The two accepted the Afghan migrant as a “friend” before being nearly stabbed to death

An Afghan migrant, who is accused of nearly killing a mother and her daughter in a stabbing attack after the 16-year-old rejected his desire to enter a relationship, is currently standing trial in a German court for his alleged crime.

Prosecutors say the 27-year-old man, Fuwad O., who had claimed refugee status, was welcomed as a friend by the mother and daughter in the German city of Speyer, but when the younger 16-year-old daughter turned down his advances, he stabbed her in a rage.

The two victims told police Fuwad O. was visiting them when the 16-year-old victim rejected him, prompting the Afghan to begin stabbing her three times. The mother responded by jumping to her daughter’s aid, at which point, the mother was stabbed 13 times.

The women seemed to express surprise that they ended up being stabbed, with the mother later telling the police: “We welcomed him as a friend.”

After the attack, the mother was close to death due to her injuries, but doctors saved her life during an emergency operation. Both victims required long hospital stays to recover from their severe stab wounds.

The perpetrator was later arrested while trying to flee just a few kilometers from the crime scene.

Bild newspaper described Fuwad O. looking bored during his court appearance earlier this week despite his two attempted murder charges. His trial is ongoing.

This article was first published in Remix News