Despite the fact that neither the Koran nor the Hadiths require money to be paid out in fees for halal certification it is massive, worldwide and an extremely lucrative industry. Make no mistake, the money raised is used to fund, in part or whole, the push for Shariah Law in Australia and around the world.  

Halal as a concept only exists because of Sharia Law. To practise halal is to practise Sharia.

A common question I am asked is, “What about Kosher?” Well, what about Kosher? 

I do not believe halal and kosher are the same thing or even in the same realm. While there are some similarities in the kill process, they are religious requirements with fees paid for certification, and there are some very significant differences.

Kosher is primarily for a Jewish market and is usually very clearly identified by a label or is in a separate section altogether. There are also kosher supermarkets where consumers have a choice as to whether or not they wish to purchase products where a product has been subject to kosher practices or fees have been paid. 

Consumers have a choice. This is not the case with halal certification. 

Many companies are paying the fees but not displaying  a “halal certified” label. 

There is no ability to choose whether or not you want to support and fund halal practices. 

Often there is no separate section for halal and so many products are halal certified that would already be considered halal (permissible) without the certificate or logo! The consumer is left with very little choice.

Kosher is not about undermining the principles and values the majority of Australians uphold, and it’s not trying to change or dominate Australia in any way. 

I have never heard of a Rabbi preaching death to democracy or kill the infidel. However there are many Imams in Australia and around the world who have preached these very things. Just this week it was reported that children as young as six were reciting these things in an Australian mosque.

Synagogues in Australia are not preaching sermons of hate toward Westerners or unbelievers. 

They are not radicalising their youth with messages of violence and death. 

Terrorist plots are not being uncovered in synagogues. 

However the money raised via halal certification is funding mosques and Islamic preachers who (in some cases) do in fact promote messages of violence and death toward unbelievers. 

Their teachings uphold Mohammed as the perfect human and all must follow his example which is downright disturbing. Terrorist plots have been uncovered in some mosques.

So the real difference is:

Kosher is for a Jewish market targeting Jewish consumers.

Halal certification targets all consumers in an effort to transfer wealth from non-Muslims to Muslims.

Whether you agree or disagree with kosher or halal it is time to completely rethink religious certification in Australia. 

If religious groups want guarantees that products are suitable for them they should fund it themselves, not demand the rest of the general public pay for it. 

Consumers must have both choice and responsibility whether or not they wish to fund any religious practice attached to their everyday grocery purchases.