Time and again the halal certification advocates throw up the export argument. Those of us who want a choice, or even refuse to buy halal, are accused of hurting good ol’ Aussie businesses. We are wrecking the economy, closing businesses down, yada, yada, yada!

Let me say right now, it is a myth. A furphy. A porky pie if you will.

As you read these statistics and figures remember this;  The official census figures tell us 2.2% of our nation is Islamic.

Recently I wrote an article explaining how less than 5% of all Australian chicken is exported and yet more than 80% of it is halal certified. I went on to explain how the majority of the export destinations are not even Islamic. So more than 80% of our chicken is subject to an Islamic religious practices and fees, yet less than 2% could even possibly require it.

This theme continues across many staples including world famous industries such as white milk, fresh bread and red meat.

Let’s have a look at fresh bread. Sales from exports account for less than one per cent of turnover in bread manufacturing. Yet most of the major supermarket bread brands in Australia pay halal certification fees. Way more than half pay an Islamic religious fee,  yet only around 2% of the population could possibly require it.

What about the great daily staple of white milk? Australia produces a huge amount of this stuff with around 40% exported.  With all the major brands like Parmalat, Lion and Dairy Framers forking out the Islamic religious fees you would think most of that 40% must end up in the Middle East or the predominantly Muslim Asian countries. You would be wrong. The biggest market after Australia is China, Japan, and then Singapore. Way down the list is Malaysia and Indonesia. Yet the big milk companies whinge about how little money is made producing milk… and we all know the farmer gets buggar all.

Yet somehow they manage to find enough money to pay this Islamic religious tax to appease a very small percentage of the market.

And the holy grail of the defenders of the halal faith is meat exports.

Did you know our biggest customers for frozen or chilled meat exports are the USA, Japan, and Korea who combined account for about 70% of the total? The Middle East and Asia make up less than 20%.

Australian consumers deserve accurate information and a choice as to whether or not they want to fund Islamic religious practices. It is not the same as organic, heart tick or Kosher which are all clearly labelled so you can choose.

This is a religious practice that 2.2 % of our population adheres to and it is being imposed upon us without our knowledge most of the time.

So the next time a halal sympathiser throws the export myth in your face tell them their serve of porky pie simply lacks any substance.