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For all the talk of a potential Michelle Obama 2024 presidential run, almost no one mentions Michelle’s greatest political vulnerability: the terrible way she has treated the black community in Chicago.

For Michelle, it began with her running away from all-black schools as a child, and it continued with her abuse of the black community in her professional career.  Not surprisingly, Michelle Obama does not mention any of her outrageous behavior toward the Chicago black community in her two recent autobiographies, Becoming and The Light We Carry.

But Donald Trump most definitely should.  If Michelle Obama becomes the 2024 Democrat party nominee, here are four questions with which Trump should hammer Michelle:

Why did you and your brother Craig run away from the all-black schools just down the street to study with whites?

Why did you force 20,000 black people out of their homes while working for the white liberal mayor of Chicago?

How many millions did you make helping white liberals deny the black community access to first rate health at the University of Chicago Medical Center?

Michelle Obama, will you apologize to the black community for what you did to them in Chicago?

To save the Trump team some oppo research, I suggest they take a look at my new film and book of the same name, Michelle Obama 2024: Her Real Life Story and Plan for Power.  Short of that, here is the gist of the answers to the questions posed above.

1. Michelle’s parents, Fraser and Marian Robinson, illegally sent their children to an elementary school out of district to avoid the “project kids” flooding the brand new John Foster Dulles elementary, just a hop, skip, and a jump from their Parkway Gardens home.  The school they chose, the mixed-race Bryn Mawr Elementary School in South Shore, benefited from the fact that the transitional neighborhood had been largely Jewish.  Two years later, the Robinsons moved to South Shore.

2. By the time Craig and Michelle were ready for high school, the nearby South Shore High was all-black.  The Robinson kids were not about to go there.  Michelle had been bullied by neighborhood Black girls for “talking white” and “acting white” since the Robinsons first moved to South Shore.  Michelle writes in Becoming about a fistfight she got into with a girl who had repeatedly called her an “Oreo,” meaning you are black on the outside but white on the inside.  This was a major insult, but for Michelle it rang true.  Michelle had no black friends.  Although not even Catholic, Marian took a job to afford tuition for Craig’s nearly all-white Catholic high school.  Michelle meanwhile took an hour-plus bus ride downtown to a magnet school to avoid the all-black South Shore high school one block from their home.

3. To facilitate the destruction of the low-income all-black Cabrini Green housing project and cede the choice downtown real estate to Democrat party donor developers like Tony Rezko, Mayor Richard Daley had to hire black people for the dirty work.  They couldn’t hire a white person to make 20,000 blacks homeless, so Michelle was hired and became Mayor Richard Daley’s assistant planning commissioner, working under Valerie Jarrett.  Michelle told the newly homeless black residents that the destruction of their homes since the 1950s would be good for them.

4. Having shown her ruthless chops forcing 20,000 black people out of their Chicago homes, Michelle signed on at the University of Chicago Medical Center for some more dirty work.  White liberals hired Michelle to head up the “South Side Health Collaborative,” a scheme designed to prevent blacks who showed up at the University of Chicago Medical Center emergency room from receiving medical care.  Michelle made sure they were put into vans and shipped to crappy neighborhood strip mall clinics on the South Side.  This was all illegal; it was called “patient dumping.”  The $300,000 salary apparently eased Michelle’s conscience.  Once again, Michelle preached to the deported black Chicagoans that they were better off in strip mall clinics on the South Side than receiving advanced medical care at the University of Chicago Medical Center.

For years, Michelle has been desperately trying to convince black voters that she is “just one of us.”  However, all of these issues undermine the persona Michelle has been cultivating since her husband first emerged on the national scene, that she is just a humble ordinary black person.

To pull off her subterfuge, Michelle has had Oprah Winfrey and others repeatedly introduce her as “South Side girl.”  At the beginning of the movie version of Becoming, Michelle declares, “I’m from the South Side of Chicago, and that’s all you need to know about me.”  Michelle in fact grew up in South Shore, an entirely distinct neighborhood on Lake Michigan, where Jesse Jackson lives.  Jackson never claimed to be from the South Side.

And to reinforce her story of “just an ordinary black person,” Michelle has repeatedly falsely portrayed herself as a victim of racial discrimination.  First, she has tried to rewrite history by claiming to have witnessed “white flight” growing up.  In fact, most whites had left South Shore due to crime by 1965, six years before Michelle moved into the area at age six in 1971.  The middle-class homes on Lake Michigan were attractive to middle-class blacks, who snapped them up, so much so that the prices rose when whites moved out.  In fact, the only “white flight” that Michelle could have witnessed in the 1970s was by looking in the mirror: it was she and her brother fleeing from all-black schools.
Additionally, Michelle often tells a fake story of being racially profiled by her high school guidance counselor regarding her bid to attend Princeton University.  In an interview with Gayle King, Michelle claimed that the counselor had said to her, “You’re black applying to Princeton.  Maybe you’re stretching.”

In my research for Michelle Obama 2024: Her Real Life Story and Plan for Power, I discovered that Michelle’s high school counselor was a churchgoing black woman and assistant principal named Nan King.  Michelle gets away with smearing this black woman only because she passed away in 2005.

Campaigning for Barack Obama in 2008, Michelle often faked an urban accent to black audiences as if to make them think she’s just a “home girl.”  If a white woman spoke to black crowds the way Michelle did, she would have been charged with a hate crime.  In one speech to a black audience in Wilmington, Michelle used phrases like “not nothin’,” “Ahm proud a her,” “lo and behole,” “ahm not that ol” (I’m not that old), “alla that goin’ on,” “try’na pay ya ohn ren'” (trying to pay your own rent), and “I don’t want y’all gettin’ all excited now.”

Michelle’s most damning racial fakery occurred while first lady.  In 2012, she appeared on David Letterman’s show and glowingly spoke of a clandestine trip to a Target store in Virginia.

“I have to tell you something about this trip,” said Michelle.  “A woman actually walked up to me, right?  I was in the detergent aisle, and she said, ‘Excuse me, I just have to ask you something,’ and I thought, ‘Cover’s blown.’  She said, ‘Can you reach on that shelf and hand me the detergent?'”  After handing her the item, the tall Michelle Obama recalled that the short woman said, “Well, you didn’t have to make it look so easy!”

Said Michelle to Letterman, “I felt so good.”  Letterman then asked whether the woman recognized the first lady, and Michelle laughed, “She had no idea who I was.”  Two years later, however, post-Ferguson, Michelle would retell the Target story to People magazine, but with an ugly racial twist.  Now the short woman treated Michelle as if she were “the help,” given that Michelle was not tall, but black.  In the article, Michelle cited this incident as the pattern of racism she has had to face even as first lady.

The Democrat party desperately needs to maintain a 90-percent grasp on black voters.  In fact, it was Donald Trump’s delivering to the black community a robust economy, jobs, high wages, prison reform, and school choice that threatened the Democrat party’s stranglehold on them.  Donald Trump delivered in a few short years what the Democrats had promised for 60 years and failed to do.

The Obamas have never left politics.  Though their summer home is in the elite white bastion of Martha’s Vineyard, the Obamas still live in Washington, D.C., where Barack consults regularly with members of Congress and his former staffers, who make up 70% of the Biden administration.  Michelle, meanwhile, has been following the exact same path to the presidency as Barack — keynote speaker at a Democrat convention, two autobiographies, and a voter registration organization.

The Democrat party has already set up its calendar to accommodate a Michelle Obama candidacy in 2024.  They moved their historic first primary out of Iowa to South Carolina, where 50% of the primary voters are black, an easy layup for Michelle.  And, in what could not be a more obvious move, the Democrats placed their 2024 Democrat National Convention in Michelle’s hometown of Chicago.

With Michelle, the media can use their two favorite weapons to attack those who disagree: race and sex.  Democrats, meanwhile, will sell black voters on the rather insulting message, “Vote for us because we look like you.”

Black voters are no fools.  If they understood Michelle’s lifelong pattern of avoiding the black community in her early education, followed by Princeton, Harvard, and Martha’s Vineyard, and her exploitation of the black community in her professional career, they might very well turn against her.  We know that the media will not ask tough questions.  So Donald Trump has to.  The four above are a good place to start, and now.