I have a public confession to make before everyone finds out.

By now you've probably heard that the cheating website Ashley Madison(.com) has been hacked. The users' emails, credit card details and sexual fantasies have been leaked.

Millions of members of the infidelity website are now exposed.

In Australia hundreds of everyday average people who've lived another private life have had their deepest secrets made publicly available at the click of a mouse – government department employees, police, businessmen, tradies, everyday mums and dads.

Australia is chockers with cheaters:

Sydney and Melbourne are on the top 10 list of world cities of extra-marital affairs.
Sydney rates third in the world as a city of cheaters – the cheating capital of Australia.
One in 17 Sydneysiders have a profile on Ashley Madison. That's a whopping 251,813 accounts in our own harbour city.
Websites have sprung up overnight where anybody can type in an email address and bust the neighbour.

That means all my friends and family will find out the truth. So it's time to fess up.

Yes, I am embarrassed to admit if you type in my email address you will find….nothing.

I really do feel like an outsider. A social misfit. I'm so humiliated.

I don't know how I'll be able to look my friends in the eye again.

You can check your own email address here, if you dare admit to the truth too.