Dear Friend

Another week, another list as long as your arm of misinformation and deception from the ‘yes’ campaign.

But the closer we get to referendum day, the harder it is for them to hide behind the lie that this is just a “modest request”.

Albo has promised a package deal, and the divisive Voice is just the first stage.

Next come the treaties.

On Monday, news broke that already each of the treaties planned by state governments will cost you, the taxpayer, hundreds of millions of dollars.

The national treaty foisted on us by the Voice will be on a massive scale and cost billions.

Are they being up-front about that? Of course not.

Voice architect Tom Calma said the focus of Australians should “remain on the Voice”.

“Let’s get the referendum out of the way then focus on agreement making,” he told The Australian1.

And these people have the bare-faced audacity to accuse you and me of misinformation!

Take a look at the “debunking” of our arguments from Thomas Mayo, a member of Albo’s referendum group and a long-time Union and Labor Party activist2.

According to Mayo, it’s a “myth” that Indigenous people already have a Voice because there are 11 Indigenous members of Federal Parliament – including me!

Mayo reckons that doesn’t count because we represent electorates of all Australians and not Indigenous people specifically.

To state the obvious: that’s how democracy works, mate!

But our argument isn’t just about 11 Indigenous MPs, it’s also about the 300 other Indigenous representative bodies.

It’s about the National Indigenous Australians Agency which says it exists “to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have a say in the decisions that affect them”.

It’s about the so-called Coalition of Peaks, which signed the COAG Closing the Gap agreement in 2019 as is “made up of over 80 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community-controlled peak and member organisations across Australia”.

Many of those are elected by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

They don’t count, according to Mayo, who conveniently doesn’t mention them.

He reckons the Voice isn’t dividing Indigenous people, because most of them support it (according to their polling).

Oh really? So I don’t count? So the hundreds of thousands of Indigenous Australians who oppose the divisive Voice don’t count?

So the families who walked out of the Uluru convention don’t count?
The Aboriginal Australians in remote communities who oppose the divisive Voice or who can’t be polled and don’t really know about the Voice don’t count?

This is why the Voice is so divisive and dangerous.

And it’s not divisive to point this out. It’s just a fact.

Mayo, in an effort to debunk ‘myths’, legitimises every criticism I have of the Voice.

It’s divisive, it’s dangerous, it’s a threat to our system of Government.

The pro-Voice activists know that’s the whole reason for the Voice.

And they’re determined to hide it from you.

Yours in unity,
Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price
on behalf of FAIR AUSTRALIA

1 The Australian, ‘Treaty settlements could cost hundreds of millions and depend on size of massacres’, May 15, 2023.
2 Kalgoorlie Miner, ‘Voice myths debunked: Thomas Mayo’, May 13, 2023.

We’ve been saying since day one the divisive Voice is a package deal and today we got proof.

On Friday, submissions to the Parliament’s Inquiry into the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice Referendum closed and there were some bombshells that show what a bad idea the divisive Voice is for our country.


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