There was no revolution. Everyone knows it.

A couple of crackpots who pranked at the Capitol are now being called a revolution. As if if that crazy ass, painted face shaman was leading – what are they calling it? Ah yes, insurrection.

There was a call by millions of Americans for election integrity. It was met with a “shoot to kill” order and then a GREAT PURGE. It wasn’t a revolution, it was more like an ambush. No one is asking who gave the shoot to kill order or who gave the order to invite protesters into the Capitol building.

We do know that the January 6, 2021 Capitol protesters were invited in:

DC police showing people THEY LET IN where to go!!! (


What we do know is our people are peaceful, respectful and law-abiding. What we do know is we are a sub-class – “untouchables” – who have been brutally punished at every turn, most especially this past year by Democrat despots.

We do know is that we witnessed months of “insurrection” – burning cities, government buildings, streets, sometimes homes, and were told it was peaceful and necessary. That was insurrection.

We watched Democrats take over the Hart Senate Building and State Capitol buildings and were told it was beautiful.

We do know that all talk of the greatest election theft in history has utterly and absolutely ceased.

There was no revolution. There was a call by the people for election integrity.

It was met with a “shoot to kill” order and then a great purge. We’re all being terminated on social media. For years we warned for years as social media did this to Conservatives with courage of their convictions. The soft Right either ignored us or worse, quietly nodded in assent.

The Garland, Texas free speech event we held in Texas was purely in defense of free speech. But we were painted as “anti-Muslim,” “agitators,” “provocateurs,” etc. Just as the young mother shot down in cold blood, we were told we “had it coming.”

Overnight, the great purge began (and the CCP-Democrats haven’t even taken the reins of power yet).

The Democrat totalitarians mean to impose one-party rule. They are criminalizing political dissent as “domestic terrorism” and mean to criminalize it in ways one can only imagine (leaf through non-PC history books).

ABC News Calls for ‘Cleansing’ of Trump Supporters in Terrifying Piece

The biggest Conservative voices have been exterminated on Twitter.

President Trump, his son, General Mike Flynn, Sidney Powell, Rush Limbaugh among a great many others have been banned from Twitter. Hundreds of thousands of followers are being shaved from Conservative accounts. Facebook is threatening to shut down my pages.

Even Senator Josh Hawley was cancelled. Simon and Schuster killed the Missouri Republican’s upcoming book, “The Tyranny of Big Tech.”

I chose to leave Twitter.

In barely 48 hours the sitting President of the United States of America was erased from the digital world and cut off from the American people. His support networks burned to the ground. His 77 million voters dismissed as dissidents. That should scare all of us to the core.

— Mark Allan Bovair (@markallanbovair) January 9, 2021

For years we were told, “if you don’t like it, build your own social media platform!” And we did. Parler. But the totalitarians didn’t think we actually would, so now Google and Apple have removed Parler for their platforms. But even that wasn’t enough; now Amazon is disabling Parler’s servers.

Chief Executive Officer of Mozilla Mitchell Baker said in a statement that the internet needs “more than deplatforming” and that change “requires more than just the temporary silencing or permanent removal of bad actors from social media platforms.”

And they don’t have their grubby fingers on the levers of power yet.

Patriots who attended the protest are being hunted down like dogs, fired from their jobs, shamed in the public square.

FLASHBACK TRUMP INAUGURATION: Government drops charges against all inauguration protesters

Were there a couple of bad actors in the million-person march for America? Of course. But there were also agitators from antifa. You’ll read nothing of that, either.

So why the desperate franticness? They fear Trump. They fear us. But mostly because it’s an opportunity for totalitarians. It provides the context – the optics – to put down the people, as CNN and the rest of the Goebbelsesque media want. It is the Democrat version of the Reichstag fire.

They will force us underground. We will communicate like Germany’s “White Rose” Society (aka “Leaflets of the Resistance.”)

If you think I am exaggerating, look around. I was right about it all.

The Great Purge is hardly new. It is used in all totalitarian seizures of power. Think Hitler, Stalin, Mao et al….destroy the opposition. Crush dissent.

Trump Twitter ban will be ‘exploited’ by ‘enemies’ of free speech ‘around the world,’: Navalny

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The pile-on, especially from the right, is most foul. Trump saved the right, saved the Republican party and he delivered in spades. Trump is the greatest President in modern history. But he is more than that. He is akin to a biblical figure — Job.

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