Authored by James Macphereson. Check out his excellent substack channel here

How is it that tiny groups of people – such as the LGBTQ lobby for instance – exert such huge influence on the national agenda?

The answer is in the way left-leaning political parties now operate.

The Left used to defend workers against exploitation from bosses. But when capitalism created a burgeoning middle class, workers didn’t feel exploited.

The Left needed a new constituency.

So they focused on becoming the Party of ‘fairness’, promising to represent oppressed minorities.

This is where the Left derives its moral authority – as defenders of oppressed minorities.

And so left-wing parties – whether the Democrats in America or the ALP in Australia – started collecting single-issue victimhood voters.

All of these oppressed minorities demand that their obsession – defund the police, net zero emissions, men in women’s sport etc – take precedence. And their obsessions are as numerous as they are ridiculous.

As a result, the Left is now primarily concerned with defending the increasingly neurotic tics of increasingly implausible minority groups.

The Left reason that if they can collect enough of these tiny groups, they will have sufficient votes to win power.

And in return for votes, they promise to impose the crazy demands of their gladbag of minorities on the entire populace.

To summarise …

LGBTQIA+ activists are cobbled together with climate justice warriors who are cobbled together with animal rights activists who are cobbled together with race baiters and so on.

Each of these groups might represent only 1% of the population on their own, but when all of them together make around 40% of the vote, suddenly they are a major political force.

The party is then obliged to support the crazed demands of all these groups if and when it wins government.

And so, if a left-wing party wins government, they end up imposing the demands of 1% of the population on the other 99%.

But it’s more interesting than that.

Recently, in researching to write about LGBTQ awareness days, I discovered that gay rights groups list – among the various lesbian awareness and pansexual visibility days they promote – Indigenous rights days.

Why are gays promoting Indigenous rights? The answer is simple: Horse trading.

Every minority group trades political acceptance for its cause in exchange for supporting everyone else’s cause.

So Indigenous activists get support for a Constitutional recognition and a treaty while men who wear dresses get support for being on the girls’ football team.

Feminists get late term abortions while climate activists get to demand car-free days in major cities of the world. And the lap top class, who are paid six figure sums to work from home, get to make everyone wear masks.

They agree to support each other’s crazy demands in the expectation that their particular crazy demand will be realised if and when the Party wins power.

This helps to explain cancel culture.

Cancel culture is really a cooperative of crazies working together to guard their own brand of insanity which they know very well would never be permitted, let alone legislated, in a healthy society. By working together to destroy norms they normalise their own pathologies.

Now you understand why political leaders on the Left are so afraid to define a woman. It’s not that they don’t believe gender is a fixed biological reality. It’s just that they don’t want to upset the bucket of minorities they hope to carry to the ballot box.

That is why Lefty politicians will accept crazy premises and even defend them despite the fact they don’t believe them.

In Australia recently, the Labor leader was asked if men could get pregnant. He answered “no” but in such a way that his displeasure at being asked the question was clearly evident.

Why did he resent the question?

Because it backed him into a corner where he would be forced to deny one of the core tenets of trans people – a tiny group he is counting on to win power.

Let me finish with this observation. The Left expect us to believe they are the ones standing against oppression. This is exact opposite of the truth.

After all, when 1% of the country gets to tell everyone else how to live, that’s real oppression.