Regular RP readers will know of the efforts of Joanna and Lindsay who are supporting the “No” case for the voice by sending out bumper stickers.

Here’s a collection right here:

They have been enthusiastically displayed by sensible Aussies who don’t want our precious Constitution tinkered with.

They instinctively know that it will add another level of bureaucratic tin pot dictators telling them who does and doesn’t own their own land.

Of course, when you oppose Socialists and other totalitarians, they tend to lack a sense of humour and quickly fall back on their default position – which is threats and violence.

Joanne sent me the following piece explaining what has been happening to them.

Funny how threatening violence against white people on Facebook is considered OK whilst suggesting a lower immigration quota is equated with terrorism.

It’s almost as if the owners of Facebook don’t like white people very much.

Anyway, here’s Joanna and Lindsay’s latest update. Please consider sharing this article:

Cancel culture is alive and well! We have recently received threats on several Facebook sites regarding the messages contained in our bumper stickers supporting the No vote in the coming referendum.

These threats began with the predictable and unimaginative “we know where you live’ nonsense, and then moved on to threats of reporting us to the ATO, the Federal Police, the Human Rights Commission and Centrelink.

Those opposing us say they are also seeking legal advice. Some people cannot accept that not everyone agrees with them, and will do anything they can to cancel those who have a different point of view.

They do not wish to have a debate, a discussion or even a chat. With them, it’s ‘my way or the highway’.

We wonder what such people are afraid of, and suspect they are beginning to realise that we Australians are not as easily gulled as they had hoped.

They cannot win through logic and reason (because their cause is neither logical nor reasonable), and so resort to intimidation.

We have always distributed the stickers on a not-for-profit basis. We have kept careful records of all inquiries and transactions, and we are not afraid of any investigation.

If at the end of the day there is any profit it will be given to a charity.

If you are appalled by this attempt to silence us, be assured that we do not bow down to such people.

It will be a sad day for Australia if the referendum is passed only because the populace is too afraid to speak out and is cowed into submission by blustering bully-boys.

We are not intimidated and we believe in what we’re doing. If you wish to support us, and the No vote, please consider buying some stickers, displaying them, and spreading the word. 

Or just spread the word! 

So far we have distributed over 3,000 stickers from one side of Australia to the other.

We intend to be here for as long as it takes to protect our country from this racist, divisive take-over of our democratic system.

Joanna and Lindsay Hackett

Joanna Hackett grew up in country Australia and taught for twenty-one years before circumnavigating the world for five years with her husband, in a yacht. She is a published author who still travels widely. She is particularly concerned about the proposal for a racial mandate in our Constitution