We introduced Josephine to you a couple of days ago.

She is terrified about the Uluru Statement and ‘The Aboriginal Voice to Parliament’ which she believes are trojan horses designed to take control of 80% of Australia and cede it to the UN crooks.

These globalist elites are driving this through people who claim to be Aboriginal with only the faintest connection to aboriginality imaginable.

Josephine loves this country. She loves her aboriginal heritage as well as her rich British heritage. She loves the country we have all built and is terrified that it will be taken away soon.

Parliament is considering the issue and submissions are being taken. If they don’t hear from thousands of concerned Aussies soon, it could be a done deal.

To show the world (especially Australia and its people) what is really going on, she has decided to jump in her car and go talk to the real Aboriginal elders and find out what they actually think of this ‘voice’ and issues like native title in general.

Driving round Australia is not like driving round the block. She is doing thousands upon thousands of kilometers because she believes in this nation and is determined to save it.

The older gentleman Josephine is talking to is one of the top Aboriginal elders. In their community, humility is highly valued, so elders like this do not big note themselves.

As we mentioned, Josephine is a former crown prosecutor and knows what she is talking about.

She has been appointed to various aboriginal commissions by prime ministers and was thrown off them because she refused to sell us all down the river.

If you want to hear what the real aboriginal elders are saying about all of this, then watch the following video. The one after it has subtitles to help with clarity.

Real Aboriginal Australians do not know about ‘The Voice’.

If you want to sit around doing nothing whilst Australia is stolen from under you then just keep on doing nothing.

If you care enough to stop the UN & elitist agenda then please do the following so that your children will have a future out of chains:

  1. Download a template letter at: 


2. Fill it in, 

3. Edit it and/or make additions,

4. Upload it by 30 April 2021.

Also, a big thankyou to all of those who contributed to Josephine’s Gofundme page. You know who you are and so do we.

She can now keep on driving and mustering support amongst the aboriginal elders who are desperate to stop this theft of our land.

They love Australia as much as we do, and these criminals are stealing it in their name.

Let’s stop them in their tracks:


Josephine Cashman is a lawyer, businesswoman, orator and media commentator. She was an inaugural member of the Prime Minister’s Indigenous Advisory Council and served as the Chair of its Safe Communities Committee until 2017. Josephine was selected as a friend of the Commonwealth Treasury and was an honoured recipient of the UTS Faculty of Law Alumni Award for Excellence. She also spoke before the United Nations Human Rights Council addressing violence against Indigenous women and girls. Josephine is the Executive Chair of the Big River Impact Foundation and Managing Director of Big River Consulting.