The Australian political landscape certainly would be a “Duopoly” if the Labor Party and the Liberals were to earnestly preference each other against all contenders. 

A duopoly does exist in the guarding of the Electoral Funding taxpayer rip-off rort.  

Together the Libs and Labs jailed Pauline Hanson because of the 1.1 million votes she received which resulted in around $6m being not shared by Lab and Lib as she took the votes from them. 

Lib and Lab don’t want Minor Parties obtaining large numbers of Primary votes which is why it’s very difficult for new Parties to obtain Electoral Commission authorisation.

It is also the major reason why there has never been a public education of the fabulous advantage of COMPULSORY PREFERENTIAL VOTING for the realisation of Majority View Democracy. 

The real disadvantages of First Past the Post and Optional Preference Voting have never been publicly broadcast for the same reason.

When thinking people embrace the many advantages of COMPULSORY PREFERENTIAL VOTING then Minor Parties’ share of the Primary vote would significantly increase.

The Libs and Labs never want this to happen because of the potential loss of income from Electoral Funding which is why there has never been a voting education programme. 

The hypocrisy of public funding is displayed by the rule that a candidate receiving less than 4% of the vote receives zero public funding, a totally unfair burden on small parties and independents.

A further serious disadvantage of Electoral Funding is that Parties are campaigning for money for themselves instead of what is best for the State or the Nation. 

Another serious downside is the natural greed of all involved to hunt this Electoral Funding for themselves.  

Everyone involved in Politics at any level has encountered Candidates who incredibly and confidently predict that they are going to win and close examination sees the cash register going off in their eyes. 

The other aspect is Governments banning donations from certain sectors, except for Unions. 

Unions fund Labor for Labor to rub out Small Businesses and Self Employed Employers because Small Biz employees don’t join a Union whilst Bunnings Employees do. 

Property Developers want to donate to less Socialist Parties as they are in the business of selling Land Title Deeds and want a vibrant prosperous enterprise society with young people working and creating wealth to buy a Land Title Deed. 

Social Housing does virtually zip for The Home Improvement/ Renovation Industry, for the Insurance Industry, for the Finance Industry, for Landscaping, Sauna, Spa and Swimming Pool Industries.

Social Housing (Housing Commission) does not motivate people into developing a work ethic and developing a goal setting capacity which is necessary for people determined to buy a Land Title Deed for their own home. 

A worthwhile Minor Party would adopt a Policy of abolishing Electoral Funding and educating the public on the profound excellence of Compulsory Preferential Voting. 

Continued in Value your vote Part 3

James Darby is the son of the Late Douglas Darby, who was MLA for Manly for over 3 Decades. At age two was hospitalised with Polio for three years. From age 7 he remembers meeting escapees from Stalin's Soviet Union as his Father was also the President of The Captive Nations Council. He has despised all forms of Socialism ever since. At age 16 being medically exempt from the Army James gave an oath to defend Australia from Socialist activity in Australia. He has worked as a Sheep Farmer and Hay Baling Contractor before selling Real Estate, Life Insurance and Cars whilst always backrooming at Election Times. At 27 he became Self Employed as Matchmaker and Courtship Coach for 40 yrs.