“Masculinity is ending. Burn everything!”

So tweeted Christian Wilkins, son of TV pop music reporter, Richard Wilkins, when ridiculed for wearing a dress at the logies.

From what I see around me, outside the entertainment, media and twitter bubble, masculinity is not ending, but quite the opposite, it’s alive and well – and thriving.

‘Masculinity’ is quietly volunteering to help your community.

‘Masculinity’ is fighting fires to save towns under threat.

‘Masculinity’ is helping others clean up after devastating floods, even when your own home has been destroyed beyond repair.

‘Masculinity’ is taking your kid(s) to Saturday sports to teach them about teamwork, co-operation, competition, victory and disappointment.

‘Masculinity’ is getting up early, daily, to go to a real job to feed your family and keep a roof over their head.

‘Masculinity’ is giving more to your family than you expect in return.

What ‘Masculinity’ is not:

‘Masculinity’ is not being an attention seeking ‘socialite’ in a dress at public events, wanting the world to “LOOK A’ MOI!!! LOOK A’ MOI!!! LOOK A’ MOI!!!

That’s ‘Femininity’ of the worst, most self-absorbed kind.

In the real world, outside the entertainment, media and Twitter bubble, even this toxic version of femininity hardly exists.

Sorry to disappoint Ms Wilkins, but Masculinity is not ending. It’s healthy in every community around Australia, and the world.

Being an attention seeking freak show?

Not so much.