Every movie ever made depicting the evils of the white man and the corresponding wonderfulness/nobility of the black man is being dredged up to be part of the pre-referendum softening up procedure.

Money is being thrown at new and ever-more creative “documentaries”. We suffered the excruciating exaggeration and outright lies of the Frontier Wars.

Now we’re being overwhelmed with a plethora of propaganda documentaries which have only the faintest whiff of reality. Consider The First Inventors which is about the amazing, almost unbelievable inventions of Aboriginal people.

“Oh my gosh,” I thought, more than a little puzzled. “That will surely be the shortest documentary ever made.”

But no, it is a four-part series which “not only explores the past but questions whether this ancient knowledge might hold answers to humanity’s most pressing modern challenges”.

Who’d have thought it! And just who is paying for this tripe? Why it’s us, of course via the National Indigenous Australians Agency, Tourism Australia, Screen NSW and Screen Territory.

And the icing on this crapcake is that the series will be subtitled in Arabic and Simplified Chinese. How good is that!

That creepy Peter Weir film The Last Wave has had a recent airing just in case we’d forgotten how amazingly spiritual and prescient Aboriginals are.

The Tracker too has graced our screens of late, and is similarly didactic. The so-called stolen generation is getting yet another bash at our equanimity, with a repeat of Servant or Slave.

Apparently, and I quote, “thousands upon thousands” of Aboriginal children were stolen from their happy homes and forced to work as domestics for whites.

No mention of the rape, murder, and violence metred out to (particularly) half-caste children in their communities at the time.

No mention of the fact that many of these young people ended up better educated than Aboriginal children are now.

NITV is also dedicating its current affairs programme, The Point to teaching us all about the referendum. Titled Referendum Road Trip, the series intends to foster essential debate and provide profound analysis.

One might ask why this research wasn’t done years ago, when the referendum proposal was in its infancy.

At present, many Aboriginals have never heard of the Voice and some who have, say they don’t want it as it’s nothing to do with them, it’s for city activists.

However, I have no doubt that NITV will hustle up a goodly mob of token outback Aboriginals to support the Voice and smile and wave at the cameras.

Indoctrination of children continues across the country, whether the parents want it or not.

A newsagent at Brisbane Airport has a large colourful display to sort out any unfortunate littlies who’ve missed their schools’ brain-washing programmes.

It’s titled Come Together: Things every Aussie Kid should Know about the First Peoples (sic).

A careful selection of jolly little kiddies’ books accompanies this. Kiddies from Victoria don’t need these as their brains are well washed already.

Some outback schools are even returning to teaching children in Aboriginal languages because it makes them feel positive about their Aboriginality.

This silly idea was thrown out years ago when teachers realised that if Australians can’t speak English, the language of this country, before any other languages, they will be forever marginalised. 

Certain items in museums and libraries are now not easily accessible to non-Aboriginal Australians.

Certain books are being permanently removed from school library shelves and replaced with those that tell the approved First Nations (sic) story. What comes next? Burning books? Some of us are old enough to remember where that leads.

Our art galleries and theatres are now taken over with Aboriginal-centric subjects, and if you tick the right box, you’re likely to do really well in competitions.

Quality is less important than the colour of the creator. You can apply for jobs, housing and scholarships available only to your race, and some of you won’t even have to pay back your HECS debt.

No wonder the number of Australians choosing to be Aboriginal is rapidly increasing.

And now, dear readers, prepare for a nasty shock. According to Advance Australia, Australian taxpayers spend $100 million every single day on direct government support for Indigenous communities.

That’s $39.5 billion a year in 2023.That’s more than we spend on the NDIS ($35.5 billion), Medicare ($31.3 billion) or Defence ($38 billion). It’s about the same as the federal Government’s entire spend on schools and universities ($39.7 billion).

When considering these eye-watering figures, remember that Aboriginal people number just over 3% of the population. Where is the money going? Nobody seems to know. And surely welfare should be needs based, not racially based?

Another worrying figure is this: only 24.2% of Australia remains untouched by Aboriginal rights, claims or agreements.  

Non-Aboriginal people are now prevented from visiting many parts of their own country, or must pay fees to do so and employ an approved guide.

Be afraid, for sacred sites are magically springing up all over the place and even more lock-outs are lurking at National Parks and beaches near you.

Perfectly fine place names are being changed to Aboriginal names at not insignificant expense.

The irritating use of Aboriginal country names isnowubiquitous and we slide seamlessly from one special Aboriginal event to another.

I think we’re up to Reconciliation Week or maybe it’s the Anniversary of the National Apology Day (not to be confused with Sorry Day) or Close the Gap Day or maybe the Garma Festival or the Barunga Festival, or NAIDOC Week.

Whatever. Any excuse to put on the nappies and stomp about. And during these special events our defenceless suburban school children are dressed up in costumes and indoctrinated in the wonders of Aboriginal culture and the evils of the white man. 

We live in a dangerous age, because every time a book disappears or a statue is pulled down or a lie goes unchecked, we edge closer to Orwell’s 1984.

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped.”

If this is not what you want for your country, stand up and be counted. Call out the liars, the grovellers and the self-servers.

Turn your back or walk out at WTC. Support those fighting against the Voice, financially if you can, for big corporate money is going to the Yes side to add extra value to the squawkers’ credentials.

By big money, I mean $5m from the Paul Ramsay Foundation and of course $350m from our very own Labour Government. 

At the very least, discuss the subject with family and friends and display a sticker for the No side.


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Joanna Hackett grew up in country Australia and taught for twenty-one years before circumnavigating the world for five years with her husband, in a yacht. She is a published author who still travels widely. She is particularly concerned about the proposal for a racial mandate in our Constitution