Snap One : “Yes… YES !” 

Hello Boys and Girls, and the other seventy two genders.

To commemorate the end of our beloved Chairman Dan’s expensive reign ( Err… Sorry…Damned Spellcheck ) ‘extensive’ reign, we will be running a series of historical Snapshots, over the next few weeks that depict various highlights from our Chairman’s brilliant career.

Today’s Snapshot was taken from ‘back stage’, the moment Chairman Dan stepped up to the podium, to deliver his victory speech, after winning the 2022 Victoristan elections.

This rare and revealing image, although taken from behind, managed to capture the very psyche of our Chairman, as he triumphantly raised his fists, clutching the symbols of some of his greatest achievements, while he hissed those immortal words “Yes… YES !” 

The Snapshot is also very noteworthy because it has captured the jubilation and strong diversity of the Chairman’s adoring, devoted, virtuous, thoroughly boosted, and thoroughly woke supporters. The euphoric triumph of the lock-down zeitgeist etched onto their faces, as they will, forever, carry our Chairman’s legacy in their hearts, minds, lungs, bones, and DNA.

We will have more Snapshots for you soon, to help you remember and celebrate the epic era of one of our greatest ever, big promising, big talking, big spending, excessively achieving, rule making, record breaking, virtue signalling, reality denying, data bending, controlling, uncompromising, un-recalling, unaccountable, teflon-coated Police-state statesman.



Attention readers. Some viewers may find the following image to be offensive, disturbing, not nice, and un-woke. Viewer discretion is advised.

We have suddenly and unexpectedly been directed to :

“SNAPSHOTS OF CHAIRMAN DAN – Snap Two : “Truth Telling ?”

We have just been presented with a second Snapshot of the above momentous event, taken a few seconds after the first, when an elderly, uninvited, unmasked man, suspected of being a deranged, vax-denying, anti-lockdown, liberty loving, subversive, far-right nazi graffiti artist, carried out a senseless, despicable, vicious and cowardly attack, by squiggling some unintelligible graffiti on our Chairman’s back.

The deranged assailant suddenly and mysteriously disappeared after the attack. Three witnesses claimed that he had escaped in a rocket ship. His whereabouts and identity remain unknown.

We apologise to anyone who has been disturbed and offended, but we believe that the Snapshots we present should be inclusive. Hopefully, someone will be able to identify the deplorable assailant, and he can be brought to social justice.

Thank you for your tolerance. We promise that the next Snapshot we present will be far more positive, uplifting, politically correct, woke, and receive full-Marx from you.