (Putin), India (Modi), Brazil (Dilma), China (Xi) and South Africa (Ramaphosa) in unison

When I first saw this picture, the blood drained out of my face. To an American economist, it was just that shocking.

For those who tire of my home nation’s bullying and hegemony–always telling the world what to think and do–this is the moment that all that began to change.

Whether it was ever wise of America to put itself in this situation–or smart of most of our globe to accept it–is the subject of another day or perhaps a book.

But it actually happened before the final shots were fired in World War II. 

After the bankers finished taking most of the world’s wealth via war (and tens of millions of their citizens’ lives in the process) they hijacked its economy. Using the Bretton-Woods Conference, which was a coerced agreement forced upon both allies and later its enemies, the United States made its Dollar sovereign, and the world dutifully accepted this arrogant act.

Mount Washington hotel in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire was the scene of the crime, making the U.S. a world empire July 1, 1944


I can’t answer that, but war has long been a servant of the world’s richest, so it would not surprise me if the actual purpose of the blood and destruction of WW II was just this–a grand takeover of world finance to make them even richer.

Just imagine the audacity of one kid in the neighbourhood making his bottlecaps–Coca-Cola brand for example–the sole means of exchange to buy ice cream, bubble gum and the other necessities of a kid’s life.

You have your McMahon’s Soda bottlecaps as your own trading stock, for example as the Australian kid, but to buy ice cream or bubble gum, you must first buy the American bully’s Coca-Cola caps at a price he sets, because the bully has decreed that ice cream only sells in Coca-Cola caps!

Australian McMahon’s bottlecaps are of no value–and you must sell even your own oil and energy products in the bully’s coin!

That is precisely what the United States demanded and somehow cowed a war-weary world into accepting on July 1, 1944, in Bretton Woods. 

You need oil to power your nation’s industry and commerce?

First you must buy dollars at whatever price the bully demands as not only oil, but most other world trade commodities can only be bought and sold in that currency–the valueless U.S. dollar.


First imagine the impact of leaders of almost half the world’s population and economic activity fitting in a tiny room not much bigger than a phone booth, holding hands and deciding they’ve had enough of bully boy’s bottle caps!

As a proud American who loves his nation, this situation hurts me in two ways.

First of all, it’s disturbing that the feckless leaders of the past century plus, left America’s moorings as a constitutional republic that largely minded its own business and decided to try and rule the world.

Secondly, the fact that those same scoundrels turned over the reins of The United States and its massive military might to a dangerous cabal of ruthless oligarchs and plutocrat bankers to use as little more than a straw to suck the world dry is also appalling.

From that perspective, it is perhaps a good or even great thing that those reprobates are finally losing their evil grip on global trade and commerce.

Is that ‘un-American’?  No.  Trying to rule the world is un-American.

Notice anything different from the picture above? Just five grew to a sizeable block–in less than a decade.  Do you see a trend?

What this means for ‘us’–assuming the Anglo-Heritage and Euro-centric nations stick together–is an alarming reset of power, control and dynamics of world trade.

Not only are these BRICS + nations already doing deals directly, in their own currencies–and even non-currency exchanges like Bitcoin and barter (legalised in Russia just last week) — they are creating their own means of exchange – a new global currency – which will actually be worth something.

I say it that way because a Federal Reserve Note is neither ‘federal’ nor does it represent any ‘reserve’.  It’s just what you see.

It’s a piece of paper with pictures and numbers – nothing more.  It’s value today is a negative $34 trillion and growing at $1 trillion every 100 days under the mismanagement of the American Uniparty – in other words – it’s worthless.

The Federal Reserve prints these worthless notes against borrowed money.  If that makes no sense, then you understand it perfectly

This piece of paper represents debt rather than an asset and is issued by a private central bank owned by the devils who brought our globe to two world wars and is presently trying to tilt us into yet another.

At $34 trillion in debt and a failing economy, holding dollars is not a sure bet any longer as the interest alone on that debt now exceeds my home nation’s annual revenues.

The Land of the Free is not only trying to find a war right now to cover up and hide this financial truth, but also planning to use any means necessary including poxes, pandemics, false alarms and cyber-attacks to divert your attention from it.


As we predicted, Russia retaliated against the EU/US actions stealing $300 billion (Russia bought U.S. Treasuries–debt–that are now being stolen) guaranteeing Russian companies that any losses from EU/US sanctions would be satisfied using US/EU assets in Russia.

J.P. Morgan–one of the oligarchic owners of the Federal Reserve–along with Germany’s Commerzbank, were chosen first by Putin for special treatment and relieved of millions by order of a Russian court to make the point that two can play that ridiculously dangerous game.

Now think forward as to what this means for all Western aligned nations who have depended on the United States and its valueless dollar.

“A Moscow court has authorized the seizure of some 12.4 million euros ($13.34 million) of assets held in Russia by a European subsidiary of JPMorgan and Germany’s Commerzbank”

When half the world–and half its trade–stop using the federal reserve note to settle international debts, what happens to the dollar?

Those trillions of fiat dollars floating around in petro deals and international settlements are no longer needed (or used) and like an overabundance of any commodity, their value lessens and lessens until demand and supply align.

Where will it end?  Voltaire perhaps said it best:

“Fiat currency always eventually returns to its intrinsic value–zero”

Our world is in for radical changes in the year 2024. Buckle up.