Reading the most recent Washington Post polls, I’ve got to admit that I’m having to fight the temptation to become optimistic about the 2024 election. Trump is ahead of Biden by 10 points. It’s so embarrassing that the Post had to pretend their own poll was an outlier.

The question is quickly turning from, can Trump win? to can Trump lose? 

The answer to both questions is, sure. These days fewer and fewer people like or respect Joe Biden. It would be easier to feel sympathy for the President as he appears to struggle with dementia if he’d been a nicer person prior to his decline, but apparently Joe was corrupt long before he started losing his mind. When he isn’t shaking hands with thin air, he’s doddering off the stage but snubbing the President of Brazil and forgetting to shake his hand.

There’s even smoking-gun evidence in the form of a video where Biden is famously bragging about withholding one billion dollars of Ukrainian loan guarantees unless prosecutor Viktor Shokin was immediately fired. In addition to all the money flowing into Biden bank accounts from Ukraine, millions and millions of dollars were also wired by Russian oligarchs, Chinese Communist party officials, sleazy Romanians, and just about anyone else looking to buy influence. There have been an astonishing 170 different Suspicious Activity Reports (SARS) reported to the IRS about various Biden bank accounts. It’s only a matter of time before some of that ocean of money extorted by Hunter Biden shows as flowing into one of Joe’s back pockets.

Joe must have been corrupt for decades, not only in more recent years since Hunter got old enough for his father to demand half his salary. He probably could not have afforded to buy “The Station” on his government salary alone. Now he owns two homes in Delaware, including a beach house allegedly worth $2.7 million dollars. From where did all this money come? How can Joe Biden own so much expensive real estate when he’s spent almost his entire adult life working for the federal government?

There are two factions in the Democrat media machine: more traditional nitwits (I meant to say journalists), people like Philip Bump have gone into circle-the-wagons mode and claimed there is no evidence of Biden corruption despite the fact the host of the podcast on which he was being interviewed cited clear and incontrovertible evidence by quoting Hunter Biden.

Once upon a time reporters at the Washington Post might have been able to take the attitude of “if we don’t report it, it didn’t happen” but in the modern age of the internet, that tactic only works on an increasingly smaller subset of the total population. Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks represents the more radical faction of the media and insists it’s time for Joe to step aside. Uygur recently penned an opinion piece that said, “You’re Going to lose to Trump. We’re Begging You to Step Down.” Wow, indeed. Democrats are unused to dissent among the ranks.

The House of Representatives has opened an impeachment inquiry, which means bank records for the many Biden shell companies will be subpoenaed and eventually the full extent of the family’s corruption will be brought to light. If Biden had an “R” instead of a “D” after his name, the corporate media would have already decimated him by now, with hit piece after hit piece like the one recently tried on Dave Portnoy. Instead, our demented liar-in-chief has circled the wagons and continues to insist he will win reelection despite the strong headwind blowing in the opposite direction.

Now there doesn’t seem to be anything Biden can do to improve his situation. The ridiculous indictments sought by partisan prosecutors against Donald Trump seem destined to fail. Trump is accused of taking privileged White House records to his home in Mar-A-Lago, but Trump had the authority to declassify any records he wanted, and Joe Biden was discovered to have done worse by taking secret documents he was never allowed to have under any authority. Trump has also been accused of some sort of unpatriotic behavior for questioning the 2020 election results, but a quick search on the internet can easily find a video of Democrats questioning election results.

Of course, one should never assume that just because Biden seems to have no path to victory that Trump will win the next election. We should never underestimate the determination of people desperate for Trump to lose no matter what the cost is to our country. We have rapidly become of nation of two different systems of justice: one for Trump supporters, and an absurdly different and unfair one favoring Biden voters.

A drunk liberal deliberately murdered a teenager with his car because he thought the teen was a Republican extremist and received a virtual slap on the wrist, a prison sentence of five years. He gets credit for a year of home confinement, too, so he won’t even spend five years in jail.

By comparison, alleged January 6 protestor and Proud Boy leader Enrique Tarrio received a sentence of a whopping 22 years in prison despite the fact he wasn’t even in Washington on January 6th, even though nobody died.

Well, nobody died except poor Ashley Babbitt and a couple of other nobodies, but according to AP, Babbitt doesn’t count for much because the Air Force veteran was allegedly a violent adulterous psychopath guilty of insurrection, or so they smeared. Tarrio had been arrested several days earlier, but prosecutors said the Proud Boys leader took credit for orchestrating the “riot” on January 6th, and that was enough for the book to be thrown at him.

Does AP stand for Associated Press, or American Pravda? It’s difficult to tell these days.

Trump has no chance of receiving a fair trial prior to the 2024 election. Any trial will be election interference, but there is little or no chance he will receive a fair trial in Washington, D.C. officiated by Judge Tanya Chutkan, who has openly expressed her bias against the former president in the trials of other defendants but has yet to recuse herself.

If Trump is convicted in a sham trial and his case is appealed to the Supreme Court, there will be tremendous pressure put on the three Trump-appointed justices to recuse themselves. What happens if those justices recuse and the court splits 3-3? A per curiam decision, which means whatever ruling was made by the lower court remains in effect.

By virtually every measurable standard, Trump should win the White House in 2024 by a landslide. However, the powers-that-be cannot afford to let him compete fairly, so they will hinder his campaign with multiple lawsuits, as much as the courts will allow.

The bench behind Biden isn’t deep. Kamala Harris is a weak potential candidate. So are Pete Buttigieg and Gavin Newsom. Much weaker than Biden, and that’s really saying something.

In fact, there is only one potential candidate on the Democrat side who might stand a reasonable chance of defeating Donald Trump in a fair election: Michelle Obama. Even though she’s never held an elected office and has no known political skill, she could potentially win as a novelty candidate — her husband was the first (half) black POTUS, and she could be the first black woman. Millions would probably vote for her due to name recognition alone.

It’s a disturbing thought. On the other hand, more “people of color” than ever before are supporting Trump in this election. The future of our nation literally depends on whom we elect.

This article was first published in American Thinker