I have previously stated the part Aboriginal lawyer, Josephine Cashman, should be named Australian of the Year for her singular battles on behalf of all Australians.

Cashman was sacked by Minister for Indiginous Australians, Ken Wyatt, from the indiginous advisory body to a ‘voice’ to parliament (aboriginals already have a voice), for calling out the faux-aboriginal, Bruce Pascoe, author of the fictional ‘Dark Emu’, as a fraud.

Cashman has suffered professionally, personally and financially for exposing the lies.

She has faced bitter, personal attacks from others riding the ‘fake aborigine’ gravy train.

This weekend both Left publications The Age and Sydney Morning Herald write extensively on the lies perpetuated by Bruce Pascoe.

The very Left Melbourne University Press has published a book by a credible aboriginal anthropologist and an archaeologist (of the Left) who have studied and lived amongst aborigines for decades, shredding the lies from Pascoe’s work of fiction.

Josephine Cashman has witnessed the evil work from within and outside parliament, to white-ant our country by communists masquerading as white aborigines.

Cashman has been warning of the secret agendas allowed by the current government, fostered by Minister, Ken Wyatt, and embraced by Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese to divide our country.

After this weekend’s revelations, Cashman should not only be reinstated by Wyatt onto the advisory board, as she is the only credible honest ‘voice’, she should be head of the body.

Minister Wyatt should offer Cashman an apology and compensate her for damages to her reputation and professional career. She has suffered tremendously for trying to warn Australians.

Josephine Cashman is a true Australian heroine.



Josephine Cashman sacked from Indigenous advisory body after letter published by Andrew Bolt