Clive has just announced to the media he and Tony have had a very 'constructive meeting' in abolishing Labor's carbon tax."I think we can work out a solution on the carbon tax. I think we can reduce electricity prices for all Australians," said a beaming Clive.

As suggested last night (after the Clive and Al Show), Tony will be sleeping outside Clive's office counting the minutes to sign Clive's terms and conditions to abolish the toxic tax.

Clive wants Tony's useless token Direct Action policy demolished saving the budget bottom line a billion or three. Tony will be thrilled and relieved to shake off this embarrassing plan. 

The carbon tax will be gone, and there'll be no Emissions Trading Scheme (unless our trading partners establish one too – unlikely). 

It's an Abbott dream. 

In essence Tony has been 'forced' into dumping all global warming or climate change policies – by Clive. 

Cigars all round, boys.

But where does that leave the Al Gore? 

Back on his carbon-spewing jet, wondering if he just got sold a PUP.