Our Mission Statement

I believe the mainstream media has been remiss, and in many cases misleading, in reporting news accurately and fairly. I came out of retirement concerned that, under the Gillard government, news was being skewed and suppressed. Unfortunately this clear bias has continued.

The Fairfax Press and the ABC have made scant attempt to cater for the middle ground and many redundant journalists have been financially supported by unions and the ALP in order to drag public opinion to the far Left, using the internet.

It has become increasingly difficult for me on an aged pension to keep this site going and it would be a shame, with the valuable contacts I have retained and built on, to allow it to die.

I believe advertisers would compromise the site as many demand concessions and editorial content. Therefore I have refused all advertising.

In a short 18 months this site, supported by Facebook and email lists, has developed many hundreds of thousands of readers and has had remarkable influence and success in exposing vital information that should have been available in media but was not.

As a result there have been relentless and continuing attacks on the site. This has been time consuming to combat.

The Pickering Post is a mix of politics, truth and humour and has a weekly reach of up to 750,000 (including cross-pollination with Facebook) plus thousands of emails which go viral. This indicates a deficiency (a gap) in normal newscasting that is fast being filled by the far Left.

I have tried to allow all opposing and alternative views. The future of accurate news sourcing will be via the web as newspapers continue to suffer financially and die. The Left of the media should not be allowed to fill this niche exclusively.

If this site is to survive it needs to be able to pay contributors, employ a researcher, a moderator, IT and programming staff, and to contract with AAP and Reuters news sources.

Pickering Post is not a single issue site. It has no affiliation with any political party or group. It has a unique value and a massive data base and I would be happy to speak to any interested person or entity regarding involvement in its progress.