Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who was named the “most powerful man in Europe” just months ago, was officially relieved of his post on Thursday after failing to garner enough support from his ruling party ahead of yesterday’s no-confidence vote in Parliament.

“After yesterday’s debate I have drawn my conclusions,” Draghi explained briefly before his meeting with the President.

The Italian Parliament also announced that it would dissolve following Draghi’s announcement.

After rejecting his request last week, Italian President Sergio Mattarella accepted Draghi’s resignation, making the PM the FIFTH international leader to have stepped down from their position in recent weeks (not to even mention dozens of lower-level elected officials that have been ousted).

The former PM will, however, continue to remain in charge of “current affairs” until a replacement is named. The move puts the country on course to hold snap elections by as early as mid-September or early October, according to several news sources.

Draghi joins Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, UK PM Boris Johnson, Israeli PM Naftali Bennett, and Estonian PM Kaja Kallas among those who have recently abandoned ship in the face of their failed leadership. French President Emmanuel Macron, who was Draghi’s runner-up as the 2nd most powerful man in Europe, is also teetering on the brink of being ousted from his position, having recently declined an offer to resign from the French PM.

In other words, the globalist-aligned West seems to be collapsing rapidly under the weight of the WEF’s Great Reset agenda. But, is it all just part of the plan? It takes a special type of soulless megalomaniac to become the fall guy for the destruction of life as we know it – let alone one for each country.

Who will replace these departed leaders? While they may be inept as anything and as corrupt as the day is long, these established figures likely don’t want their legacies tainted any further, so, they must be cleared out to make way for the globalist puppets who are wholly committed to the tyrannical agenda.

This has seemingly already happened in Sri Lanka, as Rajapaksa’s replacement appears to be a devoted WEF stooge.

There are no coincidences.

Sri Lanka’s declaration of bankruptcy was a direct result of the former president’s systematic adoption of radical and destructive green energy policies that decimated the country’s economy and monetary system ( even the Wall Street Journal called the country’s failed ‘Green New Deal’ a “human disaster“). The resulting civil unrest forced Rajapaksa to resign by email as he fled the country from the angry mob.

This opened up a power vacuum and allowed the WEF to quickly elevate one of their devotees.

Keep this playbook in mind when it comes to the upcoming elections and the eventual replacements for the other departed world leaders. As is always the case, the Marxist left never lets a good (manufactured) crisis go to waste.

In response to Draghi’s resignation, Dr. Robert Malone, one of the most outspoken critics of the worldwide public health response to Covid-19, warned that the situation in Europe is careening toward disaster. There’s nobody trustworthy in charge.

After checking with sources in Rome, Dr. Malone shared his concerns on Telegram:

“Update from Rome- ‘Presumably elections this fall. Problem is we have no credible leaders or parties here. We have until then to try and create and promote some credible politicians’

This sounds like a very dangerous power vacuum has formed now. I am concerned. The mismanagement of the CORONA crisis is having cascading effects already”

According to Dr. Malone, the situation in Sri Lanka will mirror what happens in Italy and the rest of the EU.

As usual – wash, rinse, repeat.

Dr. Malone continued:

“Italian parlement is now being dissolved. I predict a WEF puppet will be put in place in Italy as was done with Siri Lanka and as the WEF is trying to do with the UK.

Strongly suspect that Deployment of a One world corporatist/fascist government is in progress according to the planning of the WEF.

WEF apologists have been floating the ‘they are really not that competent and organized, you give them too much credit’ argument to reduce the sense of threat.”

Draghi’s resignation comes as the country faces economic turmoil and a worsening energy crisis. The value of the Euro also took another steep tumble in response to the news. Thousands of Italian farmers and citizens have joined their fellow demonstrators across Europe and have been protesting the

Italian government en mass of late. Just like the Netherlands and France, the country itself is teetering on the brink of rebellion, and the people are fed up with the globalist-aligned leaders purposefully destroying life as they know it.

Unless something gets fixed – and fast – the individuals who will replace these departed leaders will only speed up the Great Reset.

It’s only a matter of time until the next stage of Agenda 2030 hits the US. Are you paying attention yet?

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