By LtCol Kevin Loughrey(Ret’d), BE Mech(Hons), Grad Dip Strategic Studies(ANU)
Originally published 10 March 2023 – date of minor revisions shown in footer


I shall answer the title’s question immediately by saying, “Yes”. In this short opinion piece I shall explain why I am suspicious this is indeed the case.

The Alleged Cause of Global Warming

It is asserted by some scientists that Carbon Dioxide(CO2), Nitrous Oxide(N2O) and Methane(CH4) are catastrophically warming the atmosphere. Based on this assertion, these scientists, and those politicians and people who are adherents of this belief, demand that mankind dramatically reduce the emissions of these gases. In the agreements reached so far, major emitters of these gases such as Communist China and India are exempt from these restrictions.

But what if the earth’s atmosphere is not warming but instead cooling? Would this not put an end to this thesis given that the concentration of CO2 has been rising steadily for around a century?

Data taken from Ice Cores show no Correlation between CO2 and Atmospheric Temperature.

Figure 1: As CO2 Concentration increases, Atmospheric Temperature decreases

Figure 1 displays data pertaining to atmospheric temperature and CO2 concentration over a period of 10,000 years.

These graphs were constructed from data extracted from ice cores. It can be seen from this that CO2 has no appreciable warming effect on the earth’s atmosphere. Whilst CO2 has been slowly increasing, the temperature of the atmosphere has been gradually, in fits and starts, decreasing. Given this fact, reducing human emissions of CO2 is a case of solving a problem that doesn’t exist. That’s over a period of 10,000 years. What about closer to the present day. Let’s now look at the temperature data from every major climatology network around the world.

Raw Data from Numerous Climatology Networks all show the same Trend – Downwards!
Here are plots of raw temperature data taken from weather stations of long standing around the world that have not been encroached upon by urbanisation; something that would artificially exaggerate the real situation with respect to the atmospheric temperature close to Earth’s surface.

Figure 2: Australia – 1885-2019

According to Figure 2, from 1885 to around 1998, Australia’s climate has been cooling. After 1998, the temperature record is broken because the Bureau of Meteorology:

  • replaced the analogue measuring systems with digital technology,
  • used digital equipment incapable of reading temperatures below -10C,
  • did not reveal data showing that the results of the two systems when running in parallel produced differing readings and the new system has never been properly calibrated against the analogue system in order to ensure that temperature comparisons would be from the same reference base,
  • put the new equipment in smaller housings (called Stevenson Screens) causing them to record a higher temperature, and
  • painted the insides of the boxes black1 so that they radiate onto the measuring equipment – once again causing higher temperatures to be registered.

Was this incompetence or was it a deliberate ploy to gain Government grants?
So what about the rest of the world? Figures 4 to 9 show the same trend. Temperatures have been on a gradual decline whilst the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere has been steadily rising.

Figure 3: A Stevenson Screen

The Chances of this being an error are Zero!

Given that these temperature measuring networks recorded their data in isolation of each other
because of the lack of global communications in those days, it is an impossibility that they could all be wrong. How is it then, that we are constantly being told that the world will end in a fireball when all historical data show exactly the opposite?!

Carbon Dioxide Concentration during this Period

Figure 10: Rising CO2 Concentration for last 60+ year

Figure 10 shows the rise of concentration of CO2 in the earth’s atmosphere from approximately
1957 to the 2022.

During this time, as shown above, all raw data shows that the temperature of the atmosphere has been dropping or, at the very least, has remained relatively stagnant. Therefore, even with data from a very short time-frame in geological terms, it can be seen that there is no appreciable relationship between the concentration of CO2 in the earth’s atmosphere and its average temperature. Certainly, in terms of maximum temperatures there appears to be no difference and even a decline.

A Congregation of the Evil and Wicked
If there is no connection between the concentration of CO2 in the earth’s atmosphere and its
temperature, why then are there persons and organisations in this world trying to limit the emissions of CO2.

The reason is quite simple. It is about crippling energy production in Western economies
and, by that means, destroying the prosperity of those affected because inexpensive, reliable energy is the foundation stone of any modern prosperous nation.

What you are seeing is very similar to what you saw with the lies promulgated about COVID-19.

COVID-19 (alpha) was a disease that was no more dangerous than Influenza if people were given early treatment with a range of low cost medicines. But the use of these treatments was bizarrely banned by Western Governments worldwide! Doctors have been denied the opportunity to properly care for their patients and many have been deregistered for speaking out. Millions of people have died unnecessarily. The wealthy elite have greatly increased their fortunes, just as they are doing with “Climate Change”, whilst the middle class and the poor have been further impoverished.

Interestingly, the same people involved in the Climate Change movement were behind COVID-19.
These are:

  • large financial institutions with massive investments in the Pharmaceutical Industry but also in
    “renewable” energy technology.
  • The World Economic Forum, an organisation aiming to destroy Western economies so as to precipitate a “Great Reset”.
  • People who just generally hate humanity and believe the world’s population should be culled.
  • The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), a huge criminal cabal that wants to be the dominant power of the world by 2049, the 100th year of the reign of the CCP of China. The CCP has benefited hugely from “Climate Change”. Nearly all renewables hardware is purchased from China and they have not had to reduce their emissions at all so their electricity is 5 times cheaper than most countries comprising the Western economies.
Figure 11: Electricity Cost and effect of Injection of Renewable Power

Figure 11 shows that there is a direct correlation between the cost of electricity in Australia and the injection of intermittent power from appliances like roof top solar and windmills.

Cheap reliable energy is the foundation stone of any modern society. With energy costs many times greater than that of Communist China, Australia is well on the way to being both impoverished and vulnerable to take-over by foreign interests.

The Path to Salvation

It would be comparatively simple to rectify what has happened:

  1. Carry out a massive public relations campaign to prove to the public that they have been
    misled. CO2 does not appreciably warm the earth’s atmosphere and, in fact, the extra
    concentration of this gas is doing enormous good. This education of the public is critically
    important because without that, there will not be the political will to carry out other reforms
    that will be necessary if Western economies will once again have inexpensive, reliable
    energy to drive their industries and their economies.
  2. Abolish all subsidies related to energy generation of any sort.
  3. Abolish any regulations that mandate in any way the use of “renewables” and “renewable”
  4. Revert to the way that electricity was generated before 2007. It is madness to inject power
    intermittently into a power grid.
  5. Explore the feasibility of placing modular nuclear reactors, based on the latest proven
    technology, at all existing coal fired power stations. (If this were practical, the cost and time
    needed to transition to nuclear technology would be far, far less than building new base-load
    power generating facilities, based upon nuclear technology, from scratch.)
    If we fail to do this, the future for our children, grandchildren and their successors looks extremely bleak.

-End of Paper –