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Countless millions of people have been killed by Socialist Despots. In recent times West Papuans have been murdered by Indonesian Islamics who were funded by Liberal and Labor Australian Governments.

Venezuela has descended from a wealthy country, swimming in oil, to starvation and now South Africa is plunging into Venezuelan chaos. 

Afghanistan is descending into barbaric Sharia totalitarianism. 

Australians must keep their Nation safe and secure, so that it does not descend into a Socialist Hell Hole like those mentioned above. 

There are 270 million Muslims in Indonesia and they have 400 Battalions. Australia has 4.

Fortunately, Australia is highly defensible – if we have the will, and the leadership, to do it.

I was once asked, “Should the LDP identity itself as Libertarian by preferencing, in principle, Greens Last, Labor 2nd Last and Liberals 3rd Last”?

My answer is YES. This question would require little consideration if people did not want to hide behind their misconceptions of the profound meaning of a word.

The Opposite of Liberty is Slavery. A Parent is the natural guardian of their children, not the State (a Government). A child under the guardianship of their parents is not a slave.

A parent under orders from a government as to how to raise their child is a slave. 

Totalitarianism, Socialism and Islam have consistently treated slavery as a just cause and reasonable punishment for dissenters. 

Stalin murdered up to 10 million of his Ukrainian slaves in the Holodomor of 1932-33 for dissenting, and transplanted millions of Russian conforming slaves into the Ukraine to replace the Ukrainian skeletons.

Slavery remains a ghastly phenomenon worldwide with slaves possibly more numerous today than at any previous time in human history.

Australia should lead a renewed William Wilberforce campaign to abolish slavery. 

Be in no doubt that a successful invasion of Australia will enslave the surviving Australians.

A Capitalist is an owning individual who bears the responsibility for the moral and ethical conduct of the business.

As soon as an enterprise becomes corporatised and there is no longer a recognisable responsibility-accepting individual, that enterprise ceases to be capitalist and becomes a corporate conglomerate.

Conglomerates do not have either morality or a conscience, for example, you may be familiar with the Coles and Woolworths Milk Wars to rub the Capitalist Dairy Farmers (Family Farmer) out. 

The Greens started in Australia as the successors to the Communist Party.

The Greens are Marxists, and Marxists are slavers. When she was at university, former Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, was the Secretary of a Club whose charter was to implant known Communists stealthily into the Australian Labor Party.

The Labor Party Pledge until 1974 was: -“ I pledge to work for the Socialisation of Industry, Distribution, Production and Exchange”.

The Liberal Party has always been under severe attack and infiltration from the left.

The CIA thought the Liberal Party where on their side, so they infiltrated the Labor Party. 

The KGB knew the Labor Party where on their side so they infiltrated the Liberal Party staring off with John Carrick and possibly finishing off with Malcolm Fraser. 

Despite this, the worst Liberal Politician is generally better than the best Labor Politician. 

So, the reasons to preference, in principle, “Greens Last and Labor second Last and Liberals third last” are profound, unless you are not opposed to slavery. 

The other major reason for Anti-Slaver Minor Parties Preferencing in this way is for the creation, motivation and recruitment of Volunteers/Donors/Candidates and on top of that, the people who win Campaigns:- Political Advocates.

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James Darby is the son of the Late Douglas Darby, who was MLA for Manly for over 3 Decades. At age two was hospitalised with Polio for three years. From age 7 he remembers meeting escapees from Stalin's Soviet Union as his Father was also the President of The Captive Nations Council. He has despised all forms of Socialism ever since. At age 16 being medically exempt from the Army James gave an oath to defend Australia from Socialist activity in Australia. He has worked as a Sheep Farmer and Hay Baling Contractor before selling Real Estate, Life Insurance and Cars whilst always backrooming at Election Times. At 27 he became Self Employed as Matchmaker and Courtship Coach for 40 yrs.