Nobody in their right mind would vote Yes for a Voice model that will be determined after the referendum.

Don’t bother asking The First Nations Referendum Working Group for dreary operational details such as costings or employment numbers because they don’t know, but gosh, they’ve developed some nicely decorated design principles to impress us.

As well, they can send you the newly developed community toolkit (always wanted one of those) which includes a large range of resources, such as posters, templates, social media posts and more.

We lucky Aussies can share these resources with our communities and networks. And who’s paying for this?

Why it’s us, the generous Australian taxpayer yet again. What suckers we are! Check out the Australian Government site ( and despair.         

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this black sludge oozing into every corner of our lives is happenstance.

This is part of a carefully thought-out plan long in the making. We are being reeled in, gulled and gutted as our place in this wonderful country and our contribution to it are questioned at every turn.

It’s not all gloom and doom though. Some fine politicians, political parties and well-known personalities are coming out firmly for the No vote, and certain journalists have always been staunch No voters.

Several websites now exist for the thinkers and the reasoned amongst us to share views. The Australian still gives us more balanced reporting than most and of course Quadrant magazine has long argued against the Voice.

Sweeping new cultural and heritage laws recently passed in WA are so onerous, so impractical and unreasonable that they will turn many against the insatiable Aboriginal Industry for ever. Remind yourself, when your rage keeps you awake at night, that you are not alone.   

Good for a chortle is a Booktopia advertisement for “First Knowledges Law: The Way of the Ancestors”, a new book by Marcia Langton and Aaron Corn.

We are told that this book “challenges readers to consider how Indigenous law can inspire new ways forward for us all in the face of global crises.”

I suspect that the more ridiculous the claim, like this gem, the more the lefties latch onto it. That would help to explain the continuing success of Australia’s arch charlatan, the white man Bruce Pascoe.

The claims of Professor Kerrie Doyle (from the non-existent Winninninni tribe and Assistant Dean of Aboriginal Health at Western Sydney University), are equally incredible, for she says she has in her possession a recording of the warrior Pemulwuy singing a Welcome to Country song.

Pemulwuy died fifty-eight years before the first recording of the human voice. If she weren’t a (self-appointed) member of the untouchable Aboriginal Industry, she would have been laughed out of town ages ago.

Equally amusing were the words of the inaugural First Nations (sic) ambassador to the UN. We are reminded that First Nations (sic) people were – (wait for it) – this land’s first diplomats!

Wow! Wonders will never cease! The ambassador said, “I am excited about the opportunities ahead to embed First Nations voices and knowledge into Australia’s foreign policies and trade.”

He said this with a straight face, which must have been difficult. There is no Aboriginal nation now and there never was an Aboriginal nation.

So why do they have a representative at the United NATIONS? This is the ultimate BS and we are getting rolled.

The word is at last getting out about the lies behind the Uluru Statement. Both Warren Mundine and Jacinta Price have stated unequivocally that the words were never the result of extensive, open research.

A carefully stacked group of agreeable Australians was chosen to take part in the process – so the game was rotten right from the start.

Some of these signatories now say they were surprised to see their names on the document, and are unhappy, as this implies their approval of the Voice.

One might reasonably presume that this was yet another example of city activists manipulating outback Aboriginals for their own political purposes.

And now this dodgy Statement hangs in classrooms and our school children are learning to parrot the words as if it’s some wondrous sacred mantra instead of a con-job on a par with Pascoe’s Dark Emu.

We are told repeatedly that if the referendum wording were to be changed, most Australians would vote for Aboriginals to be recognised in the Constitution.

I am not convinced that this is the case. The message I am getting is that our Constitution should not be changed. It should be left alone.

Under it, we are all equal and we all have one vote, for this is a democracy and that’s how it works.

If some Aboriginals are seeking reconciliation, maybe they should stop wallowing in the past, and cease demanding an ever-increasing share of the goodies.

As for recognition, well, we are all recognised already. We are all Australians. No one race should ever get a special mention in our Constitution.

If Aboriginals feel they deserve an extra voice, consider this. Australia has more Aboriginal politicians percentage-wise, than we have Aboriginals in the population and they also have their very own Minister for Aboriginal Affairs to look after their interests.

Are you cranky? Are you mad? Are you absolutely fed up with all the BS being thrown at us? At Albo supporting one side and not the other in a referendum that affects all Australians?

Then buy a bumper sticker and don’t be afraid to display it. Stand up for what you believe in, in your heart. Give this dodgy Voice the short shrift and don’t ever vote to become a despised group in your own country.

I used to think it was melodramatic to suggest that we’re facing the destruction of Australian democracy. Not anymore.

One question keeps circling in my head. How will the Voice help those who need help? Nobody has yet answered me. All I hear is the wind blowing in the bullshit trees.

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I have refused to bow down to foolish fashion trends and used traditional pronouns here. I do not apologise for this.

Joanna Hackett

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Joanna Hackett grew up in country Australia and taught for twenty-one years before circumnavigating the world for five years with her husband, in a yacht. She is a published author who still travels widely. She is particularly concerned about the proposal for a racial mandate in our Constitution