A new Indigenous organisation – Your Life Your Vote: Take Control – was launched last week (8 July 2021), with the aim of stopping the Labor Party, the Greens, and other extreme Left-wing political movements, from using Aboriginal votes to pursue ineffective economic policies and weird “woke” social ideas, which are not shared by the vast majority of Aboriginal people. 

Last week was NAIDOC – National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee – Week in Australia. 

In many parts of the world traditional political allegiances are breaking down. Whether it’s Labour’s “Red Wall” in the United Kingdom, African Americans “walking away” from the Democratic Party in the USA or coal miners and other working people deserting Australian Labor, it is clear that people from all walks of life and sections of society are increasingly alarmed by the loony Left and the failure of traditional Labor/Labour or social democratic parties to genuinely represent them. 

Your Life Your Vote: Take Control chairperson, Josephine Cashman, said the same is true in Australian Aboriginal communities, which have often returned big majorities for the Australian Labor Party in the past. 

This has produced little practical return or improvement in their lives and in most communities things are getting worse. This is despite the Left establishing and controlling most Aboriginal policy and organisations for decades, since the 1970s. Aboriginal Australians are also disturbed by weird ideas that are now often described as ‘woke’ and which are being adopted and promoted by the Labor Party, Greens and even small sections of the Liberal Party,” Ms Cashman said. 

Increasing numbers of Aboriginal Australians have had enough of being used for divisive and destructive politics and even ridiculous social-engineering policies. NAIDOC’s 2021 theme is Heal Country, Heal Our Nation. Well, that won’t happen while many Aboriginal people remain tied to the underperforming and increasingly weird and woke Labor Party and ridiculous Greens. 

The majority of Aboriginal Australians love Australia and want to get along with others to improve everyone’s lives and keep building a wonderful country. They also have fairly traditional views about family, work, relationships and life in general. Over 70 per cent of Aboriginal Australians marry a non-Aboriginal and the overwhelming majority have mixed heritage. They are as proud of their ‘colonial’ heritage as they are of their ‘native’ heritage. 

Your Life Your Vote: Take Control has a clear message for those elites who control Australia’s publicly-funded, multi-billion dollar ‘indigenous industry’, which produces little except division. This ‘industry’ is hand in glove with those politicians and political parties, who’ve maliciously isolated, silenced, exploited & taken for granted the majority of Aboriginal people. That message is – Enough is Enough. Aboriginal Australians will not be used as ‘polling booth fodder’ any more for divisiveness and ridiculous extreme Left ideas. 

Change won’t happen overnight, but starting today we commit to helping Aboriginal people taking back control of their votes and assisting them to vote according to their conscience and for policies and ideas that better reflect their economic aspirations, family values and desire for greater control of their own lives and communities. We have already seen a number of high profile Aboriginal people turn away from Labor in recent years. We expect this exodus to accelerate in the years ahead. 

For example, despite the impression created by a small group of Aboriginal spokespeople and sections of the media, there is widespread opposition in Aboriginal Australia to the so- called ‘Uluru Statement’. The majority of Aboriginal people were not consulted about this document. It is a divisive, elites document & not relevant to people on the ground. 

Even Native Title is being exploited and making it almost impossible for Aboriginal people to own their own homes and build economic independence for their immediate families. The majority of Aboriginal people do not accept weird gender theories, critical race theory, the falsification of Aboriginal history, the infection of the school curriculum with regressive identity politics and the undermining of parental rights. To that extent the current Pascoe-Dark Emu fiasco is something of a watershed moment. Many Aboriginal people are furious. 

We will be producing materials and holding events aimed at informing Aboriginal people about how they are being used by the extreme Left, with a view to helping them walk away from the Labor Party and Greens. People who support our objectives are invited to contact us and also to make a contribution,” Ms Cashman said. 

Your Life Your Vote: Take Control inaugural committee has representatives from most Australian States and Territories. 

In many Aboriginal communities around Australia the Labor vote consistently ranges between 70 and 90 per cent – see community or mobile polling booth figures in Federal Divisions such as Leichhardt and Lingiari – yet most communities remain heavily impoverished and the majority of their residents have little real say and opportunity. 

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Josephine Cashman is a lawyer, businesswoman, orator and media commentator. She was an inaugural member of the Prime Minister’s Indigenous Advisory Council and served as the Chair of its Safe Communities Committee until 2017. Josephine was selected as a friend of the Commonwealth Treasury and was an honoured recipient of the UTS Faculty of Law Alumni Award for Excellence. She also spoke before the United Nations Human Rights Council addressing violence against Indigenous women and girls. Josephine is the Executive Chair of the Big River Impact Foundation and Managing Director of Big River Consulting.