Legacy Media in Terminal Decline

Media moles and moguls love fiction. They tell it every day, but when selling it as ‘news’ rather than fairy tales, remember what happens.

Their noses don’t grow longer like in the children’s story about the puppet (hmmm…but that’s a good analogy), well except for Rachel Maddow—she’s getting a beak from Hell these days after 2 years of her Trump/Russia Hoax, isn’t she?

Wow! That would make it easier to spot MSM Reporters. Better than a press pass!

But it’s actually more like Aesop’s Fable about the little boy who cried “Wolf” when there wasn’t one. When a real wolf came along—nobody believed him and the little liar got his lunch eaten as a result.

And that is what is happening to CNN, MSNBC, CBS and ABC or as journalist, John Nolte wrote jokingly about their tanking ratings and layoffs:

As part of the normal course of business,” we wiped out almost an entire news division because things are going so well at CNN, so swimmingly, we are able to enjoy things that qualify as the normal course of business, such as the mass layoffs we told you two weeks ago would never happen. Lies, doublespeak, slow-walking an inconvenient truth, Friday afternoon news dumps… In every way imaginable, CNN is a political operation.

CNN Ratings Tank 34% in One Month

CNN is dying. Not fast enough, but people are tired of hearing “Wolf” when it’s their own stray goat. 

And they’ve lied about or gotten every major news story wrong for the past six years since Jeff Zucker took over.

From calling Hispanic George Zimmerman ‘The White Racist Killer’ (and not retracting it) to “Trump Can’t Win” for all of 2016; to knowingly promoting false narratives against SCOTUS nominee, Brett Kavanaugh saying he was a rapist; to the peaceful Covington, KY teenager attacked by anti-Trump thugs at a rally for  wearing a pro-trump hat (CNN is now being sued for $275 million for their knowingly false reporting on that).

The whole thing culminated in death-by-slobber over their favourite bone—two whole years of the fake Trump Russia Hoax.

Oh well, hard come, easy go. Thanks, CNN. I’m off to The Richardson Post to get me news, mates.

Real Collusion Between the Press and the Democrats

The Russian Hoax was found to be a complete fabrication invented by Obama officials in an attempted coup of President Trump, so CNN is now running on fumes. Daytime ratings are down 34% from just a year ago, and night-time prime time viewers are down 26%.

From being top dog, “CNN was only able to attract an average of 693,000 prime time viewers throughout all of last week.” Re-runs of The Muppet Show do better.

That’s why the layoffs. The Mother Ship is getting tired of buying Brian Seltzer’s doughnuts when he and the other idiots are not bringing in the dough.

According to Rev Content, “In the advertiser-coveted 25-54 age demo, CNN lost a breathtaking 43 percent of prime-time viewers and an astonishing 47 percent of total day viewers.”

And here’s why they lie.  Gina Shakespeare at Epoch Times breaks it down in detail (and is fun to watch), but in short, Ron Fournier at The Associated Press started something he called, “Accountability Journalism” back in 2008, and like most bad ideas, the Leftist in Media jumped on it like white on rice.

Journalists Who Couldn’t Lie Straight in Bed

Fournier proposed that it was no longer journalism’s job to tell the truth or be objective, but to use any tools necessary to reprogram us hairy unwashed deplorables into dependable progressive sheep. This crap is now taught as ‘journalism’ today, while actually being its antithesis.

So that’s another lesson in market economics.  When you sell ‘news’ and deliver ‘lies’ you can’t stay in business forever.

It’s like a bar selling beer and pouring you cold pee instead. It might take a gulp or two to figure it out, but once you get what’s going on it leaves a bad taste in the customer’s mouth.

The only thing keeping CNN and the gang of six alive is the fact that almost all cable packages have them on it whether you watch or not. 

Even that won’t last forever when nobody is watching.  No viewers, no advertisers—no business.

Howell Woltz

The International Centre for Justice

Warsaw, Poland