Donald Trump is still the most popular politician in America.  Despite the best efforts of a Deep State–supporting, fake news–peddling, globalist-puppeteering Axis of Evil dedicated to his disposal, President Trump still stands.  That any man could be so continuously pummeled by the corrupt efforts of America’s criminal (in)justice system, sociopathic officeholders, shady spies for hire, and propaganda-spewing press and yet rise with such vim and vigor is a sight to see!  Courage and resilience in the face of unrelenting torment and scorn tend to galvanize those witnessing the bloody spectacle to the sufferer’s cause.  

To remain undefeated while the torturers’ whipping arms become weak and weary inspires legions to remain undefeated, too.  How do great and powerful systems come toppling down?  When one man stands fearlessly before the rot and rancidness with a giant mirror and says, “Look at what you’ve become.”  

Obama’s RINO friend Paul Ryan made a bit of news this last week by confidently predicting that Donald Trump would not be the Republicans’ 2024 presidential nominee.  The former do-nothing speaker of the House finds it preposterous that primary voters would choose Trump over so many more attractive candidates unburdened by his personal baggage, as if that were not the exact same argument Establishment Saboteurs made against him in 2016.  

As Yogi Berra would say, “it’s déjà vu all over again.”  To the unending surprise of a great number of card-carrying RINO-crats, neither Jeb Bush nor any of the other “approved” globalists running in 2016’s All-Star class of candidates sailed to victory.  Far from enjoying the presidential perks of a second term today, Ol’ Jeb is right now tossing bread crumbs into a pond of mallard ducks, sadly asking just one to “please, quack.”

President Trump won fifteen million more votes in 2020 than any other Republican candidate in history and did so with the greatest support from black and Hispanic Americans in sixty years.  He has reconstituted the old and irrelevant Republican Party into something new and exciting that directly appeals to workers, parents, the religious faithful, and patriotic Americans of every color and creed.  He is the standard-bearer of an imaginative and daring path forward for America in the twenty-first century.  

Wherever he goes today, thousands line up for hours to hear him speak.  He is the single most important endorsement in the 2022 midterm election cycle.  He leads every poll pitting him in a hypothetical matchup against the decrepit Manchurian candidate currently installed in the White House.  For Americans who want to see him complete what he already began and for those who demand justice for the tainted, fraud-filled 2020 election, he is the only choice who will do in 2024.  Yet, having “learned nothing and forgotten nothing,” Paul Ryan and his dodo flock of extinct, flightless birds still haven’t got a clue.

Trump embarrasses the “elites” who have wretchedly constructed our very un-American “ruling class.”  When backstabbing Ryan, Mittens Romney, McTurtle, Sassy-pants, or any of the other NeverTrump Chumps speaks of the “Great MAGA King,” every one of them does so with a derision rolling off his tongues that says, “How could anybody support this bourgeois philistine?  He’s just so gauche and unrefined and barely housebroken!”

There was a short minute when I used to mistake this haughty, upper-class demeanor for pure snobbery, until I considered some of the RINOs’ favorite bedfellows.  Bill Clinton has been credibly accused of rape and tarnished the Oval Office with his vertigo-inducing philandering.  Hillary absconded in the middle of the night with the White House china, paintings, and other historic antiques.  

Joe Biden can’t keep from sniffing little girls.  Barack Obama’s unfamiliarity with basic American history is so calamitous that he pronounces the p in “corpsman,” once bragged about having visited all “57 states,” and claimed repeatedly yet preposterously that Islam is “woven into the fabric” of the United States’ founding.  Yet George W. Bush considers Bill and Hillary kin, claims Michelle Obama (whose husband used “W” as a scapegoat for eight years) as his best friend, and has never seemed squeamish around pedophile-ishJustice Thomas–lynching, inveterate liar Uncle Joe.

No, Donald Trump doesn’t embarrass the “elites” because they perceive him as tacky or unrefined.  Their distress has nothing to do with his fondness for gold-plated furnishings, long red ties, or big buildings adorned with his name.  They do not care that he is loud and boisterous, down-to-earth, or salty with his language.  President Trump humiliates them by simply refusing to bend the knee.  And he terrifies them by choosing to stand taller when they wish him to fall for good.

For decades, the Uniparty Establishment that quietly conquered America by occupying D.C. insisted that all of America’s problems were too complex to remedy.  Tens of millions of illegal aliens rampaging through the southern border?  America’s blue-collar workforce left desolate after international “free” trade “deals” hollowed out manufacturing towns across the country?  

An insidiously creeping totalitarianism wafting over the land in the guises of “political correctness” and other obscene, destructive Marxist claptrap used to whittle down free speech and incinerate family, civic, and religious institutions?  A rising China gaining dominance at Americans’ expense?  The Establishment “Elite” looked around and said, “Sorry, America, there’s just nothing we can do.  It’s best you accept the inevitable and maybe hurry up and die.”

Donald Trump looked around and said, “What are you doing?  Are you crazy?”  You can’t have a nation without borders, and you can’t claim to be a superpower if those borders aren’t controlled.  You can’t possibly have America’s national security at heart if all of the nation’s hydrocarbon energy and manufactured goods come from overseas powers often hostile to the United States.  

You can’t possibly claim to want all Americans to do well, if you are committed to stealing their jobs and handing them to our geopolitical foes.  You can’t possibly wish for Americans to prosper if you dumb down their public education and replace it with race-baiting gobbledygook and gender-bending nonsense.  You can’t possibly defend Americans from harm when you let China and other narco-terrorist States flood our streets with fentanyl.  

You can’t possibly keep innocent Americans safe by releasing criminals and handcuffing police.  You can’t possibly wish for international peace if you’re constantly engaging in endless, questionable wars.  You can’t possibly expect American success over the next century without energy independence, sound money, and an end to Washington quid pro quo money-laundering and boondoggle spending.

Because no secret puppeteer operating from the shadows owns him, Donald Trump spoke clearly and honestly, and Americans, hearing the truth for the first time in years, liked what he had to say.  What is more, even while being endlessly hounded in office, Trump proved that borders could be protected, Main Street could prosper, America could become energy independent, and that peace could be achieved through the projection of Americans’ collective economic strength.  Lower crime, lower illegal immigration, greater middle-class wealth, and relative global peace proved that Trump is right and that the “elites” are hopelessly wrong.

One reason I like Trump is because I despise his enemies, and one reason I despise Biden is because he’s in love with our enemies.  You cannot serve effectively as an American president if you hate Americans.  You cannot fight the growing threat of American communism with milquetoast Mcconnellism as your broken sword.  You cannot be polite and quiet and hope to beat back the Marxist hoards already despoiling America from within the gates and bloodying Americans with nasty blows.  You have to fight back hard.

President Trump embarrasses the “elites” precisely because he is willing to expose them for who they really are.

This article was first published in American Thinker