Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance Post Vaccine Treatment

The wickedness of the soi-disant National Cabinet derived from a combination of two elements.

  • Firstly, lust for power, profit and perquisites.
  • Secondly, total contempt for the Australian population.

That misanthropic wickedness led to:

  • Unscientific bans on safe and effective treatment protocols.
  • The destruction of 37,000,000 doses of Hydroxychloroquine donated by philanthropist Clive Plimer.
  • Disgraceful and unforgivable indemnity against all claims against Big Pharma. Had our rulers possessed a shred of decency or integrity they would instead have insisted on a significant percentage of all revenue from experimental drugs being placed in trust for care and compensation of potential victims. (As advocated in Unchain Australia (2021). Free PDF for all readers at
  • A massive fear campaign, bullying and shaming Australians to accept inadequately tested experimental mRNA drugs.
  • Heartless treatment of the elderly and infirm. They all deserved assessment of vitamin D levels and rapid rectification where necessary. Instead, they were denied access to their loved ones.
  • Coercive impositions destroying the careers of huge numbers of Australians who prioritised health and caution above subservience and bravado.
  • Cancellation or deferral of scheduled and necessary care required  by thousands of Australians with conditions deserving and needing treatment, an unknown number having died as a result.
  • Severe unwarranted disruption to relationships, education, employment, mobility, travel and enterprise, with countless individual and family businesses unconscionably extinguished.
  • Expansion of coercive intoxination, with no scientific basis, to include Covid recoverees, pregnant and lactating women, adolescents, infants and even babies.
  • A relentless propaganda campaign, with the unprincipled entire ABC and the unprincipled great majority of commercial media presenters chanting in unison with political leaders and health bureaucrats “safe and effective, safe and effective, safe and effective”.
  • The suborning of leaders of business, unions and sport to cloak deathly deceit with credibility.
  • Shameless shifting of the goalpost, with “fully vaccinated” redefined from two jabs to three jabs and unward.
  • Conspiratorial dishonest suppression of known dangers of mRNA vaccines.
  • Cruel refusal to acknowledge even the existence of victims of vaccine harm, who deserve compassion, care and compensation, but instead are subjected to dismissal, denial and denigration.
  • Destruction of the careers and reputations of medical practitioners who sought to honour the precautionary principle “First Do No Harm” and who properly upheld the doctor-patient relationship by prescribing wisely for the benefit of patients.
  • Imprisonment as a weapon to discourage freedom of action and freedom of speech.
  • Return from remission of cancers in very many Australians.
  • Apparent shingles epedemic.
  • Fall in fertility and reported alarming increase in spontaneous abortions
  • Reported 15% increase in all-cause mortality, apparently attributable to mRNA vaccines, with no credible alternative explanation.


Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC®) has harnessed the best available medical science to deliver: I-RECOVERSM POST VACCINE TREATMENT, an approach to managing post vaccine syndrome. This immensely valuable material has been callously ignored by our rulers and by mainstream media. This authoritative 60-page document is supported by 426 references to sources. See page 8 for the frightening list of Complications/injuries caused by COVID injections.

LINK: Every page is worth reading.

FOLLOWING IS AN EXTRACT (pp 3 & 4) from the FLCCC® document offering hope to surviving victims  of vaccine harm. We respect and honour the memory of thousands who have died, innocent of any crime. Their mistake was to believe our rulers.  All the victims of vaccine harm are human sacrifices upon the altar of gargantuan Big Pharma profits.



This protocol was a collaborative effort drawing on the expertise of a dozen world-renowned physicians. Dr. Pierre Kory and Dr. Paul Marik are thankful for the contributions of: Dr. Keith Berkowitz; Dr. Flavio Cadegiani; Dr. Suzanne Gazda; Dr. Meryl Nass; Dr. Tina Peers; Dr. Robin Rose; Dr. Yusuf (JP) Saleeby; Dr. Eugene Shippen; Dr. Mobeen Syed; and Dr. Fred Wagshul. We are also extremely grateful to the many vaccine-injured people who shared their feedback and experiences with us.

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