Dear friends and allies,

A month ago there were three possibilities for the Australian people:

  1. A Freedom Government. 
  2. A Morrison Government. 
  3. A Labor-Green Government.

There are no longer three choices for the Australian people. The South Australia Election result and recent polls each confirm that number two has disappeared as a choice. Morrison is heading for an historic crushing defeat, and Albanese is on track to become Prime Minister. We cannot avoid the former and we must prevent the latter.

Albanese will be even worse than Morrison. An Albanese Labor-Greens Government will crush the hopes of Australians through the destruction of small business and rapid cancellation of our remaining liberties, in a nation dragged down by burgeoning corruption, poverty, misery, chronic blackouts, elimination of major industries, mass surveillance with universal digital identity, imposition of death taxes, plunder of superannuation, robbery of bank accounts, and the abolition of cash.

There will be unprecedentedly high suicide rates coupled with plunging fertility rates, compulsory dangerous injections every three months or less, even for tiny babies, plus unchecked transformation of schools into propaganda centres hostile to parents.  Thousands of Australians will be starving, and every part of the nation will be inflicted with crime and lawlessness.  Australia will be incapable of national defence. 

Within a decade or so, the remaining poor, sick, hungry and depressed Australians will become helpless serfs, the dispossessed vassals of the invading forces. Our rulers will not suffer, as their whole focus will be surrender on terms which guarantee their personal safety and continuing wealth.

Nothing can be done to save Morrison who is owned mind, soul and carcass by Big Pharma, and whose callous disregard for the victims of vaccine harm typifies his worthlessness.  The remaining Liberal loyalists should totally abandon Morrison, today, and immediately work for a Freedom Government, the sole hope for Australia’s people and Australia’s sovereignty. 

Australia’s only prospect for peace, prosperity and progress is a Freedom Government led by Freedom Parties and Freedom Independents, all easily identified by their commitment to preference each other first, ahead of Liberal third last, Labor second last and Greens last of all.

Every person determined to support candidates who are steadfast in declaring “my How to Vote Card will recommend Liberals third last, Labor second last and Greens last”, must focus on the goal, which is to elect the maximum possible number of Freedom Candidates in the General Election, almost certainly on 14 May 2022.

A Freedom Government needs 76 Members in the House of Representatives.  We can succeed with 46 new Freedom Members of the House of Representatives. Reaching or exceeding that number will prompt the defection to our side of 30 acceptable Liberals and Nationals, all happy to turn their backs on the Morrison mob and serve as junior members in a Freedom Coalition.

Time is very tight. There is only one secure way of achieving the goal of a Freedom Coalition in the seven weeks prior to the election and the five weeks prior to the opening of Pre-Poll. 

To win Government we must establish a national network of Street Reps, each briefed to deliver material for the Freedom Candidates to letter boxes in their own street.  Those Street Reps will read the material they deliver, will swiftly grow politically, will meet and win over the residents of their own street, and will become effective as pre-poll workers and booth workers. The Street Reps will save Australia, residence by residence, street by street, suburb by suburb, and electorate by electorate.

Every Australian who cares about the future needs to get moving now. Find every email address you have ever used and every mobile phone number you have ever recorded. The whole nation needs to receive the Freedom Phone App so good folk everywhere can enrol as Freedom Street Reps.  Do not risk spending  the rest of your life cursing yourself for abject laziness and indifference to completing the task at hand. 

The letterbox image in  Appendix A  (below) is the link to the Freedom Phone App.  Scan the QR code with your phone or ctrl+click, and the Freedom Phone App is yours. Start by using the App yourself to become a Street Rep. Nobody is too busy or too important to be part of saving Australia from the Albanese disaster.  Ways to share the App widely include:

  • Send by sms the link which is a pdf of this letter, to all your phone contacts, asking them to send to all of their contacts.
  • Forward this entire email to your email contacts. Ask them to forward to their contacts.
  • Download the pdf of this email to save to your system, then send by email as an attachment to every mailing list you can access, asking all the recipients to forward to their contacts.
  • Save the Letterbox jpg Image below to your system using any convenient name, then post to every online forum you can access and always ask everybody to share widely.
  • Print the Letterbox Graphic as a poster on A4, place two copies back-to-back and laminate, then deliver to business houses to place in their windows.
  • Print the Letterbox Graphic two up on A4 then cut to make two A5 sheets.  Print as many as convenient for your budget, for handing out at rallies and anywhere you wish. A5 is a good size to stick inside a car rear side window, for display in car parks.
  • Keep the link on your phone, so you can share with everyone you meet.
  • Create your own Street Rep nametag, badge or business card, based on the format in Appendix C. Laminate or use a nametag holder. Ask everyone you meet to scan you.

The least result will be that your associates, friends and family will know that you care enough about Australia to take positive action. You will have your self-respect. You will set a valuable example for others. And you can win your country back.

Street Reps for Freedom Candidates


A: Shop Window Sign and Link to the Freedom Phone App

B: Valuable links for Freedom Candidates and their Supporters

C: Freedom Street Rep Nametag Format


Michael Darby

Appendix A

Shop Window Sign and Link to the Freedom Phone App

Share everywhere the link to the Freedom Phone App

Appendix B

Valuable Links for Freedom Candidates and their Supporters

1.               Elections & Voting for Dummies by Peter NewlandGreat insights into the voting system, especially “Senate Best Strategy Voting: Number every box . . . .
2.               Happy How-to-Vote (HTV) by James DarbyCorrect design and presentation of a winning HTV for the Emerging Political Forces
3.               Maleny Free Thinkers Video on Preferential VotingUseful 6 minute video on how preferential voting can work to favour minor parties.
4.               Topher Field Video Preferential VotingHigh quality production. Would be stronger by aiming at victory rather than balance of power.
5.               Value Your Vote by James Darby (available on Kindle at $15.80, free here)Explains the importance of Australia’s world-leading preferential system, which benefits all the Emerging Political Forces (EPFs).
6.               Voting for Australia by Alistair PopeHighly valuable material from expert political analyst, historian, prolific author and Vietnam veteran
7.               5 Jan 2022   Winning Elections James Darby Video
8.               23 Feb 2022 What a Street Rep becomes  James Darby Video
9.               24 Feb 2022  How to help freedom win at the Aussie ballot box James Darby Video
10.            Can the Freedom Parties turn around the South Australian Election ResultMark Neugebauer and Michael Darby Video, strong emphasis on voting.
11.            Unchain Australia: Policies for Peace, Progress and Prosperity (2021)23 authors including three professors and one viscount. Source of many innovative vote-winning policies. Free to all Freedom Candidates and their supporters.

Appendix C

Freedom Street Rep Nametag Format

James Darby is the son of the Late Douglas Darby, who was MLA for Manly for over 3 Decades. At age two was hospitalised with Polio for three years. From age 7 he remembers meeting escapees from Stalin's Soviet Union as his Father was also the President of The Captive Nations Council. He has despised all forms of Socialism ever since. At age 16 being medically exempt from the Army James gave an oath to defend Australia from Socialist activity in Australia. He has worked as a Sheep Farmer and Hay Baling Contractor before selling Real Estate, Life Insurance and Cars whilst always backrooming at Election Times. At 27 he became Self Employed as Matchmaker and Courtship Coach for 40 yrs.