Prince Andrew chats with Jeffrey Epstein

A Fatal Friendship

As we all know by now, Prince Andrew is notorious for his association with paedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein.

So, not surprisingly, the unexpected decision to allow himself to be interviewed by the BBC raised several eyebrows – including those of one of his Public Relations staff who resigned over the interview.

For the past few months, a cloud of scandal has been lingering like a bad smell over Prince Andrew. The problem is, that his long association with Epstein suggests that they were more than just “fair weather friends”.

The fact that Prince Andrew stayed at Epstein’s house – when he could certainly afford to choose any five-star hotel on a whim – demonstrates beyond reasonable doubt that Epstein and Prince Andrew were close.

After all, what type of people do you let stay in your home? Only those that you trust; if you have any sense.

A Welcome Guest

Andrew welcome's Paul Keating's daughter at Epstein's house.
Andrew welcome’s Paul Keating’s daughter at Epstein’s house.

There have been leaked photos and videos of Prince Andrew greeting and farewelling several people at Epstein’s residence. Those included the daughter of former Prime Minister Paul Keating.

The scandal is only becoming that much more difficult for anyone – even the Royal Family – to contain. How long can they continue to protect Prince Andrew, or even preserve themselves?

The death of Epstein might be a relief for his associates who are yet to be publicly outed, but another question that has been neglected by many is “Where is Ghislaine Maxwell?”

Prince Andrew, with Virginia Roberts Giuffre, and Ghislaine Maxwell
Prince Andrew, with Virginia Roberts Giuffre, and Ghislaine Maxwell (right)

 Moreover, the death of Jeffrey Epstein in police custody has even the most gullible people doubting the official story. The question that is asked by those who do not believe that Epstein killed himself is, “Cui Bono?” (Who Benefits?).


Who benefits from the death of a depraved man who exploited and trafficked vulnerable girls and women around the world, seemingly with the tacit consent of law enforcement agencies?

Those who were associated with him, yet have hitherto managed to avoid public scrutiny, certainly have the most to gain. Not forgetting, of course, those who are already under a spotlight for their association with him – particularly the Clintons.

Even back in 2014, there were logs leaked of President Bill Clinton evading his Secret Service detail and absconding to Epstein’s island. Without pointing fingers, it has to be noted that a lot of people who have associated with the Clintons have died violent and/or premature deaths.

(NB This is not to insinuate in any way that the Clintons had Epstein killed. There are other potential conspirators who would be just as happy to be rid of Epstein; simply take a look at Epstein’s redacted black book of names, addresses, and phone numbers. There are a lot of people listed in there)

Recently, the two prison guards who were on duty during the death of Epstein were charged with falsifying logs.

There is also information (and disinformation) in abundance regarding procedures, and how they were not properly followed at the time of his death.

If the guards live to take the witness stand, they might reveal exactly what happened, and if there was a conspiracy to assassinate Epstein, we may find out who orchestrated it.


After the interview last weekend, Prince Andrew “requested” that he take a leave of absence from his Royal duties, after the pulling of sponsorships from charities associated with him.

His statement advising his indefinite leave from duties shows (marginally) more empathy than his interview. In the statement, Prince Andrew said that his association with Epstein was “ill-judged”, and furthermore advised that he would assist any investigation conducted.

In the meantime, the mainstream media is having a field day with the plight of the Royal Family who are being humiliated in such an undignified way by Prince Andrew’s transgressions.

Janet Albrechtsen wrote in The Australian that the House of Windsor would not survive the 21st Century. In her article, she was almost gleefully wishing for the scandals of the 1980s and 1990s.

(Some organisations have inferred from her article that she is pushing for a republic, but while I do not concur with that inference, I can see why some organisations, and people, would believe it.)


How could Prince Andrew not be aware of what was going on in the life of his friend Epstein?

Did he only meet Epstein through Ghislaine Maxwell, or did he meet Epstein prior?

What was the association between Prince Andrew and Katherine Keating?

What will the Royal Family do to lift the miasma of scandal surrounding them because of Andrew’s transgressions?

Will time tell, or will this all be swept under an alarmingly expanding pile of body bags?

We certainly live in interesting times.