Well said, Mark Latham, calling out Australia’s greatest shame and worst preventable epidemic – the violent and sexual abuse of aboriginal women and children by their own communities.

The ‘whitie’ is not the problem, nor the cause, of the worst abuse imposed on aboriginals. Their own people are.

Mostly white-skinned virtue signallers like Linda Burney and Anthony Albanese prefer to look away and distract with pretend facades, ‘Welcome To Country‘ (a non-traditional, recent invention by Ernie Dingo as a try-hard copy of the Maori Haka), ‘Voice To Parliament‘ (there are already aboriginal voices elected to parliament), ‘Constitutional Recognition‘ (dividing the country at its core, based on nothing but race) and recognising the land, past present and future on which we stand in virtue signalling websites and government agencies, companies or industry bodies…all designed to provide power and wealth to the mostly white-skinned, privileged, urbanised, faux-aborigines, at the top of the ‘aboriginal industry’ Tree of Power.

Their agenda is sinister, dishonest and damaging, not only to the fabric of our country (we should all be treated equally not differently based on skin colour or race), but worse, to the very people they pretend to represent. They represent only themselves.

Meanwhile, the genuine, mostly dark-skinned aborigines in remote communities will continue to suffer violence and abuse. These aborigines are ignored.

When was the last time you heard Linda Burney or Anthony Albanese speak in their interest? For their welfare?

I can’t remember. Ever.

I’ve been speaking out about this for nearly 20 years.

I was dragged before the so-called Australian Human Rights Commission in 2009 for speaking out against the community abuse of aboriginal children six years before my late mate, Bill Leak, was also dragged before that same crooked court of virtue signallers (by their Goon Squads, as Bill correctly called them).

Our crime was to highlight that kids are being abused by their own people. We were attacked as ‘racists’ for daring to point to the great emperors without clothing.

These emperors are in our governments, in publicly funded agencies and departments, on Twitter and Facebook pretending that a change to the constitution or undemocratic changes to our parliament will fix the problems.

Anyone with a brain cell knows that’s bullshit.

All these proposed changes will do is create more power, more money and wealth for the elites at the top. Those at the bottom will continue to suffer.

The hope of the side for aboriginal people, is one of their own, Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, our new Senator from the Northern Territory who, along with fellow aboriginals, Warren Mundine, Anthony Dillon, and Josephine Cashman (who publicly recognises both her aboriginal and colonial heritage), understand and acknowledge the aboriginal people must come before any superficial, woke tokenism.

Over to Mark Latham…


Occasionally the mainstream media play a useful role.

This weekend The Australian newspaper has interviewed Judge Judith Kelly in the Northern Territory. She has highlighted the epidemic of violence and child sexual abuse in Indigenous communities.

Since 2000 in the Northern Territory, the police have shot dead two Aboriginal men while 52 women have died from homicides, mostly at the hands of their partners.

That puts the problem in perspective.

It’s the national tragedy the Left don’t want to talk about, preferring endless (and meaningless) Welcome to Country ceremonies and the Uluṟu Statement for a treaty and the rewriting of Australian history.

In NSW I have spoken to police officers in the Western districts of the State who say they work on the assumption that every Aboriginal child over the age of 5 has been sexually abused.

I asked Premier Dom Perrottet about this and he said “there’s no evidence to say this is true”.

That’s because Perrottet hasn’t tried to examine the evidence.

When he became Premier he said Aboriginal Affairs was a big priority for him. What has that meant in practice?

His big announcement was to fly the Aboriginal flag on the Sydney Harbour Bridge all-year-round. Something he had previously (and accurately) described as pathetic ‘virtue signaling’.

Some problems are too hard for weak politicians like Perrottet to solve. Albanese is no better.

The Indigenous in Australia have everything: TV advertising, special football jumpers, reserved employment places, flags on bridges, Welcome to Country, land rights and big welfare spending.

They have everything except solutions to the nation’s worst plague, the curse of their wives and children not being able to sleep safely at night.

Say this and the Left scream ‘racist’.

The true racism (and barbarism) is to ignore the plight of little girls being raped by their drunken ‘uncles’.

Tragically, this is what most politicians do.

Mark Latham MLC

5 June 2022