What’s the point of an Indigenous Voice to Parliament when Parliament won’t even listen to the Indigenous voices it has?

Why do we have to keep going on and on, explaining to a white fella from Marrickville that Indigenous Australians don’t need ANOTHER Indigenous voice in parliament, we need you to listen to the voices Australians have already sent there.

It’s clear though, Albo doesn’t want to hear the voices of Indigenous people, he wants to hear the voice of his own Indigenous mates.

He only wants to hear the voices of people with one hand patting him on the back and the other stretched out for cash.

If he wanted to do something to ACTUALLY HELP vulnerable Indigenous people, he wouldn’t create more bloody bureaucracy filled with the voices of inner-city lefties.  

He wouldn’t pitch an ill-defined and divisive constitutional change.

He wouldn’t put up a “simple” question in bad faith.

He may as well be asking, “are you going to let me do what I want or are you a racist?”


He wants more government control and some social credits for all his “hard work” giving Indigenous people a voice.

We don’t need you to GIVE us a voice mate, we HAVE a voice.

Many Australians of ALL backgrounds have worked hard WITH Indigenous people to help improve lives, to give a good education, to help create jobs and livelihoods that reduce dependence and help ALL Australians stand on their own two feet.

We have our own voices – you’re just not listening to them.

The Australian people, without any mandate, already elected ELEVEN Indigenous voices to parliament.  


Albo – put your Akubra back on the hat rack, pull your finger out and get on with addressing the REAL problems.

Address the cost of living, address the energy crisis, get to work fixing the problems of homelessness, alcoholism, domestic violence, drug addiction and fatherlessness that ACTUALLY hurt Australians.

Don’t waste all of our time virtue signalling your way into guest spots on TV game shows.

Man up. Listen to our voices. Get to work.

Yours for REAL solutions,
Jacinta Nampijinpa Price
Senator for the Northern Territory