Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta once worked for Ukrainian oligarchs and foreign government insiders. This is part of a situation which is brewing to be the new American election tampering scandal.

Not only that, but he was also Director of Soros-financed “Center for American Progress” designed to….well….work against American Progress.

Podesta was Soros’ liaison between Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the Chi-Com gang-migration units, foreign governments intent on helping her become President, and Catholic charities, namely Catholics United and Catholics in Alliance.

The Soros-backed operations to overwhelm America, and destabilise Western nations and alliances were linked.

The Soros-backed operations to overwhelm America, and destabilise Western nations and alliances were linked.

Soros’ boys just changed their outfits from the brown of his own Nazi youth as a collaborator in Hungary, to black for Soros-financed thugs today—real Fascists.

Concurrently, Soros bought off 40% of the EU Parliament (226 members we know about so far, thanks to internal Open Society Foundations documents) to ensure that the European Union would support his schemes for their own destruction.

When Britain began its attempt to withdraw from this madness with Brexit, Soros again funded efforts to stop it with hundreds of millions in bribes to the ‘Remainer’ faction, which has so far thwarted the will of the British people.

We have not yet uncovered Soros’ fingerprints on Australian politicians, but that will be done in due course.

The Muslim invaders of the United Kingdom and Europe are timorously known as “Asylum Seekers”, but their record is similar to those in America, and they are bringing crime into Western Civilization at an alarming rate. This almost exclusively Muslim horde violating Europe’s borders is responsible for:

  • 32 of 194 European terror plots between the start of Soros funding and 2017.
  • 182 deaths and 814 injuries in those few years.
  • They entered using ISIS exploited refugee routes, almost exclusively.
  • Of the 549 terrorist convictions in Europe between 2014 and 2017, 73% of them were these so-called ‘Asylum Seekers.’

Europe was stormed and invaded along with other nations by nefarious Soros-funded groups: [“Soros’ @Opensociety granted $430,625 to #MuslimBrotherhood-linked ENAR,” as example].

ENAR was just one of the jihadists groups receiving money from Soros. Most of it, as history has shown, was used to buy and launch thousands of boats loaded with hundreds of thousands of jihadists from Muslim Africa to flood–and destabilise—Europe.

My personal favourite is the Soros-funded NGO known as “Proactive Open Arms” which actually goes and picks up jihadist invaders from the shallow waters off the beaches of Northern Africa to save them the trouble of having to figure out how to get to Europe.

That is a little more “pro-active” than most of us who live here can stand any longer. Soros and his bought and paid for stooges in Western-allied Governments need to be stopped and replaced.

As example, I recently saw the PM of New Zealand in a Muslim headscarf in some capitulation to what she sees as the inevitable—being Sharia worldwide—where every Jew and Christian must be killed, and every woman required to live as a slave. How sad. My message, dear lady, is the opposite.

Why not preach Christian love instead, Jacinda?

Western Civilisation should not go into medieval darkness without a fight.  Toss such PMs, legislators and Presidents while you can.

Their sycophancies are leading you to but two choices—annihilation or conversion—if you are unfortunate enough to be under the feckless leaders of the EU and their incredibly deficient little brother and sister in the South Pacific, you must escape them or face death and even worse—you must give up your faith and freedom because of their lack of courage.  A dumber and less courageous group of leaders has never been born (or bought).