Muslim migrants repay the French for their tolerance and inclusion

To hear his friends tell it, and of course his mother, Nahel Merzouk, the 17-year-old Algerian-French young man who was shot by the police, was a splendid fellow, never in any trouble, so why did the police have to go and do what they did? But it turns out that, having nearly run over a bicyclist and a pedestrian, Nahel was finally forced to stop by two police officers. As one of them leaned over to talk to him, his pistol aimed downward into the car, Nahel suddenly accelerated the car with that policeman still leaning into, but not in it. As the car’s sudden movement forward knocked the officer off-kilter, in a split-second attempt to halt the driver, the policeman shot at what he thought was Nahel’s leg, which was where his gun had been pointed. But it no longer was, and the bullet instead hit Nahel’s chest.

The maghrébins all over France went on the rampage. Frenzied mobs in Paris, Marseille, and Bordeaux and hundreds of other cities and towns, pillaged and destroyed stores, choosing judiciously to hit the luxury-goods emporia on the rue de Rivoli, as well as Apple stores, the famed department store La Samaritaine, and high-end sneakers stores, making off everywhere with armfuls of loot. In one southern city, the Swarovski store was emptied, with everything smashed or stolen. So, too, was the optician’s store on the same block, where thousands of pairs of glasses were taken or destroyed, and next to it, a computer-and-phone store emptied of everything. And so on, store after store, destroyed and its merchandise stolen or smashed, all to express “the rage” of young Muslims over the death of the “angelic” Nahel Merzouk. By Sunday, Muslim mobs have torched many thousands of cars, and hundreds of buses all over the country. They tried to burn down the largest library in Marseille, the Alcazar, and as they did in so many other places, those mobs shouted “Allahu akbar.”

Are the French police too aggressive with drivers during traffic stops? Hardly. In the three years since 2020, there have been 21 fatalities among drivers. That comes to seven drivers a year who are shot. In the U.S., in the five years between 2017 and the beginning of 2022, there were a total of 600 fatalities, or 120 a year. 120 a year in the U.S., 7 a year in France.

There are now 45,000 police on the streets of France.

“French Riots Begin to Abate Even as Economic Costs Mount,” by Tara Patel, Bloomberg, July 2, 2023:

The economic costs of the unrest are also mounting. On July 1, Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said some 10 shopping malls, more than 200 supermarkets, 250 tobacco shops and 250 bank outlets had been attacked or looted in just the previous night. When this is all over, the total damage will be much much higher — thousands of shops have been destroyed.

All types of businesses have been targeted, especially those with valuable merchandise,” Jean-Luc Chauvin, head of the Chamber of Commerce of Aix Marseille Provence, told France Info. A first estimate by insurers put damages at more than €100 million ($109 million), a number that will undoubtedly rise, he said.

“French riots: French-Algerian teenager killed by police was ‘no angel,’ while those who protested migrant rape and murder of 12-year-old Lola were branded ‘racist’ and ‘fascist,’ says Éric Zemmour,” by John Cody, Remix News, June 30, 2023:

Many media reports are excusing the mass riots that are destroying France over the last three days due to “rage” over the police shooting that killed a 17-year-old teen. However, that same media labeled those who protested the rape and murder of 12-year-old schoolgirl Lola by an Algerian migrant in 2022 as “fascists” and “racists,” according to Reconquête party leader Éric Zemmour.

Do you remember Lola? She was the 12-year-old French girl, raped, then killed and dismembered – so that her body would fit into a suitcase — by her Algerian assailant. There were quiet marches to protest her death, and to protest the fact that her killer had managed to remain in France long after he had received an order of deportation. Those who marched, in order to remember the victim, and to protest this intolerable state of affairs where those ordered to be deported nonetheless remain in the country, were attacked by some for being “Islamophobes” and “racists.” Apparently protesting against Muslim criminals – and there are tens of thousands of these in France – makes one a “racist.”

Zemmour said on France 1, a television talk show:

“The death of a young man is always sad, no matter what. But he was not ‘an angel,’ as Kylian Mbappé says. At the age of 17, he already had a very extensive criminal record. On the other hand, when you demonstrate calmly for a child who has been cut into pieces by an Algerian in an irregular situation, little Lola, you are called ‘rebellious,’ ‘fascists’ and ‘racists,’” said Zemmour during an appearance on Europe 1 television station.

As Remix News reported yesterday, the 17-year-old French-Algerian Nahel M., who was shot and killed during a traffic stop, had 15 offenses on his criminal record, including resisting arrest, narcotics offenses, and driving violations, including driving with a fake license plate. On the day he was stopped by police, he also reportedly almost hit a cyclist and pedestrian.

Many media reports have been silent about Nahel M.’s criminal history, with instead many alluding that his shooting was based on “racism.”

Media outlets outside France, their needle stuck at “racism,” with all sorts of idiotic invocations of Black Lives Matter, have said very little about Nahel Merzouk’s extensive criminal record. It would only get in the way of properly understanding Nahel’s death as the act of a “French racist” policeman killing an innocent young Arab. And of course, the only way to protest against “racism” is to burn down buildings, set thousands of cars on fire, steal iPhones, computers, and Swarovski crystal.

The officer in question is a greatly respected police officer, several times honored for his bravery. No matter. He is French, Nahel was Arab. Therefore he was the “racist” and Nahel a little angel. The President of the Republic, who ought to have said that the judiciary will examine the conduct of the policeman, instead condemned him in advance, calling the policeman’s action “inexplicable” and “unforgivable.” The Prime Minister, Elizabeth Borne, and the Minister of Security, Gerald Darmanin, also issued statements condemning the policeman – whatever happened to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty? — in their craven attempt to quell the Muslim mobs.

Of course, the UN human rights office took time off from bashing Israel to express its “concern,” but that concern was not about the mobs attacking and destroying stores, often after emptying them of their contents, not about the attacks on shopping malls and medical buildings, the pillage, the looting, the vandalism, not about libraries sacked or set on fire, not the attempts to murder people.

No, what the UN human rights office was concerned about was not this countrywide mayhem, the pillaging, the mass thefts, the antisemitic scrawls, the burning of automobiles and buses, the attempted murder of a mayor. The UN office was, as France 24 pointed out, “concerned” about police racism following the shooting.

“This is a moment for the country to seriously address the deep issues of racism and racial discrimination in law enforcement,” spokesperson Ravina Shamdasani said.

There is no racism or racial discrimination by the French in France. There is instead, a deep and abiding hatred directed at France and the French by the Muslim Arabs. It is anti-French racism. The French are now faced with this orgy of hate from those on whom the French state has spent tens of billions of euros, more per capita than it has on any other immigrant group, and far more than the state pays to support the “diagonale du vide” — the people of rural France.

Fortunately, the French government at once, and angrily, rejected this UN attempt to start to lecture Paris on its non-existent “racism” and to side with the rampaging Muslim mobs. Now France can perhaps begin to understand how Israel feels when the UN, that most antisemitic and anti-Western of international bodies, decides to denounce it.

Remix News continued:

In contrast, when 12-year-old Lola was raped and killed by an Algerian migrant already scheduled for deportation, the same media went into damage control mode, claiming migrants were “threatened” by growing anger over the issue. Those who marched in Lola’s honor were branded as racist and fascist, even though they conducted peaceful demonstrations and did not resort to widespread looting and violence.

Because Lola’s rapist and murderer was an Algerian, those who expressed sympathy for her had to be dismissed as “racists.”

As Remix News reported in 2022, even memorials to the murdered schoolgirl were torn down, while Nahel Merzouk., a known criminal, is being lionized by migrant communities across France.

Zemmour also points to similar riots that took place in 2005, but he says these are far worse than that year.

“These riots are much more serious than those of 2005. Why? Because at the time we used 10,000 to 12,000 police officers, today we are at 40,000 [now 45,000]. And clearly that is not enough Because today all of France is affected and not just the suburbs [where most Muslim migrants live]. Small towns are also affected because for 20 years immigrants have been distributed there,” wrote Zemmour on Twitter.

Damien Rieu, who is a politician for Zemmour’s party, has been regularly posting footage of the ongoing riots and covering them in detail. However, last night he wrote that the scale of the riots is overwhelming.

“This is the first time in 15 years of watching the news that I can no longer follow at all because there are so many riots. If the night does not end in tragedy, it will be a miracle,” he wrote on Twitter.

There is now talk of a state of emergency being called in France, with French President Emmanuel Macron reportedly deciding against it up until now.

However, politicians are questioning whether France even has the means to enforce a state of emergency, as 40,000 [now 45,000] police officers have so far failed to quell the disorder.

It has now been five days since the riots started in Paris and Marseille, and now they are all over France. Even the 40,000 extra police and gendarmes on the streets have been unable to quell the rioters.

“The collapse of the country comes to light. Do we even have the means to enforce a state of emergency? Committed to the front line, our police forces will not be able to compensate for the generalized political bankruptcy forever,” wrote Les Republicans MP Aurélien Pradié on Twitter.

Over 850 [that figure has now risen to close to 3000] arrests have been made and dozens [now more than 280] of police officers injured during the riots that have spread from Paris to Lille, Marseilles, Lyon and Toulouse.

So what do we know now, after six days of Muslim riots:

First, that France needs more police on the streets at all times, and ought to be willing to call out the army to deal with what is a mass uprising of people hellbent on theft, vandalism, arson, and worse.

Second, this was not about protesting “racism” – there were no solemn marches or protests. Instead, there was only mayhem, one vast orgy of theft and vandalism by frenzied mobs. What fun to set many thousands of cars on fire, and then to do the same to buses and apartment houses and doctors’ offices and supermarkets and shops, after taking everything of value. And at the same time, all those Muslim Arabs who were engaged in this stealing, with smash-and-grab attacks on stores, making off with armfuls of expensive goods, have presented themselves as virtuously protesting against “racism.” It’s complete nonsense. These are criminals. This supposed “outrage” is their excuse. They are well-provided for by a crazily generous state. But they want more. And they want the Infidels to have less.

There are lots of claims being made about how France must spend more to make Muslims feel welcome. But government figures show that more is spent per capita on the Muslims than on any other group. No other immigrants – not the Chinese, not the black Christians from Africa and the Caribbean, not Hindus from India, have received the kind of largesse of every kind that is lavished on the Muslims. But these others do not riot.

Some lecture or hector the French and call for greater “integration.” What are they talking about? Every third government office seems to be about programs encouraging “integration.” How do you integrate people who despise you, whose holy book tells them that the French are, like all Infidels, “the most vile of created beings”? Maghrébins do not come to France to become French. They come to live off the what the French state provides, supplemented what they can obtain through crime. Muslims are less than 10% of the population in France, but comprise 70% of the prison population.

Eventually, the Muslim mobs will have hauled away enough loot to feel temporarily sated, and the riots will stop, though only until the next excuse comes along, something to “spark” an “explosion of anger.” That could be a verdict in favor of the officer, or a prison sentence that Muslims deem insufficient. In an interview with French television, the police officer’s lawyer, Laurent-Franck Lienard, said his client had aimed at the driver’s leg but was bumped when the car took off, causing him to shoot towards his chest. “Obviously (the officer) didn’t want to kill the driver,” he said according to the report.

Can the officer get a fair trial? Not in much of the media, but possibly in a French court. Already a crowdfunding effort has raised nearly $700,000 for the officer’s defense. Let us hope.

This article was first published in FrontPage Magazine