A few days ago, on Aug. 14, I wrote about CNN’s sudden about-face on Joe Biden’s performance in Afghanistan.

It was a shocking, stunning change; it wasn’t half-hearted stuff.  The Trump-hating news site ran a devastating — and insightful — analysis pinning the blame for the Afghanistan fiasco squarely on Joe Biden.  

Prior to that, the network had carried water for him, skewed the news, and engaged in sycophancy, to the point of ending up a target of James O’Keefe.

Now it’s The Atlantic’s turn.

Just this morning they ran three bam, bam, bam commentaries that also pinned the blame for the fiasco squarely where it belonged — not on President Trump, but on wretched Joe Biden.

They’re all satisfactory reading, the first piece, somewhat liberal, by Russell Berman called:

The Deadly Cost of Biden’s Delay

Why was the administration so slow to evacuate U.S. allies in Afghanistan trying to flee the Taliban?

Which went into the string of mistakes, miscalculations, idiocies, and consequences of the unfolding Afghanistan fiasco. Biden, the piece said, was not only stupid and incompetent, but he was also politically motivated, and callous to boot.

The second, by Graeme Wood, was even more brutal:

This Is Not the Taliban 2.0

The group’s claims of having changed are probably more reassuring to those unfamiliar with its history.

This one argued that the Taliban had never changed its stripes, and its tyranny was monstrous.  Joe Biden was a patsy for believing them in negotiations, and like a total idiot, he still believed them.  It’s a hell of a takedown.

The third, by Peter Wehner, is the most hard-hitting of all:

Biden’s Long Trail of Betrayals

Why is the president so consistently wrong on major foreign-policy matters?

It gives a line-by-line bullet-point description of every last foreign policy blunder that Biden has been involved with, revealing a shockingly long list.  And it’s insightful:

What the Biden foreign-policy record shows, I think, is a man who behaves as if he knows much more than he does, who has far too much confidence in his own judgment in the face of contrary advice from experts. (My hunch is he’s overcompensating for an intellectual inferiority complex, which has manifested itself in his history of plagiarismlying about his academic achievements, and other embellishments.)

On national-security matters, President Biden lacks some of the most important qualities needed in those who govern — discernment, wisdom, and prudence; the ability to anticipate unfolding events; the capacity to make the right decision based on incomplete information; and the willingness to adjust one’s analysis in light of changing circumstances.

To put it in simple terms, Joe Biden has bad judgment.

It’s also spot-on, revealing the hollowness of the man. 

The Atlantic up until now has been a big water-carrier for leftist causes, really bad ones, and suddenly it’s gotten readable.

It’s not the only one, either.  ABC News has some sharp questioners in the press pool for the Defense Department’s Five O’Clock Follies.  

NBC News has the impressive correspondent Richard Engel, whose knowledge of what’s going on is not papered over at all.  

Even the New York Times and MSNBC have turned on Biden.  It’s almost as if some talking points have gone out, and the press is turning on a dime.  The Mandate of Heaven Is Fallen?

But even as that seems to be the broader picture, CNN and the Atlantic stand out.  Perhaps that’s because these two have lost more money than the others, The Atlantic reportedly losing $10 million.  Perhaps someone noticed that lies don’t sell, so now they’re deciding to report the hard truths.

Whatever it may be, it’s noteworthy that the press has fallen away from Biden’s side.  They’re not sounding like court eunuchs asking ice cream questions anymore.  

And Biden is beginning to run away from them.  All that seems really obvious is that Biden no longer has the press doing his bidding.  What that portends as the Afghan disaster unfolds is anyone’s guess.

This article first appeared at americanthinker.com

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