First of all, a big thankyou to all of those of you who contributed financially to Josephine’s mission. As usual, we won’t name you – but you know who you are.

This journey is all about real truth telling because the so called ‘truth telling the Left have invented is simply a code for inventing ways to blame white people for any and all aboriginal advantage.

In this instalment, Josephine asks about Native Title, Aboriginal relationships with farmers and police and various luminaries from the Aboriginal grievance industry who are milking this issue for every penny they can get.

The fantastic news is that around 2,000 Aboriginal lawmen and elders from the central Australian groups and tribes have indicated that they wish to work with Josephine to finally get their voices heard by a government that always seems to listen to a bunch of grifters who have little to no aboriginal blood or connections.

Please take time to watch the video and visit Josephine’s site ‘One Voice Australia.’ She is leading the fightback but she can’t do it without our help.

Click here to visit Josephine’s website and download template letters to write to your MP or other notable people or contribute financially.

Please get involved because we can’t afford to let this fraud go through.

Josephine Cashman is a lawyer, businesswoman, orator and media commentator. She was an inaugural member of the Prime Minister’s Indigenous Advisory Council and served as the Chair of its Safe Communities Committee until 2017. Josephine was selected as a friend of the Commonwealth Treasury and was an honoured recipient of the UTS Faculty of Law Alumni Award for Excellence. She also spoke before the United Nations Human Rights Council addressing violence against Indigenous women and girls. Josephine is the Executive Chair of the Big River Impact Foundation and Managing Director of Big River Consulting.