The political drama is over—except maybe for the coming indictments of Obama Administration officials in Spygate—so let’s change subjects for a moment.

Simply by cutting taxes and regulations, President Trump has the U.S. Economy steaming along with its best performance in my lifetime.

So, with top growth, lowest unemployment and all factors in record shape, Americans have turned their number-one concern to something else—healthcare—and they should, because it has been ravaged under the Progressives.

The Best Health System We Ever Had

Have you ever heard of ‘lodge practice’? Of course, you haven’t, because it worked so well that the medical cartels and professional monopolies wiped it out.

They bribed Congress to ‘get government involved’. Richardson Post readers, being smarter than most, know what happens next, but I’ll explain for the newbies to our ranks with the story of ‘Lodge Practice’.

Lodge Practice—it was the best in care at the lowest cost—so they outlawed it? Of course they did!

Fraternal Orders were not just popular in Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble’s day (The Loyal Order of Water Buffalo) but ubiquitous in early American life.

Almost every race, creed, ethnicity, and group of national origin had its own fraternal order across the young nation.

These ‘lodges’ were not only fraternal organisations where Barney and Fred went to have a beer or to help their communities in times of need; most also came with a very strong incentive to join—Lodge Practice.

For a very low fee, ranging from $1.00 in rural areas to an average of $2.00 in large cities per month, the lodge contracted with a doctor or doctors to provide full medical services not only to the lodge members but their families as well.

Doctors were basically on a salary—a fairly low one at that thanks to free market bargaining and no restriction on supply (of doctors)—and since care was paid for in full, people did not wait until they were ill to call.

Preventive care worked in the best interest of everyone and was provided under this free system, keeping Americans of all classes and races in far better health than most others the world over.

Doctors had an incentive to keep their patients healthy rather than treating illness when it was too late (and much more time consuming). American healthcare was ranked as the best and the least expensive in the world—until government intervened. A familiar story, eh?

A Monopoly is Born

It started on May 7th, 1847. The AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION (AMA) was founded (according to themselves) ….as a response to the growing demands for reforms in medical education and practice.”

The ‘growing demands’ were from doctors wanting more money for what they did. The ‘reforms’ were to put control of the profession under a monopoly to bid up costs.

They also wanted to limit entry through licensing (by the monopoly), and limit what could and could not be taught as ‘medicine’ including by whom and where.

The founding of the AMA. Hmm….Hope that one standing over them wasn’t a patient!Within decades the monopoly began black-balling doctors who did not join and support its agenda. In 1904, as example, the Pennsylvania Medical Journal argued that the “club doctor [Lodge practitioner] must be shut out of the profession.”

Fraternal orders had a great incentive to assure that their doctors were the best—and did so—making the AMA’s self-serving claims ludicrous as their lodge doctors held the same government licenses.

In spite of the facts, Congress granted this private professional organisation—the American Medical Association—a monopoly over the practice of medicine in exchange for their support of its so-called ‘Progressive’ agenda.

As David Beito tells in his book, Medicine – From Mutual Aid to the Welfare State, “there was a fantastic degree of experimentation and differentiation of the medical services provided across different fraternities as well as outside of them.”

Because of this, individuals were able to sample medical choices as consumers, figuring out where and when to patronise various doctors to suit their differing needs [this was perhaps the most innovative period in American history].

Of course, for those folks interested in cartelising medicine and in stifling innovation in the delivery of basic services, this could not stand.”

The Scam Goes National

The blacklisting went national in 1914 when the Journal of the American Medical Association proudly confirmed, “there is scarcely a city in this country in which medical societies have not issued edicts against members who accept contracts for lodge practice.”

Even hospitals, which were owned by the Church, were forced to succumb to this prohibition and began refusing to allow lodge doctors—though equally qualified and licensed—to operate in their facilities.

“Well that was fun.” Can’t beat ‘em, Blacklist ‘em.

By the end of the 1920s, Congress outlawed this once-free profession in response to some carefully placed bribes, though there was no explanation given as to how this intrusion by government into medicine was in the public interest. History proves it was not.

Within two years, the cost of healthcare doubled, while ‘preventive’ medicine died as a result, making Americans less healthy.

Paying Off Congress

Not satisfied with destroying Lodge practice, the AMA was soon back with bigger bucks to buy Congress and accomplished the entire takeover of American medicine.

The monopoly was granted full licensing authority like a mandatory union shop, which was immediately used to limit entry into the profession to further and artificially bid up the price of medical services.

Pretty bad, huh, but it gets worse. They not only wanted to limit entry if you recall, but to control who, what, and where ‘medicine’ was taught—the monopoly Nirvana they sought since 1847.

They had the whole enchilada by 1933 in exchange for throwing in with the “Progressive” racist Democrats.

Before this heist of healthcare in America, there were several thriving Black medical schools producing good doctors filling the needs of their communities.

They were also building a strong middle class of these professionals in the process—but “Jim Crow” Democrats did not want that either.

Every Black university and college lost its credentials to teach medicine, as did their professors.

Banned from entry into most white universities by the Democrats’ “Jim Crow” laws, there would be almost no Black American physicians for thirty years, thanks to so-called ‘Progressives’—the most racist faction in modern history.

Skyrocketing Medical Costs

With the supply of doctors limited, and roughly 100 million new Americans being born or immigrating over the next five decades—two things happened—the cost of medical care skyrocketed, while quality and supply of care dwindled.

The principle of supply and demand works in everything. Supply of doctors goes down; prices for their services go up, and quality of care is reduced. America is now 34th in healthcare and life expectancy, at double the cost.

When the U.S. Government again intervened in 1964 with more federal give- away programs (Medicare and Medicaid), costs went up the wall like a rocket ship and never looked back. Time to bring the rocket back to Earth.

Native American Dr. Lewis Mehle-Madrona, MD, PhD, had seen enough by the 1990s, and wrote a block-buster exposing the scam of ‘modern medicine’ in Coyote Medicine.

He showed how the AMA aggressively criminalised and shut down any alternative methods and time-honoured healing practices except their own narrow view using surgery and drugs.

They limited the number of new practitioners to just 16,000 per year, which was less than needed to cover attrition through death and retirement.

The Peterson-Kaiser Healthcare Tracker recently reported that “Despite having fewer office visits and shorter average hospital stays, the U.S. overall spends twice as much per person on healthcare than do comparable countries.”

And as U.S. President Reagan once said, “The nine most frightening words in the English language are—‘I’m from the Government and I’m here to help’.”
And he was right, on any continent, in any country.

If Obamacare was so great, Barry, why did you and Congress opt out of it, and leave us and the vets in the crapper?

The Bottom Line

Before Government intervention less than a century ago, America had the very best healthcare in the world at the lowest cost, without peer or exception.

Government intervened first in 1929 and costs doubled. Twice, thrice and ulimately with Obamacare, and Americans now pay double the price of any peer nation, while 34th place in terms of quality of care and life expectancy.

Great success story, eh, and these fools say that we need more government to fix it? Yeah. Great idea, Sparky. More poison always helps.

But there is a quick and easy fix

Governments can only break things and kill people—they can’t ‘fix’ anything or heal them. It’s us who fix things and we do very well at it until they get in our way or send us off to war, which they also do quite well.

So here’s the start—get them as far out of healthcare as possible and it will work better and cheaper with the added benefit of a plethora of new ideas springing forth organically.

For those who truly cannot afford assistance, each community must come up with a solution agreed to by those who fund it. Making any idea a ‘national’ mandate or one-size fits-all solution is stupid and counterproductive—as my own home nation has proven.

Here’s exactly what to do

  1. Eliminate professional monopolies—in this case, the one held by the American Medical Association—ending any legal control they have over the profession itself, the licensing of its practitioners, or what can be taught.
    That is for each medical school to decide, and they should be freed to do so, and then the students choose the school, letting society have options as well.
  2. Have a basic government medical exam that qualifies anyone who can pass it to practice medicine. Beyond basic licensing at a minimal level, further training in specific fields should be up to the universities to determine, not government—and that should be the end of its involvement on the education side.
    If I am certified as having been trained by a medical school in a specialty, say, to be proficient in brain surgery, then get out of my way.
    It’s between me and my patients from there on, and if I prove incapable, I’ll be out of business quite soon, which rarely happens under the present system.
    Shortage of doctors? Problem solved in shorter time than it takes for a veteran to see a government doctor, and prices for everyone, go down almost overnight.
  3. Eliminate any restrictions on who and how healthcare bargaining occurs. Return to the free market where Fred and Barney can bargain with Dr. Stonebender to service The Loyal Order of Water Buffalo.
    Alternatively, Mr. Slate can make a deal for the Quarry where they work—or any other entity for that matter that wants to bargain for healthcare.
    Let the people and the doctors negotiate a contract for healthcare that suits their needs and that of their families. Free the market. It worked before and it will again.
  4. Free people to find out what works for them. Maybe acupuncture is what I need—or perhaps a kale colonic—but it’s for me to decide, not Government.
    Rarely do we really need ‘modern medicine’ in the pill and knife form. Sometimes it’s lifesaving, but I’ve found that often, It’s a scam.
    We should be free to choose for ourselves and get Government the hell out of the way so we can do it.
    Not so sure about that kale colonic actually, but I’m very sure that Government should have no part in my decision of what I put and where I put it.

One thing’s for sure—history has proven that letting lawfakers and bureaucrooks involve themselves in the healthcare system is the poison that made it sick. We darn sure don’t need any more of it.

Howell W. Woltz
The International Centre for Justice
Warsaw, Poland

NOTE to our beloved readers from Down Under: Congratulations and many thanks to you, the readers of The Richardson Post, for letting the Leftists trying to destroy your nation know that you will not go quietly into the night. Amazing victory—and hopefully—just the start of Western Civilisation’s ‘Spring’. The EU is next!